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Halloween Horror Nights, MNSSHP & Florida Weekend Meet

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Final Itinerary Posted:


Thursday Oct 20 - Uni/IOA/HHN

Friday Oct 21 - Disney/MNSSHP

Saturday Oct 22 - Disney

Sunday Oct 23 - BGT


Depending on situations this MAY change, but it's pretty set in stone. The only thing I could see change would be if we added a few hours to Uni/IOA either Fri or Sat morning.


Derek, Guy, Robb, and I will be staying at the Staybridge Suites near Disney. We are flying in EARLY Thurs morning and flying out around 6pm Sunday evening from MCO. We will be renting a decent sized car.


We all have tickets for HHN and MNSSHP already purchased as well as Express passes for HHN.


Let me know if anyone needs any other kind of details!


Here's hoping to no Hurricanes!

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I dont think you will have to worry about Hurricanes in late October ( I hope not!).. We shall be getting our tickets either today or tomorrow, to make sure we get them in time. Also we will be looking into staying at the same hotel as you guys so we can go as a group to the parks, though I will be taking my van which only holds the two of us. Actually going to IOA on a part of Friday isnt a bad idea, since we are going to be doing Disney 1/2 of Friday as well as a full day on Saturday. We got AP passes for all these places (except Sea World) so if its decided to change a few things here and there, we are all up for it. Its going to be fun!

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^Just be careful Erik, I believe the hotel we're staying at is about $150 a night...we're only staying there since we can split it 4 ways...or else we'd be at some cheapo place on 192~!! (not implying that you're cheap...just letting you know!)


And yes, pending any Air Emergencies we will be there before opening! Our flight gets in around 6am so that should give us plenty of time to shower, change, consume caffene and get over there!

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To make up for the missing Dan and Joey I will make sure my hair is stiff, take lots of pictures, inject myself with insulin, be afraid of water, not pay for anything (stating something about no ATMs around), talk about how Haunt is better, and make certain fowl-smelling odors are emitted from my anus. Had Dave not been joining us, I would have done all that PLUS wearing a Rush shirt and wishing to destroy loads of tourists with a railgun.


Poor Dan and Joey, they will be missed.

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Hey anyone who's interested, they finally have the HHN site up completely at http://themeparks.universalstudios.com/orlando/hhn/index.html

it looks like it will only be at IOA this year, with the exception of some houses in the back lot behind hard rock live. I guess trying to combine both parks didn't work out as easily as they had hoped. I think I liked it better in one park myself, the themes seemed a little better, although I will miss Imhotep, I'll just have to get my fix during the day. I haven't check it all out completely, but it looks pretty spooooky......ooooooooohhhh Scary.

C'mon October.


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I just checked out the final update. The main character looks creepy (scary old ladies always freaked me out, almost as much as clowns, especially if she smells like mothballs!) but it doesn't really seem to fit with the whole theme of the park, which seems more EverQuest/Lord of the Rings/Dungeons and Dragons. Still, as always, it looks like a great event and I'm very glad I'm going. With all these houses as well as Dragons and Hulk and the shows, I'm glad we decided to go with the express passes (which, by the way, look totally different from the last time I got them).


Come on October 20th!

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