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  1. I'm going to have to say Volcano. It did nothing for me. The only part that I thought stood out was the inversion out of the top of the volcano. The slow barrel rolls that followed seemed out of place compared to the quick first part. Right at the end when it speeds up and you think something awesome is coming up, you hit the brakes. Yay.
  2. I was at the park last night and noticed that BGE changed their teaser sign. I was at the park when they first put it up, so it's kinda interesting to already see it changed. Pics taken at night on a camera phone, I should have better pics today. You can make out that it now says "Our Newest Ride Opening Spring 2007." So are they not denying that its a dive machine or what?
  3. I didn't know the fine TPR folks were only 10 minutes away...
  4. $15 is way too much just for parking. And I thought $9 parking was bad here in Orlando...
  5. I have just found out I will be riding this in a week at the cast member previews. A friend will be getting me in. Pretty kickass, I think, being able to ride it months before it's "official" opening.
  6. How did you do those catwalks and those politically correct supports on the floorless? And is some of that scenery custom? I have all the expansion packs and don't recognize it...
  7. This thing looks like a load of crap that doesn't even begin to compare to Men In Black: Alien Attack at USF.
  8. Now I might be getting a Frequent Fear Pass with AP discount so who knows... I may show up the same day as TPR does.
  9. I think I'm going to HHN on Sept. 30th (first night its open). Any other time and it can be obscenely crowded.
  10. That SheiKra thing is one of the most retarded things I've ever seen. That's really low.
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