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Best Ride at WDW

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^ Ditto. WIth for me, Everest being a very close second.


I like TOT because of the theming. I'm actually not a huge fan of drop rides but the whole atmosphere of TOT is great and I kind of get immersed in it when I ride. The castmembers are always great there too.

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Without question, without reservations at all...


My #2 ride on the planet...


(And the best one to take you OFF the planet)


Space Mountain (StarPort 75)


This was the first coaster that I truly fell head-over-heels for; it holds a very important place in life for me (It got me into this crackpot hobby).



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I think I'd have to go with Splash Mountain or Spaceship Earth. I love the "thrill" rides, but when I think of WDW those 2 rides immediately come to mind... for me they sort of encompass the Disney experience. I'd be bummed if one of those was closed if I was there, as opposed to if one of the coasters or faster rides was closed.

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