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Last concert you attended?


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The last concert I went to was last May and it was Keane at The 9:30 Club in DC. I love Keane and they are the best band I've seen live. I've seen them twice once with The Killers and they put on a much better show than The Killers whom I do like as well.

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And by the way - What's up with only one concert for Ozzfest this year? Not so much a Fest any more, as an OzzConcert.


Hope they don't make it like this permanently... Although, I must say - not very many great bands this year...


Ozzy got back from an 11 month tour and they feel he needs a summer break. I know it's a real bummer.

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A quick Photo TR of what I did last night


I had a fun time, but it's a shame the venue sucked so much. Alkaline Trio has some really good songs and they played well, but I think the show would have been a lot better in other places.


They really did have a sweet lighting package though.


The venue really killed Alkaline Trio; the place has an awesome location, an amazing lighting package, and AWFUL sound quality. Unless you already knew the songs word for word, there would be no way for you to tell what they were saying. Whenever they would tell a joke between songs you'd hear the very front portion of the venue start laughing while the rest of venue looked around in confusion.


Bayside played really well, but everyone in our group was in agreement that their set was WAY too short. I think they played for like 20 minutes.


The bottom portion of the venue was kind of annoying. There were these awkward columns that supported the top section, and these really made it difficult for people to crowd around the stage and get a good view.


We ended up shoving our way into a center position towards the back of the venue, which was fine because it's a really small place.


There's an upstairs section that is really open, you can chill up here and see the ocean while viewing the show.


The venue was Freebird Live and it's on the left side of the street in this photo. The general area was pretty sweet.


p.s., sorry for a couple of blurry pictures, I just got a new camera for my b-day and this was my first time using it.


The second I got off work I drove to Jacksonville Beach with some friends to go see Alkaline Trio, Bayside, and The Fashion. We had no idea the venue was literally right next to the beach, which was pretty sweet.

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I went to see Iron Maiden in Columbia, MD on Wednesday. Sold out show and loud as hell. They had a great stage show as usual, and all the songs were from their 80s albums except Fear of The Dark from the album of the same title. Probably the best concert experience I'll ever have.

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I went to see Bon Jovi at Hampden Park on Saturday (21st). My Auntie is a HUGE fan and my Dad won her and my Mum tickets to be on the side of the stage with the band. So me and my sister took their ordinary tickets. It was brilliant. I have now been converted to the church of Jovi!


My Mum and Auntie got there really early so we were really close.


The View from the Side Stage


Side Stage Breath shot!! Lol!! Look at that rain.... Its nearly July!!!!


Ritchie the Legend


Mr Jovi


Welcome to Scotland, where it rains all day!!!!

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A TR of one of the best shows I've ever seen.


After an hour and a half set, it was time to head back to Gainesville so I could go to work in the morning. LAME!!


But seriously, go see Modest Mouse if you get the chance.


This show more than made up for the painfully average Alkaline Trio show I posted on the last page, Modest Mouse put on the highlight of my summer.


This was one of those shows that I bought a ticket to with the expectation of having a fun time and hearing some good music, but this turned out to be one of the best shows I've ever seen.


Once it got dark Modest Mouse came on and put on an unbelievably good show. The sound system was having problems and getting some feedback at really unfortunate times, but the show really didn't suffer much from it.


Some of this group of women managed to stumble out of the venue once this band finished their set, and my eyes still burn from seeing them dance.


The Dirty Dozen had drunk middle-aged women flocking to them like people with mullets flocking to Dollywood.


The Dirty Dozen Brass Band opened up the show. I really have no idea how these guys got paired up with Modest Mouse, since they were a jazz band playing at a rock show.


I got off work and drove to the St. Augustine Amphitheatre for a Modest Mouse show. The venue was really nice, and the open design kept the place really cool and comfortable.

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The last one for me was The Police. It was alright but I didn't like the new twists on their classics... That was probably the worst venue I have ever been to also... The Cricket Wireless Amphitheater in Chula Vista down by T.J... The workers there seemed clueless and incompetent as to managing traffic, parking, and crowds inside the place.

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