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Halloween Horror Nights, MNSSHP & Florida Weekend Meet

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Thursday 20th

Meet 8:30am IOA Front Gates


Friday 21st

Meet 9:00am MGM Tower of Terror

Meet 7:00pm MK MNSSHP in front of Space Mountain


Saturday 22nd

Meet 9:00am Epcot Test Track


Sunday 23rd

Meet 9:30am BGT in front of Shakira




If you are on the roll call Robb will PM you his cell number so you can meet up with us at anytime in case you can't make one of the meets above. If you are not on the roll call (silly robb has fallen behind a bit), please PM him ASAP and he will send you back his cell phone number.




If you have privately set up doing dinner with us one of the nights we're all set. Feel free to call or PM if you have any questions.




RAIN OR SHINE! (it's looking like mostly rain!)

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I just realised that I'm not on the roll call for MNSSHP! But it isn't a big deal, really, as I can easily make it to the meet-up, and don't have a cell phone anyways, so cell phone numbers wouldn't help! I just feel a bit left out, that's all.


Oh well, I'll be there Friday at 7:00pm roll call or no roll call, rain or no rain! I'm going to order my ticket tommorrow morning!


Besides, this is good rain. No lightning, just showers. Nobody will be out, but all the rides will be running! The best kind of park weather, unless you're afraid of water.

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I plan to be at HHN on 10/20 on the Universal side by the Rat Run maze around 5:30 pm or 6. I have to meet a friend in front of the Mummy at around 5.


I might be at Epcot on Saturday, but I'm not sure yet. I have to cancel a Universal VIP tour to be there. I would like to ride Soarin'. I haven't rode it yet!

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^Actually that one makes me feel better! If it passes overnight Saturday and isn't too terrible on the western edge of the storm BGT might be open and ready for us Sunday morning!


LOL, it wouldn't be a REAL florida trip without some XTREME WEATHER!

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^I was thinking the same thing Elissa. I am going to watch this closely over the next 24 hours and decide whether we should move BGT to Friday and do Disney on Sunday. But, if this storm blows over Saturday night, we might be in good shape on Sunday. We are also planning on doing the Safari thing at BGT Sunday afternoon.



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I blame myself for the Hurricane. I'll bet Pat Robertson had one of his cronies monitoring the site and read my previous post. So he prayed it in the direction that I will be. Now he's after me. Nice to know that i'm a bigger threat to freedom of religion than all of the gays and left wing liberals in the united states.


Which... if were true, makes me quite proud.


The T-Shirt don't lie. I am scarier without a costume.


Guy "don't get too close if theres lightning around" Koepp

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What we do is fine with us. Just remember that we do have tickets for MNSSHP on Friday night at the MK. We could do BGT for a half day then head back over to MK for the evening. Do Epcot on Saturday, then MGM on Sunday.

We were going to have to leave BGT early on Sunday anyway to make our 6:30 flight, so I don't see it being much different having to leave BGT early on Friday to make our dinner reseverations.


We would still prefer to do Busch on Sunday, but this would be the "back up plan."



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