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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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This gives Widmer Drop Top Amber some serious competition for my favorite amber. Totally smokes Fat Tire (hey Matt).


I had me a Fat Tire on Friday. I hadn't had one since UnSolace weekend. It was as tasty as I recall, and I was in love again.


We've got two brewpubs/restaurants within five minutes of our new home. The camera WILL be joining us for those trips.

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Today kicks off American Craft Beer Week, so all week long I'll be drinking only American Craft beers (no occasional macro or international brews for me). Starting off the week will be something from Clipper City's Heavy Seas Series, the Holy Sheet Abbey Ale. Very Belgian inspired, lots of cherry, plum, and spices, as well as a typical Belgian yeasty taste and lots of taste of alcohol.


Holy Sheet indeed! Not a very good job at masking its alcohol presence, very rum-like.


The Heavy Seas Holy Sheet from Clipper City in Baltimore, 9%abv

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Yup, time to kick off American Craft Beer Week. Nothing really fancy planned to commemorate. Just hope to showcase some damn fine, tasty American craft beers. OK, so maybe we'll hit the road for something or two.


Wow, I think I like this one even better out of the bottle. Fantastic malty chocolate and coffee sweetness up front with a thick, chewy, and mildy hoppy finish. Nice...


First up this week, the Great Lakes Brewing Black Out Stout. A rather tasty Imperial Stout.

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Tonight I felt sort of dreary, not sure why... I broke out a beer to suit my mood...


I didn't know that this week was American Craft Brew Week, am I fired as a beer drinker? Maybe I'll look for some American Craft Brews to finish out the rest of my week.


Back for another bottle of the Curveball Kolsch. Honestly, while I do think this Kolsch was better than the one at Four Peaks, it was nothing compared to the one on tap at Faultline the other night. It tastes too much like a regular wheat beer.


Guinness Extra Stout. Hey whadda you know, Guinness beer is inside the Guinness glass! As you can see from the first picture, this beer cheered me up quickly.


What's that in the ol' Guinness glass this time? Well it's none other than...

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Another craft brew tonight after mowing the grass. Time for some Buffalo Bills Orange Blossom Cream Ale.


Tastes like beer mixed with Tang, but it's refreshing on a hot and humid day


Brewed by Buffalo Bills, bottled by Pyramid

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When does Victory Brewing release their Kolsch? I hear it is quite good for the style. Wish I could find anything from Victory Brewing out this way, but I haven't even seen Hop Devil anywhere.

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^ It's draft only and usually released around September each year.


American Craft Beer Week continues.


Time for some more Founder's fun.


Wow, and it was dirty too! But in a good way.:) A dirty looking brown (with floaties too!) and the earthy aroma and taste were straight up malt and spices. Just a nice, aggressive example of the style.


Next, I settled down with one of Founder's flagship beers, the Dirty Bastard Scottish Ale.


And it uh, tasted like raspberries. Lots and lots of raspberries. Very tasty with a very effervescent, almost champagne like body.


First up for Kim was the Rubaeus, an ale fermented with raspberries.

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Because it's American Craft Beer Week and I went to a French restaurant that doesn't have American Craft beers tonight, I had to do my drinking at home while getting ready to go out.


Not bad at all for just a pale ale. A nice dry hopped flavor to it that lasted a long time


Blue Heron Pale Ale from Mendocino

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American Craft Beer Week continues...


Drink with the one you love. Cheers!


Kim has the Buffalo Bill's Orange Blossum Cream Ale, which does indeed taste like beer & Tang. Too bad the astronauts didn't have this back in the day!


I go for the third and final of the Sam Adams LongShot Homebrewer Competition winners. The Dortmunder Style Export.

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In support of Craft Beer Week, I decided to head to my nearest local craft brewery to enjoy some tasty stuff; but it wasn't just the "week" that got me to go there, it was also the company...


While I kicked back with some Fat Dog Stout on cask before concluding the fun for the night


To end the evening, Guy really enjoyed the Douple IPA, his favorite brew of the evening from Stoudts


The Smooth Hoperator was so tasty that I enjoyed another one while Guy seemed to be blitzed off his samplers before he even got to his Smooth Hoperator


As Guy enjoyed the Scarlett Lady ESB, he had thoughts of DreamLou


Turns out it WAS a Guy from out of town, who really enjoyed his Weizen, Stoudt's summer seasonal


and a sampler??? this could only mean 1 of 2 things, a beer credit whore, or a guy from out of town


Up first for me, the newly released Smooth Hoperator; new releases are a rarity for Stoudts. This was actually a really good IPA


Oh so close and almost rarely visited by me, Stoudt's Brewery!

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Okay okay, I have a confession to make. I went to yet another microbrewery tonight and took no pictures. This time in San Jose, CA. Tied House was pretty good. Thursdays are their 89 cent half pints deal. Unfortunately we sat at the bar and there was only 1 bartender, on top of that, he fooled around way more than he served beer.


I did try their Cascade Amber, Ironwood Dark, Seasonal Maibock, and their Stout. However I was really dissapointed to find out they didn't have a single beer on tap that was even partially bitter. No ESB, no pale, no IPA, dissapointing.


The beers I tried were pretty good though. Again I don't know why I didn't take pictures. I always come home kind of annoyed with myself for not taking them, but at the time it just felt weird. Maybe it would have been better if we had been at a table instead of the bar. I am so fired.


Oh well...

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YAY, the weekend's here at last and that means no work but more beer! So rather than take a picture of my tea (well food does tend to crop up from time to time in this thread) I've decided to add a random picture of what turned up in a parcel for me today. Oh, and some beer photos too!


and yes it does appear to be getting better with age. Delicious.


Ah yes, a good creamy head which is just right for a Stout.


This is me and my mate Harold the Barrel. (Now there's a musical reference for the teenagers!)


I love beer and beer loves me!


My new gizmo, a Mistmaker. These things are just way cool.

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No beers tonight. I think we drank enough last night to cover two days.

Especially on a school night. Read on.


We leave Max's very happy and with a couple of free glasses too. Score! We'll definitely be back sooner than later. Which in our world means this Sunday.


Mr. Gonzo himself looked pretty thirsty, so I offered him some.


I finish up with some of one of the cask offerings. The Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter. The Hunter S. Thompson tribute beer.


I say why not and try out their Peppercorn Triple. Very nice. Just the right amount pepper and spice in the taste.


How do you know we're having a good time? Cuz Kim's having another beer! From the very local Brewer's Art, it's their Seven Beauties, a Rye Ale.


At this point I'm seeing Oskar Blues everywhere!


Kim even got some Old Chub chapstick. Kim wanted me to point out that on the stick it says "Twist The Knob And Rub The Chub". What will those wacky asses at OB think of next?


Actually, I like Gordon a lot more when he's wearing his can. The whiskey aging really toned down what I like so much about him. By the way, they were giving away OB swag.


Next up, I go for a new version of an old favorite. That's right, Gordon showed up to hang out. And he was all dressed up in whiskey with no where to go. Except down my throat!


Oh yeah, all that whiskey goes straight to the bottom of the goblet. Got to get it all!


We decide to move ourselves up to the bar. Why? Duh, so we can sit in front of the casks stupid!


This beer is called the Money Shot Cream Ale. And Kim is daring me to make a joke about it. OK, I'll keep this thing moving along, while I still have my balls intact.


Oh yeah. I've been wanting this one for awhile. Not only have I been dying to try their Ten Fidy Imperial Stout but this is a whiskey aged version to boot. Fantastic!


But of all those beers, these were the one's we came for. Cuz it's Oskar Blues night! Yee-hah!


Uh, oh my god! Ummm, I think they might have some good beers on tap tonight.


No, you didn't forget. It's American Craft Beer Week! And wouldn't you know, Max's likes to celebrate too!


We're back at Max's Taphouse! But what could bring us the whole way down here on a random Thursday night?


Back to Fell's Point and the Bond Street Wharf, only tonights not a DuClaw release. As a matter of fact, we're not even going to DuClaw at all.

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Today I randomly found myself at Dorney, so afterwards to continue American Craft Beer Week, I decided to head to the nearby Bethlehem Brew Works, a place I used to love until they got all Country Club-like and just became interested in taking your money. But I still had a mug there and a newbie to show around.


And finally, Guy learns some stuff about his beer before he samples the Big Bad Barleywine, which he really liked


The only staple beer I picked out for Guy was the Steelworkers' Oatmeal Stout. I think I got him appreciating the darker beers now (or at least the micro/craft scene) and their better flavor


Down the hatch goes the Blast Furnace Imperial Stout.


With his nose this far into the glass, you know he's picking up a whole lotta hops from the Hop Explosion IPA


The Maibock wasn't that great, but Guy approved of the 7.2% abv


Look everybody, it's Guy! And he's curiously exploring the Apricot Coriander as well


A sampler can only mean one thing...


Newly released was their Apricot Coriander, a yearly seasonal. This batch seemed more heavy on the Apricot, less so on the spice, almost like Pyramid's Apricot Weizen


Back to Bethlehem. Wow, I haven't been here since like October!

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Derek! Without you I would never have been able to sample some of Pennsylvania's finest. You were a gracious host, and an excellent beer instructor.


We'll have to find some cool microbrew place in TN when you get down there in the fall.


Thanks again! I had a great time.

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Yeah yeah, so I'm starting American Craft Brew Week a bit late... Oh well! I went to BevMo yesterday and picked up quite a few bombers of different American Craft Brews. Last night I tried the Hefe Doppel Weizen from Marin Brewing in Larkspur, California. I took this one over to my Uncle's garage where we enjoyed it while watching the DVD of a live performance by Gary Moore. This guy had some serious guitar skill!


Onto the beer...


The beer started out by pouring all head, couldn't see anything but head. After it calmed down we were able to enjoy what started off as a highly carbonated beer, but mellowed out towards the bottom of the glass.


This beer has some great flavor up front and a little bite at the end enhanced by the carbonation. As we kept drinking it, it became more mellow at the bottom, with lots of unfiltered yeast. The bitter bite at the end becomes sweet as well.


I had to use the flash since his garage is so dark, the flash never captures the true color of the beer. This beer is quite a bit lighter in color than the picture shows. ABV 7.0% Hey, whose Bud Light is invading my picture!

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More American Craft Beer goodness this fairly fine Saturday as Derek stopped over to share some of his goods before divulging into my stash.


Where will tomorrow take us to end American Craft Beer Week? We think you know, Lord Chumley here does for sure.


Using black raspberries and blueberries, it's Kim-approved, and Derek and Heath approved too for its great taste and high abv


Back to the beer, we'll end the night with the newly bottled Black and Blue from Dogfish Head


Dinner is served, lots of little pizzettes just like Giada makes, and we all love ourselves some Giada


and so...break out the Transformers and Thundercats, it's time for a CapriSun break!


As Kim prepares dinner, she reminds us to keep ourselves hydrated


Not as good as the other west coast IPAs, but still really good stuff that we wouldn't mind drinking again


Quickly following that will be the Boss IPA


Nothing is better than a fine amber ale with a hoppy kick to it


Next up, some stuff from Laurelwood that Justin gave to Derek on their meeting a few weeks ago. First, their Red Ale


So very cherry with a fine chocolate/coffee finish


Preparty was Mendicino's Winter Ale obtained on discount before moving on to the good stuff, like Bell's Cherry Stout

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Derek got a haircut =P


Looks like a fun night for you guys. Is Kim an expert chef? It sure appears so.


I had a fun night of my own... My uncle and I went to Trader Joe's today to get some beer and beef. My mom was craving Rib-eyes so I got some angus rib-eyes to BBQ. My uncle and I also got a few brews, some of which are highlighted later in the thread.


First beer we tried was the Sea Dog Pumpkin Ale. This stuff is weird, it was only $2.99 for the six pack so we were a little worried at first, but man, it tastes just like pumpkin pie! It's interesting for sure, and I think it might be a nice treat every once in a while, but I probably wouldn't get it again.


Ended the night with a Red Tail Ale. This had a rather small head but high carbonation. Made me burp a lot and was just okay for me.


Enjoying the Red Rocket Ale. Thanks for the recommendation Heath! I know the beer probably looks foreign, but that's because I had to use the flash for lighting, thus making the beer darker in the glass!


Next up, the Red Rocket Ale from Bear Republic. Awesome balance for a red ale, it was sweet but had a nice bitter background. Better than the red at Tied House the other night.


Over in my Uncle's garage again... He lives just across the street and a few houses over so it is convenient. We try the mississipi mud, a very good black and tan!


Dinner is served. My mom cooked up the red potatoes and artichoke. I love artichokes, that is one thing I missed in Arizona, good artichokes. By the way, the Ribeyes were medium rare and awesome!


My uncle makes an appearance. He runs his own gardening business around the neighborhood and was in our backyard as I was BBQing.


BBQing Rib-eyes for my mom and I. The last of the Apricot Weizen six pack is in my hand. It's a great beer to BBQ with!

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Yup, the final night of American Craft Beer Week, and you all know we're going to Max's tonight to enjoy the remains of their week long celebration; but before that we went down to SFA (check the theme park thread later) and afterwards hit up the nearest local establishment first.


Looks like we walked away tragedy free this weekend. Go us! =D


and on the way home, we decided to stop off at a familiar 7-11 near Shawan. I hope there's no catastrophes with the Slurpees today


and Allagash's 11th Anniversary Ale for myself


and to end our craft beering week, some Oak Aged Old Ruffian from Great Divide for Heath


If it's good enough a reason for Ben Franklin, it's good enough a reason for us! (see, Bubba, that's how you take a photo of a bar) ;)


Yeah, the Abita Andygator Pale Dopplebock tastes pretty much like it smells, like swamp water and broken levies, as only Louisiana could do


But it's better than that Katrina water stuff Heath got


Next in line, the Penndimonium Helles Bock from Penn Brewing. Typical Penn stuff, not that amazing, just sorta there


While Heath goes with the Allagash Hugh Malone Belgian IPA


Next up for me, Tommyknockers' Tundraberry, a raspberry/blueberry ale, really fruity


But wait! There's more!!


Check out all these taps! All serving awesome American goodness


As Heath starts out with the Rogue Integrity Imperial IPA


Though I will get me some Rogue Nitro Stout


This is the face of a man who is denied some Oskar Blues Ten Fidy


Lots of awesome stuff left over from the past week's festivities, but the list has changed a bit since Saturday night's chaos


It's all about Max's on Broadway and their lovely lineup of American Craft Brews today


Next up, Bond Street Wharf, the Fells Point home of DuClaw. But we're done with DuClaw for today


While I ended my time at DuClaw with some Viper Pale Ale....err Venom Pale Ale. (sorry, had an Adam moment there :p)


But he quickly followed it up with quite possibly our last Naked Fish of the year


Heath went with the El Guapo, DuClaw's newest release and their version of Coronna, a lime lager, very light and easy to drink


I know what I'll be starting out with today, some Fish!


It certainly is, Naked Fish Chocolate Raspberry Stout is still on tap!


Look at that tap list, could it be true???


In nearby Bowie we'll find the final DuClaw!

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