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  1. I am terrified. If I was ever walking through the woods and saw that thing trotting along, then tried to kick it over and it just regained its balance, I would call authority figures quickly.
  2. Hey guys! That was me as the White Rabbit. I actually gave Kidtums a shout out as well. It was nice to see TPR come down. Anyone know if Rob will stop by? He looks like a carrot
  3. I thought I already posted a reply here, but that was me as the freddy in the video that screamed "Welcome to my NEW nightamare!" I had no idea you guys were gonna come. I thought you were giving up on Orlando and just doing Hollywood. What a pleasant surprise!
  4. That perspective thing in Hollywood has been there for years actually..they just take it out whenever a special event occurs..which seems to be the only times you guys visit anyway... The parks have always had a cat problem. Especially in Jurassic Park for some reason..lol.
  5. I know I don't post a lot here, but I can't believe I missed seeing you guys here in Florida again. Its been since October. Remember bald guy who was in Body Collectors? yeah..that was me..hehe.. I'm gonna have to cruise around here more often to get the heads up..
  6. I know I'm late with this, but it was awesome hanging out with all of you during the day at IOA..I miss my "lonley water" picture from Mythos though..How soon you forget your discounts! Anyway, I hope everyone comes down again soon..Looking forward to new trip reports.. I thought this was funny, but the Halloween decorations haven't been taken down fully, yet the Christmas ones are in swing.. No, Elissa..they are not boarding it up.. PS McMonkey McBean is moving forward..so nah nah nah nah nah to all you disbelievers..
  7. So, using a Mr. Coffee I went back in time and put in a request for Thursday off, but decided to rip it up and by the time I got back I had the day off anyway..Thank God! BTW- I guess we're going straight to see Donkey in the morning outside Shrek, since theres no express line for his great waffles..
  8. Hey Elissa/Rob, What time are you guys meeting in the morning? I'd like to tag along on the 20th until I have to report to "The Body Collectors" in the afternoon..then you will be my victims for the night! (unless its a guy from Cast A on set..formalities..)
  9. I will give my vote to Expedition Everest...The storyline seems very interesting and it looks to be a great coaster, from a Disney perspective at least.
  10. The ride's got several airtimes hills, and a nice little bunny hop section, but its also brutal. Depending on the time of day the airtime can be painful or fun. It was made by The Coaster Company out of Tennessee, so not the most quality coaster. I picked it because it was very close, and had very little red tape to go through. Most parks don't allow marathon sessions to happen due to legal concerns/liability. A guy in Orlando heard about this event, and is trying to organize something up there.
  11. Hey Robb/Elissa...I just have to ask the most obvious question: The language barrier. How tough is it to navigate? Did you have any troubles with communicating or were they minor in comparison to everything else?
  12. If I can just recall what i've seen this year without looking at my ticket stubs.. 1. Batman Begins 2. Land of the Dead 3. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 4. Sin City 5. Kung Fu Hustle I know, nothing really sticks out from anybody else's list...but here's what i hope to catch on DVD: Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, Madagascar, and The Aristocrats What stunk: Fantastic Four
  13. Hey everybody..My name is Bryan. This past July I had the pleasure of doing charity work for the Make-A-Wish foundation of Southern Florida, and just wanted to share my experience with everyone: http://www.nbc6.net/news/4708023/detail.html The article tells most of it. We did not reach the $3,000 goal, but we made a large contribution nonetheless and made a lot of people at the organization very happy. I'll try to post some pictures up later.. I was inspired by my father, who had guests at his wedding give to American Cancer Society (in lieu of gifts). At the time I was wrestling with some personal issues that had me depressed. Love, in particular, and being unhappy with myself. After reading an article in the paper about the Dania Beach Hurricane, I had a sudden jolt of inspiration. Why not ride for charity? Its been done before, so why not organize one yourself. I approached several groups, but nobody bit, until I contacted the Make-A-Wish foundation. I personally felt this was the best organization I could work for, since performing at Universal Orlando had me interacting with kids. Seeing the expressions on their faces was priceless and something I carried with me long after the day was done. I had several groups of people come down from hearing about it on the news. One couple contributed $100 on the spot. I was lucky enough to have such great support from friends and my mother who came by and gave me water, food, etc. To answer the obvious FAQs: I never had to go to the bathroom, I never got sick, and I only moved about 3 inches ( over to the seat next to me) during the entire 12.5 hours.
  14. Hey Robb, Hey everybody. First post on Theme Park Review (took me friggin long enough!) Anyway, I wanted to say I will be meeting up with you folks on Oct. 20. I'll be working HHN (I'm in the Body Collectors house) but will enjoy a good day of spelunking and many deja-vu rides on everything Universal! Alright, now with the generically bland introduction out of the way, I look forward to many smart.."behind" remarks..
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