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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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^That is one interesting looking raft; I don't think I've ever saw a raft like that on any big raft ride ( mind you, I've seen the cloverleaf raft and the "kiddie pool" raft). Unless I'm mistaken, Mammoth must be the first water slide in history to use a special raft like that.


I cannot wait to go to Holiday World so I can ride this "one-of-a-kind" attraction.


"Oh yeah? I cannot wait until you get off this site and come to bed.

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I'm not a Christian music fan or anything but it is good to see Holiday Worlds starting to host special events. I'm can't to see what they do with the Happy Halloweekends Event this fall, the night rides should make that even worth the trip alone!

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Does anyone know if they're going to have the other raft similar to Wildebeest but with 2 people in a row? I would like to see something cool like that. A 6-seater round raft and an 8-seater toboggan raft.


Dan is calling them "row boats" because they have three rows of seats. Two seats in the front row, then three in the middle and three in the back row.


Three positives: highest capacity boats available to us, they don't spin - if you're concerned about that, and the diameters of the seats are larger than in the round boats.



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Wait, what did I miss? So there wont be clover leaf boats on Mammoth then?


They make a 6 person cloverleaf, or an 8 person dinghy.

The model seen at IAPPA suggests you can use either on the hydromagnetic mammoth, but guessing Holiday World went with the dinghy due to the higher capacity.

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^I recall hearing that, too--but the park's Web site just mentions the clover leaf rafts.


Yes, we plan to run both (we'll only have a few of the 8-seaters). I'm waiting for the second design to arrive before adding info to our website.


That is good news. I was REALLY looking forward to the rotation. Thats going to be a wicked byproduct of all the turns and currents (both water and magnet). I was almost going to be sad that I wouldnt get to go backwards through parts of it

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At some point, we'll have to take some sort of rump measurements ... as the seat diameters are different on the different types of boats.


REALLY looking forward to that process ...


LOL! Your way with words is fantastic Paula. Im stuck working the late shift at work, that made me laugh.

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