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Best Ride at WDW

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TOT. I wonder if Intamin and Alton Towers got the idea for Thirteen from this; the former is a drop tower that converts to a tracked ride and the latter is a tracked ride that converts to a drop tower.


Anyway, that sure is one unique drop tower, though. My second place vote goes to EE, and you should have plenty to time to get in rides on it if you stay at AK past 4 PM. (Pretty much everything there that is animal related shuts down after 4 pm-and there sure is a crap load of animal attractions at Animal Kingdom!)

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Wish they had Matterhorn at WDW.



My top 3's gotta be:

1. Space Mountain

2. Rockin Rollercoaster

3. Mission:Space



HM should be on the list too, Glad I got to do the Haunted Mansion Behind the Scenes tour while I worked at WDW.

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Trying to decide makes you remember how many great rides we have here. I would go with Haunted Mansion. Almost everyone can ride and will love it plus it's got to move huge amounts of people. Tower of Terror is literally perfect but it has a thrill ride component so many people don't get to experience it.

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Seriously, why did Disney only build ONE Matterhorn? That is my all-time favorite Disney ride, especially on the Tomorrowland side. (Although, I don't usually ride more than once per day, due to low capacity) I do believe that there was a Matterhorn planned for a Switzerland pavilion of Epcot. However, this plan did die a somewhat quiet death (for reasons of which I am not sure of at the moment)


Although, I have heard people call Everest a "Matterhorn of the 21st Century"


Test Track

TT= A really kickass dark ride that is poorly marketed as a thrill ride of which it is not the least bit thrilling, (except for the barrier test; that gets me every time!)

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My actual favorite ride at WDW.. Living with the Land.Seriously. If you haven't been on it in awhile it's basically the last ride that encapsulates what Epcot was about when it first opened.

Very true. Although, I guess you could make an argument for Spaceship Earth being in that category as well....for the most part anyway.



By the way, when is Aspatuck gonna get their own boat ride?

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