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The "Rant" Thread


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So why is it that my mailman only decides to leave my mailbox cracked open when it's raining? Normally I can go for the mail, and it is in the back of the box and the door is completely closed. But today, when we have the remains of a hurricane raining on us, it's all huddled next to the mailbox door, which was left open about an inch! All my mail was soaked! This is not hurricane exclusive, as almost every time it rains, he leaves it open! I don't get it!!! You close it perfectly on dry days, yet you somehow lose that ability when it's raining and can only leave it open? Argh!!!


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ok, to get to school in the morning, you have to leave at EXACTLY 5 before 7...if you leave even one minute later, the line of cars extends all the way down the road to the stoplight...and the stoplight is really really long. SO on friday, we were late...so we get there and im waiting in this line of cars...so i just tell my mom "ill just walk to the band room from here". I get out, and the bell rings...so i start running, and my knapsack wasn't closed...so my cd player flies out and the top completely comes off and the batteries come out... great im in a bad mood by this time..I tell a girl in band, and she puts the player back together correctly...BUT fails to reconnect the connector ribbon for the controls. Now i have to retake the top back off, and I dont know how she got the damn thing back on because the top won't come off. I'm temped to throw it on the ground again to get it off but i don't want to break it more. So now im about to attempt to take off the bottom with screwdrivers and try to connect it somehow.


RC "maybe I'll just buy a new player" Dartarro



Edit: YESSSSS SUCCESSS muahahaha take that evil connector of doom!

ahem. Yeah that worked.

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I bought a 30 Gig iPod in 2003, which they replaced with the 40G model for the same price a few months later, which annoyed me a little at the time but annoys me more now because I'VE FILLED THE DAMN THING!! If my birthday was just three or four months later I'd still have 10 whole gigabytes to fill. Grr.


Lou- "loves all her music too much to delete things" -ise


Oh, and also, not having ridden a coaster for over a year, planning a trip and having to cancel it because I double booked the date. GGRRRRRR.

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Buses can go to hell.


What's the point in running buses if they're not on time, so everyone misses them, we all have to squeeze onto the next one so I break sweat just getting to work and now I have to wait 7 hours to I can go home and shower?


I can't wait to get my car back.

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Today is the first day of school. From where we live we can walk the kids to school. Usually we walk across the field. Well, today of all days they decided to mow the lawn! And, you would think that this lawn mower would have a catchy thing so the grass doesn't just regurgitate itself? No. The grass that is cut is spit back on the lawn so when you walk, and mind you, it is foggy and drizzly today, the grass flies up and sticks to your shoes. Why don't they mow it when school is out?

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List of today's rants in no particular order:

-Some idiot once again cuts me off

-It is hot today

-I walk to Chevron for an Icee but machine's out of order so I go for a smoothie but it was on defrost (so that was not ready either). Finally, I get a 32 oz soda filled, take a sip and got a mouth full of pure carbonation. I'm glad I noticed before I paid for them. I wound up buying a 1 liter bottle as everything was out of service there.

-Gas is expensive now...I'm ready to start walking/taking bus/take skateboard to get to places

-I do half of my math homework and then realize I did the math problems from another section for this math section (using section 2.3's problems for section 2.4..)

-Once again, it's hot and I have to do some cementing for some construction going on here.


ok...I'm done!

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people making fun of me and not being able to think of a comeback, so others join in


waiting for dinner to come...the anticipation is killing me


Homework-my dad, the math teacher, assigns HIS kids homework, but he never grades it or collects it. I wish my classes were like that

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What bothers me is how a band like Green Day still exists. I thought they were uninventive back in the 90's. I swear, they HAVEN'T CHANGED.


My gawd, whatever happened to the Madonna's, the Princes?


I mean, is all we have wrapped up these days in someone like a KanYe West?


The fact that U2 is still around and that the Rolling Stones still exist and make a lot of money I think is just sad.


Our American civilization is dying!


(same beef with t.v. shows -- no more seinfelds these days)

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It bugs me when someone doesn't know when to shut up. A gas station is not the place to get into a deep conversation with the cashier who obviously doesn't care -and- you're holding up the line of people behind you. Not only did he ramble on about something utterly pointless for 10 minutes but then he left AND CAME BACK to add another point to his conversation for another 5 minutes. I would have said "dude, just STFU." but then that would have caused him to talk to -me- for who knows how long and I wasn't having that.

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Simple answer....the human race is not as inteligent as what is made out to be. People in general are utterly stupid at critical moments.


Ok...more to rant on today.

1) Brown-noser butt rider this morning...I slowed down from a little over 35 mph down to only 20 mph, if not slower just to get on the driver's nerves. She could not get around as the lane next to me was full of cars.

2) It's hayfever time for me. Today consisted of runny nose, Vekoma-like headaches, sneezing, more Vekoma syndrome, more runny nose, and top it off with even more sneezing.

3) Semi-addon of Rant 2: Sinus meds don't phase me. I'm immune to what we have so I'm a bit screwed right now.

4) Just some random pondering the past few days, I just seriously can't think how people can be stupid when we're supposed to be the 'intellegent' life forms. I mean, Someone today almost ran over some 2x4 wood driving european style down our street (Driving on the opposite side of the road), People who stupidly walk out among traffic coming at them, and people who like to waste their effort and mark up our street with their skid marks from their car...hello! there are kids on the street. This is not the place for GTA-style driving.


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