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Coaster Expedition Volume 13 is HERE!

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Hey everyone!


Coaster Expedition Volume 13 is here! Order now:




Coaster Expedition highlights our latest travels to the East Coast USA and includes parks like Six Flags Great Adventure, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Kings Dominion, Lake Compounce, Six Flags New England, Knoebel's, Hersheypark, Canada's Wonderland, Waldameer Park, Lakemont Park, Idlewild, Martin's Fantasy Island, Morey's Piers, Coney Island, Dorney Park, Darien Lake and MORE!


This DVD is packed full of awesome parks, fun TPR antics, roller coaster POV, and much more!


Would you like to get Coaster Expedition Volume 13 for **FREE** ?


To celebrate 10 years of the Coaster Expedition DVD series we have created this special 12-Disc Ultimate Box Set of the DVD series and

for a limited time, when you order the Coaster Expedition Ultimate Box Set we will include Coaster Expedition Volume 13 for **FREE** !!!


Order the 12-Disc DVD Box Set here:

http://www.themeparkreview.com/store/in ... oductID=90


Can you believe it? Theme Park Review has been producing the Coaster Expedition DVD series for TEN YEARS now! And with the most popular and highest ranked theme park and roller coaster videos on the internet (over 7 million video views on YouTube alone!) we are proud to release this latest installment in the series.


And no Coaster Expedition release announcement would be complete without a brand spankin' new, sample segment from the latest DVD!


Click the video below to view a new segment from one of TPR's favorite parks in the world, "Knoebel's Amusement Park," featuring some behind the scenes shots of Twister, mounted POV footage of Phoenix, shots from our Flying Turns tour, food, fun, games, and everything about this park that make it AWESOME!


Check out "Knoebel's with Theme Park Review" on CoasterTube here:


Or watch on YouTube here:

(click on the link and give us nice comments on YouTube!)


Thank you again for your support and we hope you love watching Coaster Expedition Volume 13 as much as we loved making it!


--Robb Alvey



ps. Once you get your Coaster Expedition Volume 13 DVD, post your review here!

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Robb, Elissa and all editors: Congratulations on pumping out another one of these epic DVDs!


Really looking forward to seeing it. I think it's sitting in customs for an extended period per usual. They say it's because we're each other's biggest trading partners so the backups are always intense.....but I just think they're watching the DVD and don't want to give it up lol





Edit: ^Mike, you were happy that day. See, Knoebels is that good!

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I have become addicted to those more traditional parks since this awsome trip. Actually, Knoebels and Compounce were the parks I was not especially looking forward to. They were doubtlessly BEST DAYS of ECT2008. I'm so excited to receive this DVD soon, this will bring back good "old" memories, but will get me even more excited to see some of the great people I met next August on Mid America 2010 !!! Will post my comment as soon as I receive and devour my copy !

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Wow, that was a great video! And the Mika song worked really well with it! I love seeing how much fun everyone is having in these videos. It makes me really want to go on a TPR trip with you guys, very very badly. *Crosses fingers in hopes of that coming true at some point.* Looks like you all had a blast there. Knoebels looks like a fun park that I should probably try to hit up.

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Hey Robb, Elissa and everyone.


I don't post here too much but I really do enjoy the website and the videos. Love the newest videos just finished watching Coaster Expedition 13. I love getting to see parks that I might not get a chance to visit and I can always count on your videos for that. Thanks again. I am sure it is a lot of hard work.



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