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Halloween Horror Nights, MNSSHP & Florida Weekend Meet

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Last year, Disney let people in with MNSSHP tickets after 4 pm. You could do the attractions around the park. They corral everyone in Tomorrowland as the rest of the park is emptied. When you enter the park with a MNSSHP ticket, they put a wristband around you.


Here's a video of mine of MNSSHP:



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I know im really new to this forum, but I read the site and read the forums regularly. My name is Aaron and Im an admin over at Coasterforce. If I may, id like to join up with you guys at IOA on the 20th. I may be able to do Sunday the 23rd as well, but I know for sure I can do Thursday.

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For all you candyholics out there (that's me) I just read a nice review about MNNSHP on wdwmagic.com.


Thanks to mousermerf for this review.


Disney has upped the ante this year with Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party.


In addition to Hallowishes fireworks and 2 showings of the Boo-to-You parade, as well as the family photo - Disney is offering more candy then ever before.


So that's what happens when you let Goofy run the place? This years candy "sponsor" is Disney's brand, Goofy's Candy Company.


This year will have 60% more candy than last year, an increase from 7 million pieces given out to trick-or-treating guests to a whopping 11 million (that's 11,000,000) pieces of candy.


In addition to treat locations, candy will be given out along the parade route to waiting guests and in "surprise" locations. The candy offered this year wont be unique to each location but rather feature a mix at each location so that the lines move better too.


Goofy's Candy Company is making its mark as a Disney brand - recently an entire section of Epcot's MouseGear was redone to the brand with a "Tons-o-Fun" area featuring 130 candy dispensers and 51 candy bins.


The brand includes jelly beans, M&Ms, Tootsie Rolls, taffy, Hershey Kisses, non pareils and much more.


CM's working the MNSSHP events will be wearing Goofy's Candy Co. aprons and a float in the Boo-to-You parade will be themed to the sweets as well.

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Mmmmm, candy. Do you need to dress up in order to get the candy? I had a costume all ready for this year set up starting at PPP, but it looks like I'm gonna go as Dave Thomas's "man trying to keep warm". Maybe I should dress up as Dave to go to MNSSHP....or Guy's 4th dimension floating head. 8)

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Hey Guys,

I finally got time to view around the forums again! (for once!) Anyways, saw this topic and thought I'd post. I would love to meet up with everyone thats going on these meets around the forums if I can get time... it will probably be undecided on which parks I will get to go to though depending on how my schedule works out.


-Justin (I'll probably have to find out last minute and maybe can still get to at least one place, if thats okay) but I would love to hang out!

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Hey guys down here in orlando...well in tampa right now but just wanted to give you guys a heads up that the majority of the houses are to the RIGHT as you enter terra run. only thing really to the left is demon cantina, bill and teds, and skool. ironically everything is in the studios lol lol. If you go straight to the right you will have no wait at all for the houses being that everyone is going straight to the left. I felt like I wasted my money on an express pass lol lol...ohh and a blast from the past is also featured in the event but the park didnt spill the beans on this one...and this time he isnt clowning around!

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Just to let all FL residents know that there is a special that can save you up to $27. Just pre-order online with the UPC of specially marked Coke can and you can get a ticket for that Thursday for $32.95+tax. It may not be much, but its still a savings!


Do any of you know if Thursdays sell out, because I dont think ill be able to get my ticket until this weekend.

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I've never heard of a Thursday selling out at HHN.


BTW, where are we meeting for HHN during Stay and Scream? I know one of the Stay and Scream areas is Captain America's Diner. The other one might be Circus McGurkus, but I'm not sure.

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