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Halloween Horror Nights, MNSSHP & Florida Weekend Meet

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Guys, I am sorry to say this but you should take my name off the roll call for Halloween Horror Nights for Thursday the 20th. I will not be able to meet up with everyone from Theme Park Review. It looks like a a bunch of my friends are going with me now. So I will have a large group with me. But I am still planning on meeting up with members of Theme Park Review at the front gate of Busch Gardens before the park opens on Sunday the 23rd. So you can add me to the roll call for Busch Gardens.



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Hey Everyone.


I just found out I will be in Florida next week to take of some family stuff and have "arranged' a side trip to Orlando. While I wont be able to make the stuff at Universal. I can get to Disney for MNSSHP on Friday


Pete (One of the Boston Guys)

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Just in case anybody is interested, I got some information you might want. Even though I wont be attending the BGT event, I thought id help you guys out. If you havent bought tickets for BGT yet, go to Buschgardens.com and order your tickets. Just enter the promotional code: LATENIGHT and get up to $26 off your ticket. This only works if you pre-order and then pick your tickets up. You can also get them over the phone at 1.888.800.5447.

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I dont know. Im not getting tickets for the BGT event because I cant make it, but all it says on the coupon is enter LATENIGHT as a promotional code at buschgardens.com. If its like other promo codes for sites like amazon, it would be near the end where you enter your billing info. If it doesnt work and you really want the discount, call them up.

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Wow, didn't thing I was going to be able to make it to either of these events.. but...


Thursday, going to HHN with my friends Jason (Bwob), Tieriney, and Nathan... I can probably meet up with everyone from TPR, but not stay in the group the full time.


MNSSHP... found a way to get tickets.. so I'll be here as well, but with my friend Mikey and Bruce... so again, may not be able to stick with everyone from TPR...


I'll probably end up meeting up at the beginning to say hello, and may be able to hit a few houses with ya'll, so I'll see you then


Oh, by the way, the need for Express Passes... I don't think there is one... I went on Saturday and each line was around a twenty minute wait (Except for the Hulk which was about an hour and 45min)... did all the houses in around 3hrs. But I still may purchace one if I can stay with everyone.

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Well, Neesh and I are on board for thurs! We are going to the park during the day and to HHN. Look forward to meeting all of you.


We went to HHN last night to check it out, it was pretty good! We didnt have express last night , and we were able to do all the houses with no problem. We of course will be getting express thurs so we can keep up with you guys.


By the way, is the group planning on watching the Bill and Ted show? Thats the only thing we didnt get to do.


Can someone PM me the info on where everyone is meeting up during the day and for HHN?



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So, using a Mr. Coffee I went back in time and put in a request for Thursday off, but decided to rip it up and by the time I got back I had the day off anyway..Thank God!


BTW- I guess we're going straight to see Donkey in the morning outside Shrek, since theres no express line for his great waffles..

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Hey guys, I'm not gonna be able to make it to HHN on Thursday. I am out of $$ and pretty much halloweend out after my last weekend of 3 days of HHN and 2 days of Howlo-scream. It pains me to say this, but the houses (not the scare zones) at Howlo-scream are better then HHN, here's my little TR.


I will have to wait next year to plan my HHN weekend around when you guys come down. I had it planned 2 months before I knew you where comming. So don't have too much fun without me, save some for next year.


P All

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Tropical Storm Wilma is expected to graduate to Hurricane Wilma in the next 24 hours. Good thing it isn't expected to get into the Gulf until Saturday and its expected to head west toward Texas. So it's a good thing we're not going to "Fright Fest" at Astroworld.


If Pat Robertson can ask God where to send the Hurricanes, how come he keeps sending them toward Crawford Ranch in Texas. Mabey he is trying to destroy the real Bad Guys. And if so, will he succede this time? I think George W needs to head back to Texas for a little R&R. Mabey this time Pat & God will get him.


Question - If Pat does succede with his little dog and pony show down in the Gulf, does it mean that we then have to like him?


Answer - Only if he gets Cheney as well.


Guy "Enough Said!" Koepp

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Stupid Wilma, knowing my luck with Florida hurricanes, this one will totally hit Central Florida, ruining my return trip to BGT and either force us to leave early, or hang out for a few more days. At least it can only ruin my transportation schedule, and not my property.....except if I have to stay longer in FL, I'm out my sick day that I intended to use to ride Balder!


As of now, here't to hoping we're safe. It looks like they want rain Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but its only about 30% chance.....which in FL means "its still hot, get ready for your 2pm thunderstorm".


Let Mexico deal with Wilma (and Wilmer Valderama, I can't stand that guy!)

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Hey, my attitude is that if you have to be SOMEWHERE where it's pouring and raining but you want to ride coasters, Florida is probably the best equipped place for that!


(other than like Toverland or Mall of America!)


Galaxyland in West Edmonton Mall, add to that list?

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