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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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After a great weekend in Virginia, Ellen, Leann, Walt and I decided to make a pit stop in Baltimore on our way home to visit Mark and Amanda's new digs. Of course, there was no way they'd let us leave without a visit to DuClaw Brewing Company in Fells Point, a place I've been dying to get to for a while. So, here we go...


If we had time, I would have tried more but I had to go with the Heath old faithful- Venom. What a great pale ale. They may not have an IPA but this was a nice hoppy alternative. Can't wait to come back!


Mark likes his Venom Pale Ale and even Amanda tries a Bare Ass Blonde. I like the sound of that!


Ellen goes with the Funk, an American wheat beer. Not bad but Ellen has come to realize that most American style wheats do not have what she looks for in a good wheat.


Ah! This is why we're here...I start with a Celtic Fury in a souvenir pint glass. This was an excellent irish stout!!


A random close up shot of Mark and Amanda.


And Ellen shows off the nachos. The food here was fair. Nothing to write home about.


Leann shows off the fancy bruschetta appetizer.


A look at the menu and beer selection.


That's right!


Here's a bad shot inside the brewpub. I really liked the atmosphere and decor here.


Fells Point is an area that's a cross between Portland, ME and South Street Seaport. It has a great vibe.


Yes, finally at DuClaw, in a great area of town.

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To answer Adam's question about Capital Ale House I had a Smuttynose stout (Imperial I believe). Two weekends ago I was out in the Bay Area and I stopped by two brew pubs. The first was the Rogue Ales Public House where I couldn't resist the Shakespeare Stout on tap. Overall I really liked the place and I would have had more to drink if I wasn't in the middle of walking all around the city sightseeing.


The second stop was San Francisco Brewing Company where I had Emperor Norton Lager Amber Ale which had more flavor than a Sam Adams but not as hoppy. The pub is really old fashioned but unfortunately the few photos I took didn't turn out.


Here's a shot of the San Francisco Brewing Co.


The menu of Rogue beers plus a few others


Look at all the Rogue taps!


Rogue Ales Public House in North Beach, San Francisco

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All the same.




1/2 bottle of Soco, 1/4 bottle of Vodka, Full bottle of Windex. YEHHHHH.


btw first drop aint mine. stole it off shockwave. SHHHH.




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Eh, I forgot to post pics from last weekend. Went up to Toronto with some friends. I'm too lazy to post a full PTR!


Once again I bid farewell to my favorite city... Hopefully I'll get back there this summer!


Time for my favorite drink, the amaretto sour!


We broke the bed.


Now for some Amarula, which is pretty much the most delicious thing ever


Toronto is so pretty...


Free Quaran? I think I'll pass


We'll start off with a little sample of ice wine with brandy. Pretty tasty!


I think we're pretty well stocked for the night.

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Well the cold has started to creep in again. I guess I better start drinking accordlingly.


I don't know why it took so long to get into this one. The Booneville Winter Solstice. Malty, sweet, fruity, and spicey, it helps warm up one's spirits when sun & 70s gets replaced by rain & 50s.:(


Kim wants some Bell's too, so I give her an Oberon to try. She likes it.:)


First up, some more fantastic chocolate, cherry awesomeness, courtesty of Bell's.

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Looks good, Tim. Glad you had a chance to check out some brews out in SanFran. I had the Shanghai IPA at SFBC last year, it was pretty good, and I thought the whole place was overall very friendly, albeit small. Sorry I missed the Rogue Publick House though!


Heath, sounds like you've got the right idea! Stupid rewinter/spring


*YAWN* Wake me when Spring REALLY arrives.


Apparently it's that time again, better break out the Hibernation Ale again


Arrogant Bastard is good enough, but when you cook it with wood chips, there's a nice vanilla hint to it, especially as it warms up


Better throw some wood on the fire, or at least some oak chips

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Adam wrote a page back: "From the looks of it, Janna is not enjoying her beer, or is she just tired?"


Nah, that was the last part of my "hop face" after trying Dave's Green Flash. That shit was nasty. I had a Bell's Amber Ale, which was good. The Capital Ale House is well worth adding to our annual BGW/PKD itinerary.

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I've just come home this morning to find a parcel, from the CAMRA Beer Club.


In the box it comprises of:


Mauldons Black Adder - 5.3%

White Shield IPA - 5.6%

Cotleigh Buzzard - 4.8%

Arran Brewery Milestone - 6%

Ridgeway IPA - 5.5%


And the Taste of America Four Pack, which was free with the first order


Goose Island IPA

Anchor Steam Beer

Brooklyn Lager

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale


One happy bunny, can't wait to start trying them out this evening.


The small selection :)


WOOHOO! Just what I have been waiting for...


What's this?

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Local Brewery - Four Peaks


From the website:


Kilt Lifter®

Scottish-Style Ale


Our award-winning Flagship ale is now in bottles!! This is an ale made in the tradition of the great strong ales of Scotland. Amber colored, malty sweet with underlying note of smokiness.

Alcohol content approximately 6.0% by volume (ALWAYS ON TAP!!)


Medals - Great American Beer Festival (GABF) 1998 & 1999 & 2003 - Bronze - Scottish-Style Ale


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OMG! I LOOOOVE Kilt Lifter and Four Peaks! 8th Street Ale is one of my all time favorites!


It's worth the trip to PHX (Tempe) for the real thing on tap, beer fans. Four Peaks has great atmosphere. I've spent quality time on the barstools there. Killer fish and chips, too.


Have you tried Black Mountain Brewing at Satisfied Frog? They make some pretty good stuff, too.


PS Bubba, at least direct your friends to TOPS liquor instead of the 7 11. Or Sun Devil Liquors.

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Today started off cold, snowing, and pretty much unappealing. Then I got word that Union Barrel Works finally got the ok to open, and so they did! And thus, I had to check them out as soon as possible!


I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people here on opening night, perhaps it was because not many people have to work tomorrow, or they were all locals, but the bar was full! Still, as I was arriving, some people were stumbling out, so I found a seat at the bar, and got to enjoy some of Tom Rupp's brews, something he hasn't made in quite a few years. I didn't have much time to spare, so I didn't get a full look at the place, but I did manage to enjoy each beer he had brewed, as well as sample 2 beer infused sorbets, which I will definitely be saving room for when I finally enjoy the food there. Of all the beers, none was horrible or even average, each was amazing! Of course, I had my favorites, and surprisingly, none were hoppy! Tom is known for not liking the hop, he likes his beers sweet, and as long as they're brewed like he makes them, I'm ok with that! The Maibock and the Stout were my favorites, but I'll definitely be heading back there multiple times to enjoy each one. If he starts a Mug Club, I know where my loyalty will be!


Onto the pictures!


That's the 6 on tap now. I'm sure Tom will have more great stuff on tap soon, he's got a few left, and summer is right around the corner. I can't wait to go back for more!


and the Round Boy Stout was smooth with a great coffee/chocolate taste.


The Mai-bock was excellent, very sweet, pale and almost Belgian-like


Then I moved on to the flight, which was 2oz of each. From top left to bottom right, Kolsch, Dortmunder Lager, Pale Ale, Mai-bock, Wobbly Bob Dopplebock, and Round Boy Stout


To start I had the Pale Ale, which was very tasty, and very well priced at $3.


and what could be better than having your beer poured by the owner/brewmaster, Tom Rupp, proudly showing off his accomplishments of microbrews and a brewpub


Sitting in the bar area you'll see lots of homage to Reading


It was late so there weren't many people in the dining room, but come tomorrow there will be a nice wait for this area


The brewingness, straight from the old Fancy Pants in Reading


The bar area also has some tables for groups to enjoy brews at


The bar area seats enough people, and has a beautiful decor, from the ceiling to the floor


My ventures before the weekend would then take me by the opened for 4 hours Union Barrel Works. Finally they got approval to open!


This stuff went down smoothly, and warmed me up. Good job, NorCal brew!


It's a bomber, gotta have the second half!


Very smooth and creamy, great coffee flavor


Another crappy April day with snow(?!) Better keep warm with some Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout

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Saturday: My favorite at Four Peaks is the Kolsch. I wish they sold it in bottles.


I'd tell my friends about the places you mentioned but we do not attend ASU. We all attend a tech school near I-10 and Baseline so we usually get our beer from Fry's Food and Drug across the street from the school.


I planned to take my mom (who was in town to visit) to Four Peaks on her birthday, which also happens to be St. Patricks Day, and we ended up leaving. It was just extremely packed and there wasn't a seat in the whole place, it kinda wasn't the right atmosphere either. I think it would probably have been much better if it wasn't St. Patricks Day and we went at like 3pm.


I also thought it was kind of weird that it was in a totally residential neighborhood and had no parking lot. Do you have any tips for parking when it's busy?

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Let the tasting commence, only a couple from last night.


Dry tasting and very hoppy, taste's better the more you drink it.


Second one was the Ridgeway IPA.


A smooth dark bitter stout, with a hint of coffee and chocolate.


Very nice.


First up was Mauldons Black Adder Stout.

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Bubba: Yeah, parking is a total pain. All I can say is get there early. We never had a problem around 6 pm but by 7 it was impossible. Sometimes the parking lot out back will have a spot or two as people come and go.


For your mom, you might have tried their 2nd location in N Scottsdale. It doesn't take too long to get there and there is less of a crowd, usually. Less of a college crowd, too.


Tops is worth the drive. If you are at Baseline and the 10, it's really not that far to Tops, right off Mill. And Sun Devil is technically in Mesa, if I recall, so that might work for you too.

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Paid a visit to Tesco this evening & left with a few bottles of goodness!

First up is a Young's Special London Ale. Weighing in at a mighty 6.4% ABV. it's a bit gorgeous! Malty richness countered by huge amounts of hops, wonderfully aromatic with a dry & fruity flavour. Yummy!!

Another installment tomorrow night!




Like meeting an old friend!


The last from the Ram Brewery?

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Yesterday Nicole came into town for the holiday weekend and we decided to head down to Jersey (yeah, we're insane) to visit with Bret and family. Of course, beyond the mass amounts of awesome food, Bret also happened to have some tasty brews for us.


And to end the night, the newly discontinued Blind Faith IPA from Magic Hat. Shame too, it's a nice starter IPA


Well, I know this stuff is ok, Kona's Fire Rock Pale Ale. Still no Sierra Nevada, Venom, or Phoenix Pale though


Eww! This tastes like Budweiser with a little more hops. Wait a minute, it IS! Green Valley is a secret code name for Anheuser Busch! Darn you, Bret, making me drink your crap beers!


First up, something I hadn't had yet, the Stone Mill Pale Ale, made by Green Valley Brewing

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Time for some pics of this Holiday weekend's festivities. First up on Friday, after a opening day visit to Six Flags America, it was off to White Marsh, MD for some new to us brewpub action. Then on Saturday, instead of freezing our asses off on some more coasters, we opted to check out a little beer event they were having over at Union Jacks.


We then finished up the day having dinner with Derek & Nicole at the newly opened Union Barrel Works of which I'm sure Derek will be posting some more pics of.


Another fun visit at Union Jacks. Luckily this is was the closest that Kim would allow me to to get to driving a car afterwards.


...except when we get the bill and I realize that 10oz Gordon costs me $5.50! Talk about sticker shock!


I say screw it and finish up with a 10oz of Gordon on draft. Excellent as always...


We always enjoy the food here at Union Jacks. Kim shows off her excellent cheeseburger.


Since I had all of the beers on flight #1, except one, the Blue Point "No Apologies" 2IPA, I decided to just get a 10oz of it. It ended up being pretty good!


Kim can't decide which Hop named Double IPA she disl...I mean... likes more. The Victory Hop Wallop or the Legacy Hoptimus Prime.


Next up it's time for some of Rogue's Batch 10,000, which was decent but not worth $20 a bottle. Glad I got to try it here.


I first get into the latest from Southern Tier, the Hoppe American Pale Ale. Very nice.


We opted for flight #2 since it had two new to us brews on it.


They had two set flights you could get, so no mixing and matching. Lame but understandable, since that guarantees all the kegs will get a similar level of business.


On Saturday, it was back to Union Jack's for their Easter Hopfest event, which basically consisted of mostly Double IPAs (and a few other hoppy treasures) on tap.


The nice thing about these Town Centers is that everything is right next to each other. Right across the street was our movie theater, where we saw Grindhouse, which ended up being pretty darn kickass!


...which I slowly work on while checking out the latest issue of the Mid Atlantic Brewing News.


I finish up with a full pint of the Charlotte's Ale...


Shot of some of the brew kettles. They had a bunch more that you could check out on the back side of the building.


The food (like these wings) was really good and came out incredibly fast!


I just love the beer names at this place. Here I get into some of the Daily Crisis IPA.


...and then helps me out with the aptly named Honeygo Lite Ale.


Kim checks out the rather fantastic seasonal, Charlotte's Ale, a West Coast Amber...


I first check out one of the most crazily named beers I've ever seen. The Octopus' Pajamas Scottish Ale.


We decided to check out the sampler.


The whole place is themed to a fire station, so they have lots of fire fighting gear, like helmets and jackets, hanging around.


This was a pretty nice brewpub/restaurant, with a nice outdoor patio, big dining room, and large bar area with a nice oval bar that goes the whole way around.


The Red Brick Station Brewpub, located in White Marsh, an area just outside of Baltimore.

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After a good, yet cold, day at Great Adventure, Nicole and I headed back home and returned to the newly opened Union Barrel Works, this time for food. Of course, with Heath and Kim in the area, we made it a 4some. Overall the place is really nice. It's got its problems, but they were all minor, and is pretty much all because the place has only been opened for 2 days. The food was excellent, as was the beers, and the atmosphere. Gotta love a place that's smokefree, as it helps you actually be able to taste your food and drink. The staff did their best to keep it together, and I'm sure in hardly no time at all they'll be keeping things moving smoothly. We'll definitely be frequenting this place to see how things are going. Onto the pictures.


and for dessert, we all split the Kolsch sorbet. Quite delish


and Nicole got the Vodka penne with chicken


My entree was a pork tenderloin served in a Kolsch Dijon sauce. Yummy!


I chose the Dortmunder Lager. I'm not a big fan of lagers, but Tom sure knows how to brew them. Excellent


Heath then went with the Wobbly Bob Dopplebock, also quite good


Hearing the word coffee, Nicole was intrigued. She really liked it too. Sorry guys, she's taken!


Heath got the Round Boy Stout, which he really liked with it's coffee flavor


I decided on the nice and sweet maibock


This food sure is better than anything we'd get at SF, and cheaper too!


As a thanks, we were given a free appetizer of Olive Tappanade


Back to UBW on its first Saturday dinner. The place was full with reservations, but my visit on Thursday got us priority seating

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^FYI... Green Valley Brewing Co is Anheuser-Busch. I had the Stone Mill yesterday for the first time and I must say I'm quite embarrassed.


On a hoppier note: It's baseball season and that only means one thing... Pyramid's Curve Ball is now available.


Drinking one now. Love'n it!!! Just cut the grass and washed the Go-Kart. It goes down so smooth.

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