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The "Rant" Thread


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It's one of those days where everything is infuriatingly annoying, and I do mean everything. I need to get off the Internet for a good long time. (Or use it only for constructive and/or truly inconsequential purposes. Or actually set limits on how much I use it, which is a hilarious thought but surely could be achieved...maybe.)


Okay, there are other things in my life that definitely aren't helping, either.

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I am freakin out that I have no immediate park of any kind to go to,

if I want to enjoy myself, right now.

I envy everybody with warm climates (most of the) year round.

And those parks that do stay open year round.

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Nothing pi$$es me off more than having to deal with ignorant people who think they know everything. Ugh. . . I am NEVER going to Walmart again.


I will forever shop at Tarjay. . . You know. . . That fine french store??


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^Totally agree. We're just getting over "whatever it was" that hit the both of us.

The good news is, I/we lost a few pounds without even trying to. My appetite went

down, and I was drinking lots of liquids etc.


Best Diet Plan Ever. Not.

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^ I lost three pounds myself, Bill...but yeah, not a great diet plan when you don't even want to eat anything for fear that it might come back up.


And given the way we both love food...this type of inconvenience will just not do!

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What the heck is wrong, with all of these women, buying newly designed fashion shoes/boots,

that have arches and heels higher than.....4+ inches? There are bondage shoes/boots, and then

there are fashion footwear designers/companies....


I can't imagine what some women have to go through, to 'compete' for the best style, designer

(all of whom seem pretty MALE to me, perpetuating the reality, that it IS a Male Run Fantasy,

straight OR gay, whoever The Designer, and some women, whether they agree or not, are

putting themselves through painful fashion - for the sake of who? Themself? Or Others?


Or Men?


You should boycott any/ANY shoes/boots designed with heels higher than 3 inches. If it HAS

to be "a height." It could be 1 or 2 inches. Whatever. The point is saving pain and pride.


Rant over.

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Seriously, what gives with people, mainly guys, naming themself single words like...








Not going to make fans here, by saying it's all seems rather silly to me.


The Weekend? Rant over. Bill ... aka B.B.Q.

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