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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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As much as it pains me, tonight I had to drink my last bottle of Port Brewing's Wipeout IPA before it starts to go bad. Oh well, just another reason to head back out to California or somewhere that carries it, like Massachusetts!


Farewell Wipeout, until I find you again and bring home a few bottles for preservation, you shall be missed!


This is the end of the bottle, better savor it


Awww yeah! Now that is one fantastic West Coast IPA, I can almost taste the surf and warm salty air


Ah, my favorite IPA, soon you shall be in my gut and before long, you'll be in my bladder :(

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So after the first beer I had to pour out, I hoped Stone's Smoked Porter would save the style... I wasn't really impressed... Do you guys have any suggestions for porters out my way? I mean, maybe I was just REALLY spoiled by the first porter I ever tried, The Deschutes Black Butte Porter. But, I haven't really liked any other porter I've tried. They are usually too fizzy for me or too thin.


Also, I thought you guys were coming out to California this past weekend, not going to Ohio! Looked like you had a good time there though. What happened to California though?


Anyway, onto the beer from the last 2 days...


As you can see it's lighter in color than the Celebrator, but it did pack some nice flavors in, and was quite enjoyable!


Salvator Doppelbock. 7.9% ABV. Finally out of my questionable beer funk... I liked this doppelbock a lot, it didn't have crazy different flavors like the Celebrator though.


With that said, I did finish this bottle because the flavor was actually quite good. A smokey coffee kind of flavor that was a little bitter in spots. If only the mouthfeel had been better...


Stone's Smoked Porter. 5.9% ABV. Not too much head on the pour, but too fizzy and thin for me once again, I like the creamy porters and thick porters.

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Since our wacky British friends have joined us again this evening in the beer thread, I figured I'd throw a shout out to them this time. I haven't had any British beers in almost a year (with the exception of some Young's Double Chocolate Stout, etc) but I picked this up a few weeks ago and figured why not bust it out now.


Yeah, now this is some good stuff. Drinking this Bells reminds me...Hey Matt, where were those pictures you promised us?


Back to full flavorings with the Bell's Java Stout


Some flavor, lots of fruity flavors, but overall fairly good, as far as English Pale Ales are concerned. Cheers love!


Black Sheep Brewing's Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale, an English Pale Ale, all the way from Ripon, England

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^ I'm wondering the same thing! Where's the photo TR Matt?


Juggler, as for beers you might want to try and brew, I always thought a double bock might be fun if I ever got into it...


I disciplined myself well enough today to get up at 9am!!! I didn't get much sleep and felt kinda bad all day because of it, but hey, now I'm pretty tired and it's not even midnight, hopefully I've corrected my poor sleep schedule... You know what? I think I deserve a special reward from myself to celebrate!


How about #6 in the world???


The astonished look on my face is what happened when my brain didn't know what to do with all the flavors. I liked it a lot, smelled of bananas, and tasted like it too, that's the main fruit I got. I liked it a lot better than Rochefort 8.


Rochefort 10. ABV 11.3% My second trappist beer and second beer I've tried in Beeradvocate's top 10. This beer smells terriffic, best smelling so far by a mile.

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Funnily enough, I've yet to try the Holy Grail ... as I've tried most of Black Sheep's brews. I'll get around to it one day .....

Meanwhile, tonights offering is one of Wells' beers that I haven't seen before, Bombardier Burning Gold (4.7% abv). Unlike the original Bombardier, which is quite dark & very fruity, this version (as the name suggests) is a golden ale. The flavour is beautifully balanced with a citrus hop bite without being overly bitter.


Just the thing on a warm summer's night!


Quite rare these days, Wells beers still come in pint bottles!

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Just a few more new brews to add to my credit list, but they's was pretty good things, not just cha-chings. The count is now 995, which means I'll break 1000 different beers tomorrow night while doing my typical Hangin' With Heath Friday. Stay tuned!


...some Bells Two Hearted! Not that he could find it near him even if he could drink. And not like he'd post pictures of it anyway, even if he could.


and when I get home, just because Jaco's too sick to drink this...


and credit #995 is UBWs newest brew, the Hefeweizen. Great hefe with good spices and banana flavors, as well as lemon


Wobbly Bob and tap friends all say "cheerio!"


Seeing how it's been a while since I've visited, I figured I should head back to Union Barrel Works on my way back from shopping


I'm not a big fan of brown ales, but this one was pretty tasty, even more as it warmed up


First up to bat, Rogue's Monk Madness, an American brown ale. Totally different from the Rogue Mad Monk, which doesn't even exist

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It's awesome time ladies and gents!!! Thanks again to Moylan's!!! Quickly becoming a good company for which I should be trying more of their beers.


By the way, my uncle said to come over for a beerfest tomorrow, but I'm not really sure what that means. Maybe he bought some interesting ones of his own? I'll take my digicam and see if I can capture some of the action...


I really like this Imperial Stout. If there's foam in your sip you will definitely get a chocolate milk type of taste, but the rum/raisin characteristics also come through. Alcohol is disguised well, tastes very nice and has a great mouthfeel!


Profile shot!!! Oh my!!! Moylan's Imperial Stout, 10% ABV. Yeah, there's 5.5 shots of smirnoff vodka worth of alcohol in here. I drank it too quick I think, cause I'm buzzing! Mmmmmmm....

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Last one from current selection. Although tomorrow I'll be in Swansea with Juggler visiting friends. Plenty of beers will be quaffed & pics will almost certainly start appearing here Sunday evening!

Meanwhile .....


Greene King Abbot Ale. 5%ABV.

No glass shot tonight as this one's going straight from the bottle down the hatch!

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Tonight it's a very special episode of "Hangin' with Heath" Friday. Why? Stay tuned and find out....


Yeah, totally Belson style! The Oak Aged Yeti was pretty good. High in the oak and vanilla. It masked the alcohol well but also hid the fantastic taste of their regular Imperial Stout. We'll keep you updated on when Derek reaches 2,000 beers, which at our rate means sometimes in September. ;)


...1,000 different beer! Congrats Derek! It's been a long time coming. Enjoy this BA top 100 beer, the Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout.


Uh oh, what's Derek up to? Could he be texting his long distance girlfriend? No he's documenting his....


Well not quite. It actually had some chocolate flavor to it but ultimately just didn't impress us.


What more Bison crap! This time the Chocolate Stout. This couldn't be as bad as the IPA could it?


Hmmm. Pretty good. Another solid brew from our boys out in Nor Cal. Hey Bubba! Check these guys out! You gotta keep drinking locally!


Time to redeem this night with something that Adam & Ellen were nice enough to get me for my birthday. The Lagunitas Lucky #13. A well hopped red ale.


I guess a really smelly aroma and weak ass taste! Next!


Up next was the Bison Organic IPA. So what makes it organic?


Wow, something mighty impressive from Breckenridge! Crisp citrus undertones and a nice, biting hoppiness made this one a winner of an IPA in our book!


First up, something new from the Breckenridge Brewpub in Denver, CO. The 471 Small Batch IPA.

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^ Derek, Congratulations on #1,000!


^ To be honest, I haven't tried anything from Lagunitas for some unknown reason... I will try to try some of their brews in the near future, though it seems like a lot of their offerings come in only sixers :[


I'm kinda surprised that I am posting right now, because I'm feeling a bit drunk right now, and it's taking a lot of backspaces to even type actual sentences, but...


A much different IPA than the Hop Ottin from Anderson Valley. Very citrusy, and not so caramely, with a bigger hop kick at the end. My uncle preferred the Anderson Valley, but I beg to differ!


To end the night, a brew I've had before, but my uncle was trying for the first time, Racer 5 IPA.


This easily surpassed any other stout I've ever had, and is now my favorite stout out of everything I've had. Thanks again Bear Republic, you're awesome!


Bear Republic's Big Bear Black Stout. Just a straight up excellent stout, god I love Bear Republic.


This is the fire we had going at the "beerfest" on my uncle's driveway, though my uncle and I were the only ones trying new beers.


Enjoyed it quite a bit, very nice caramel flavors up front, and not much of a bitter bite at the end...


The Hop Ottin IPA. The highest ranked brew from Anderson Valley Brewing Company.


But it grew on me as I drank it and it warmed up a bit, some nice pale ale flavors started to come through and by the end I began to enjoy this unfiltered brew.


Blue Heron Pale Ale... From Mendocino Brewing, it wasn't really what I expected. Didn't taste much like a pale to me at first...


Yep, it's pretty good, felt a bit more heavy and flavorful near the bottom. I'm generally not a light beer fan, but this was acceptable.


Great White Beer, from Lost Coast. This beer was pretty good, a nice amount of flavor for a light colored beer. My uncle thought it was a good beer to start off the beerfest with as well.

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Rich and Mel are in town, the first stop on their trek to Spain!


Last night after work I hung out with them for a few hours. "What is there to do in Buffalo?" they asked. "Absolutely nothing," I replied. "That's why I'm moving away."


They already have later plans for Niagara Falls, so we decided to do something relatively close to their hotel.


Back to the Buffalo Brewpub!


Melanie had the Saranac Pomegranite Wheat (YUM!) while Rich had a Smirnoff... what a girl! ;)


I had the Brewpub's own Oatmeal Stout.

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^ Nicole drinking stouts


Yesterday Heath, Kim, and myself headed to Harrisburg for their annual beer festival, with all proceeds going to Cystic Fibrosis. Lots of breweries were representing; Victory, Dogfish Head, Penn, Troegs, ABC, Iron Hill, Southampton, Stone, Bullfrog, Weyerbacher, Abbey Wright, Clipper City, Ithaca, Ommegang, Marzonis, Ottos, etc. The day was split between 2 sessions, and since we chose the 2nd session so we'd have less heat to worry about, we had some time to kill until 5pm, time to pre-fest!


As the sun sets, we stumble back to the car for the quick drive home. Next time we'll have to take a break from drinking to get some food.


Southampton Publick House also brought some impressive stuff, including their Abbot 12 (a Belgian Quadruple) and their Grand Cru and Secret Ale


Lots of places brought some of their merch with them. Good thing we didn't have much cash on us


and as crowded as it was, Bethlehem Brew Works had no lines. Wonder why?


Iron Hill's selection was pretty impressive, bringing 4 different beers including a Saison and a Maibock


Kim's brother, his wife, and their friends came to see what all the drinking was about


A shout out to the Borg BACTers


Clipper City was enjoyable, with theys Loose Cannon IPA and Small Craft Warning Uber Pils. Yaaargh!


The crowd really picked up, the event was sold out, and the only thing worse than lots of stupid people is lots of drunk stupid people.


Heath heads for some Dogfish Raison D'Etre


Brewer's Art showed up and was pouring their Resurrection Dubbel and Ozzy Belgian Pale Ale


They actually just block off the street for the fest. Pretty cool, but with all the tents being connected, it was kinda hard to see what brewery was where. Plus it got really crowded


One of our first stops was Church Brew Works to enjoy their Thunderhop IPA and Pious Monk Dunkel


Time to drink!


After parking on City Island, we got to walk across this bridge to get to the fest area. Lots of people out enjoying the nice weather


Time to head into the heart of the city. How's it going, Justin!


Nope, not yet, but we can still sample some goodies like the Sunshine Pils and HopBack Amber


still time to kill, let's stop by Troegs and see if the new Scratch beer is out yet


Probably the last time we'll be able to get this this year, the Phoenix Kriek, yet another wonderful brew from SGBC


back to the drinkings, India Pale Ale for me, really excellent stuff loaded with hops. Booya!


and some great Curried Chicken and veggies


Selins Grove always has awesome stuff to eat too, like today's soup, Tomato Cheddar


even Kim got in on the drinking with a summertime sangria


and Heath went with Wilder's Hefe Weisen, only $4 for this giant glass


First for me, the Hoppy Monk, a Belgian style IPA.


Looks like they were hit hard again, but they've still got some goodies on tap


First stop of the day, Selins Grove of course. We haven't been here in a few weeks, so there is bound to be something new on tap.

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OK, the moment you've all been waiting for.....Matt head's to his new favorite establishment. Last weekend the wife and my sister ran their first half marathon, and to celebrate we headed off to Mickey Finn's a micro brew pub/restaurant in the town just north of us. Thus far, all the beers have been tasty, as have the burgers and chicken. They've got 30 different beers the brew, most seasonal.


Nice and hoppy. This might be Derek approved.


Next up the Amber Ale.


Abra samples the '847' Wheat Ale, namely after one of the burbs area codes.


Just enough banana, awesomely tasty on the hot day that it was.


First up, the Hefeweizen.


Nine beers on tap at any one time.


Right of the main street, which incidently is 10 minutes south of SFGAm.

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Hooray for Matt finally returning to the beer thread with pictures of him drinking beer! Now if we could only get him to do it more often, as well as seeing the return of Wally, Adam, Justin, Tom, and Tim and more of-age posters, I wouldn't feel like such a drunk!


Nothing too special from me tonight, just another Stone Ruination IPA. I'm so glad they decided to put this in smaller bottles, it's just awesome, even hoppier than their regular IPA, which is also just fantastic.


Loaded with hops, but not too overpowering. Definitely won't be burping pine cones from this one, though you may smell like those car air fresheners


I was gonna go with a HopDevil, but I didn't have any chilled. Stone Ruination is a nice 2nd choice

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Now if we could only get him to do it more often, as well as seeing the return of Wally, Adam, Justin, Tom, and Tim and more of-age posters, I wouldn't feel like such a drunk!



I would post more, but my posts pale in comparison to your's and Heath's road trips. Not only that, I live in a dry county. That aside, I had a Sam Adams Boston Lager for dinner last night.

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Hey everyone, it has been like 3 days since I've posted, yeah I know, amazing! I guess I'm slowing down on the whole posting every night thing, but that's not all bad! I've still been trying a new beer nightly, but I just finished the rest of what I had left.


The last 3 nights have all been stouts.


Rogue has outdone themselves with this one, more flavor than Young's Double Chocolate Stout, with a better mouthfeel. Another one of my favorite stouts. I think Stouts might just be my favorite style overall.


Last night I had Rogue's Chocolate Stout. They use rolled oats in this stuff for a very smooth mouthfeel which I just love.


I really liked it, definitely had some Bitterness in it, and couldn't taste the alcohol at all, very tasty!


I had Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout on Sunday night. This is a pretty low ABV Imperial Stout, only 7%, so it tasted a bit different than what I am used to.


It could have felt a little better in my mouth and, for as much chocolate as it claims to have, it didn't come through that well for me. Still a nice brew though.


Saturday night I had Young's Double Chocolate Stout. I thought it was good, but I wasn't really all that impressed.

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Today I finally couldn't take it anymore and opened up one of the bottles I've been saving for quite a few months, Founders Devil Dancer Triple IPA. The first time I had this it was just a sampling at the Extreme Beer Festival in Boston, Mass straight from the Founders tapped keg. This time, I had to settle for bottles, as if that was a problem!


One fine IPA, going right up to the line of a barleywine but not crossing it. Loaded with pine and citrusy hops and a great sweetness to cover up most of the alcohol presence, until it really warmed up. Good thing I still got a bottle or two stashed away for later!


Founders Devil Dancer Triple IPA. Weighing in at 13% ABV, this ain't no weak little British brew

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