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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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Remember me? I've kind of given up on the whole "photos of me drinking at home" thing but I have still been drinkin' and trying new stuff too. Last night I had my bomber of Bear Republic Hot Rod Rye. A bit of a let down as I still prefer the Willimantic draft-only Rail Mail Rye better but this one had a nice kick with a fairly high ABV (8%?). I liked my second pour better and as it warmed, the rye was more pronounced.

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I actually paid a trip to our new alcohol store by the new house on Saturday. It's got a much better selection of stuff than where we're at now. Plus the beer "purchaser" is open to requests. I did a mix pack of six (which I can't do by the apartment).


I left the camera at the townhouse like an idiot....


Anyway, I started off with Derek and Heath's favorite brewery Lake Front, and had a Cream City. Meh. I didn't like it as much as before. I think I tasted a hint of blueberries.

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Well, Derek pretty much covered our dinner at ABC in Harrisburg so no need to post any pics of that but just to say that there Water Gap Wheat was about as good as it gets for a wheat beer. The Maibock was even better!


So, on our layover in the Twin Cities, we found a Rock Bottom Brewery right next to our gate. Score!


Finished with a Singletrack Copper Ale.


Sandi also had the Rock Bottom Wheat.


I totally love there hamburgers.


I started with a Rock Bottom Wheat.


Yeah for good restaurants in airports.

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I'm glad you and your family enjoyed your trip! I love Rock Bottom too. Their beers are good and their food is also quite amazing. I've never had anything there that I haven't absolutely loved. We had a really nice one in Chandler, AZ. The one around here isn't as nice. Oh well... Glad you found one at the airport.

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Nice video Juggler. Always nice to see updates from over in England.


For tonight, I started off with 3 beers from the 6packs that i reviewed before, followed up by a new one.


Here's the feature beer of the post, the Köstriker Schwarzbier. It's a black beer that was first brewed in 1543. This stuff is a bit like guiness, but it's much more roasty and smells a bit like roasted coffee grinds. Awesome!


Ahh, this is my refresher beer. I like to drink this beer to kind of lighten up my palate before I try something new. Quite refreshing as always.


Next I had another Sam Adams Pale Ale, which I poured into a glass. I must say that when I had this last night in the bottle, I liked it better from the bottle.


I started off with a Barley-Wine Style Old Foghorn Ale from Anchor Brewing. I was hoping it would grow on me the 2nd time, but alas, it didn't. It's still a bit too syrupy and sweet for me.

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I need someones help, I thought this would be the best place to ask. Not long ago I purchased a 12 pack of Blue Moon, only to find out it was bad. There was stuff floating in it.


I have gone to Coors' website and tried to use the contact form twice now, but each time I have tried to submit the form I get a 'error inbox is full' message.


Does anyone have a mailing address I could send a letter and details to?


I have a picture of a glass I poured if anyone wants to guess what could be in it.


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Yup, unfiltered chunks can happen. Pour half of the bottle and then give it a good swirl and that should break up the chunks. (or just do the smart thing and stay away from Coors products!)


Tonight was more good stuff that my guest brought with for me to try.


Nicole has a 1 beer limit, but was easily talked into enjoying a mudslide


My Belgian Dip


Next up I went all international with some Duvel Belgian Golden Ale


My guest is Nicole (YAY!) Hey Matt, this one actually did taste like blueberries!


Blue Berry Wheat from Ellicottville Brewing in New York, which can only mean one thing...

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YAY, new ISP sorted and uploads are working fine.


So a brief run down of some of the beers of the last few weeks.


Meanwhile Muttley isn't too sure what to do with his.


The Welsh lad snorts his beer!


IT IS. Here I am in the classic TPR Beer Drinkers pose with a glass of St Peter's "Lemon and Ginger." A select taste which not everyone liked but I love citrus and adore Ginger so this certainly got my seal of approval.


Barrels. Must be a beer festival.


After a busy Saturday working this was opened immediately after finishing my shift. BY JOVE it was nice.


The Holy Grail. An extremely pleasant and refreshing Ale.


Jugglers own Dragon Stout.

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Tonight's goodness:


Not an overload of hops, just a nice solid presence with a nice malty balance.


Of course, I'd return to one heck of a nicely balanced IPA, my HopDevil


A very satisfying Belgian ale, really tasty in this humid weather we're having lately


I'd start out the night with Hennepin, the farmhouse saison from Brewery Ommegang

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Tonight's fun.




...that's right, Kim's probably drinking it.


But what's this? A second beer in the form of a Smuttynose Hanami Ale? A beer that tastes of sour cherries can only mean one thing...


First up, with the weather getting warmer, it's about time for the Dogfish Head Aprihop to make a return appearence.

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Well, it's high time I jumped into the beer fray. As I firmly believe that the Belgians make the best beer in the world (yep, I'm standing by that statement), one of my favorites is Trader Joe's Vintage Ale. It's the closest thing to a genuine Belgian beer that I have found thus far. I decided to take the picture with my latest CoasterDynamix model in the background, lest we forget what website we are on.


Trader Joe's Vintage Ale, 9% Alc./Vol.

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Scooterdoug, nice coaster model! I looked for a bit in the model section of the forums but was unable to find your model. Do you have any thread to show it off? I've never seen an inverted coaster model before. I'm going to Trader Joe's soon maybe I will see if I can pick that same beer up...


Derek, somehow I knew your guest was Nicole! You totally left us hanging though, so it increased the suspense, haha!


Okay, so here's the deal guys, I drank some brews last night but forgot to post, so I will post those here, and then follow up with my experiences from tonight.


Yep, this beer was good enough for a "look i'm drinking it" shot. ABV 6.5%


A very nice beer, reminded me a little bit of Sam Adams Pale Ale, was a little biscuity, but really enjoyed it a good deal more than Sam Adams Pale Ale, much deeper.


Ahh, always nice to start off the night with a Curve Ball Kolsch.

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