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  1. Sequoia Adventure, More like Aneurisim Adventure.... Ugg! Facelift anyone? and whats with the random rightside up guy between my sister and me? What a bizarre ride!
  2. On Blue Tornado, I think this is when my sisters camera broke I hate on ride photos!
  3. A strange nearly vertical lift hill then three really slow inversions, keeping you upside down for and eternity, back and fourth till the pressure nearly pops your eyeballs out of their sockets.... then its over, I did'nt get this ride at all...... super strange, but it was a credit...... what the heck....
  4. And finally after a three hour drive back to Rodello/Alba, We found this swing thing across the road from the bed&breakfast we stayed at, They brought in in for The Rodello Village festival, parked it on the edge of a cliff, and played techno music till 1:00 am every morning for the rest of our stay........ Evil! Cool pic though! All In all, I loved Gardaland, Super clean, beautifully themed, some fun rides and some beautifull views of Lake Garda, none of which I got pics of as the Blue Tornado Broke my sisters Camera... OOOPS! Hope you enjoyed! I loved it! Jeffrey Random swing ride in Rodello...
  5. The term "get your roots done" Takes on a whole new meaning Random root head lady
  6. The only ride we had to wait for... I love three lift hill, snow covered, Big thunder Mountain Knock offs in 100 degree heat.... Fun!
  7. Kiddie fun Ok, I loved this ride, I mean, three lift hills and a very cool helix around well manicured shrubs!, cmon, who wouldnt have fun?
  8. Ok, Heres the part where I post the pics of Blue Tornado, but it broke my sisters camera, and I didnt photograph it, anyhow its was my first Vekoma SLC, and although I didnt experience any headbanging whatsoever, there was this wierd lagging chugging feeling like the weight of the train pulled backwards while the train went through the inversions.... Not Painfull, just different, Is that common for SLC's?
  9. SA Is hanging upside down for like an hour good for the brain? Can anyone say "High Blood Pressure"?
  10. On to the random brown plunked ride... This ride hurt my feelings and brought back random bad memories from childhood...
  11. MM Looping over the crowd is so fun, and I tried to ignore the tall brown, WTF ride stuck in the middle of it...
  12. Magic mountain (well the Italian one anyhow) I liked this ride, a lot!
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