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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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After a really nice day at SFGAd, (again, another time, another forum), we stopped off at Rock Bottom in King of Prussia on our way home. Sadly, they just recently ran out of the Czech Mate Pilsner that I wanted to try, but we still managed some good stuff.


and Heath went with Prussia's Pride IPA to end another BACT Attack weekend


Round two saw us drinking out of our Mug Club Mugs, which cost NOTHING to join, how you like that BrewWorks?! I had the Penn's Curse Amber, pretty good


even Kim had a beer, a root beer


Heath went with the El Jefe Hefeweizen, really spiced up


First up for me, the cask conditioned Dubliner Dragon Stout, an Irish Stout if you couldn't tell by the name


Ironic that we're back at Rock Bottom

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So, it has been a couple days since my last post, yeah, I forget sometimes when I am busy to post the night before, oh no!!!


Anyhow, I will post last nights experiences, as well as tonights, even though it is like 3am right now and I am really buzzing from the last beer I had...


1 Hop Stoopid Bomber for whoever can guess what coaster is shown in the upper left hand corner of my T-Shirt in the last picture.


Holy Mackerel! Yes, it's crazy and bitter and mad as hell! Yes, it's also awesome tasting!!! A lot like their regular IPA, with even more bite, if that's even possible??? Oh no, Stone opened up a rift in the IBU continuum!!! Nooooooo!!!


Uhhh yeah, BevMo had it in stock this time, and yes, it is finally time to ruinate my palate. 7.7% ABV.


Tonight I started off with another Sunset Wheat, which is starting to grow on me! Wanted to see what an orange tastes like for the last time before losing all taste completely.


Followed up by a nice Stone IPA last night from the six pack. I'm not sure if I just invented this new pose or not, but I have me, my glass, and the bottle all in 1 picture!


Ooooh, excellent! As I said before, very nicely balanced, there is some caramel flavors and also some nice cirtrus flavor, a great double IPA, San Diego Style indeed!


Green Flash Imperial IPA. 9.0% ABV. A very nicely balanced Double IPA. Yeah, I'm going a little IPA crazy over here...

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Still a little bit cooler for summertime, but it feels good. With really refreshing weather, why not have some refreshing beverages too.


It may taste like Tang or Orange soda, but it is refreshing. Of course, it wouldn't be the only beer I'd drink for the night, but a good finisher


Next up, the Buffalo Bills Orange Blossom Cream Ale


Nice and citrusy, something Bret likes too


First up, the Flying Dog Classic Pale Ale

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Last night I had the last of the Rocheforts I hadn't yet tried, #6.


Tons of flavors as always, and a very spritzy mouthfeel. 10 is still the best in my book though. 'Til next time... Later!


Rochefort 6. 7.5% ABV. I think I liked this one a good deal better than the 8, but it has been a while since I tried 8 so I'm not sure.

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^ Didn't know that this Belgian beer is being sold in the US.


I drank a nice bottle of spanish wine yesterday. But as I was with a client, didn't dare to take a picture of the bottle, risking that i had to give an explanation to the client why the hell i was taking pictures of empty wine bottles.

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^ I like dopplebocks a lot, was that one any good? The cell phone pics aren't bad compared to the crap my cell phone takes. Glad I got my digicam working, how come yours isn't working?


^^^Yeah, there is a nice selection of Belgians at BevMo, I've been able to find all of the Rocheforts, along with plenty of Lindeman's Lambics and also Chimay.


Happy 4th of July everyone! Break out them BBQs and let's get grilling! We're not doing much this year, we usually have a big driveway party at my uncles with all of the neighbors, and do fireworks afterwards (which are illegal here unfortunately) This time the family is just coming to my house and I'm BBQing two Tri-Tip Roasts, OH HO HO HO HO!


Made fire and stood on driveway over at my uncles again last night.


He had bought some of the beers I had him try that he liked a lot.


It seemed too carbonated for me, but I say that an awful lot, tons of fizzy-ness just isn't my thing (maybe that's why i drink pepsi over coke?) Anyway, the flavors were quite good, got mostly pear and mango. 750ml is a lot though, and I wish I had shared this with someone.


I had this beer when I came home. A new one for me, La Fin Du Monde, #66 in BAs top 100. ABV 9%. Pale in color.


My uncle smoking a cigar by the fire in the driveway. I just love fire pictures, I could take hundreds of them and each one would be different.


Yummy. We also had a Big Bear Black Stout after this, but we were playing Xbox 360 racing games on my uncles big plasma HDTV while sitting out by the fire with wireless controllers, so i forgot.


Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout. Outstanding once again...


Started out easy with a Sunset Wheat that I had left over that last week. It was his first time trying it and he liked it quite a bit.

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The last 24 hours of beer.


We hope everyone had a happy and safe July 4th.


To end the night, we drove up to my sister's house for a cookout. And enjoyed some Troegs Scratch #1 on the deck. If you look closely between us, you can make out Three Mile Island in the distance. All that radiation just made the beer taste better!


This one was another winner. A little hot in the aroma but masked the tasted really well with a nice malt/hop balance. Good stuff!


Finally, we finish up this session with the Boss Cox Double Dark IPA from the Barrel House Brewing Co. in Cincinnati.


Much to our shock, while we were purchasing the bottle, we were told that the brewery was located just up the street. We'll definitely have to pay a visit next time, as we really enjoyed this IPA.


The Hippie IPA from the Buckeye Brewing Company in Cleveland.


Kim does a little celebrating of her own with some Margaritas. Yummy!


This one was OK. I think Derek liked it more than I did. Nothing really stood out to me though.


Next up, the Hoppin' Frog Hoppin' to Heaven IPA.


That's B.O.R.I.S. as in Bodacious Oatmeal Russian Imperial Stout. And it was darn tasty too. Real nice notes of oatmeal and chocolate with a fantastic motor oil viscosity to it. We were very surprised by this one!


Today, saw us just hanging out here at the house, watching Beerfest on dvd. We decided to get into some of the Ohio beers that we had bought when we were out there a few weeks ago. First up, from Hoppin' Frog in Akron, OH, B.O.R.I.S. the Crusher!


While Hoptimus Prime says "watch me transform into sloppy drunk mode with my Hop Hog IPA!" BTW, we liked the movie for the most part. A little too much humor in some areas but the robots and action rocked!


Kegatron enjoys the Rare Rooster Summer Rye, which was actually better than expected.


Last night saw us meet up with Derek in Lancaster, cuz our geeky selves just had to go see Transformers on opening night. Naturally, a quick stop before at the LBC was in order.

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^ LOL at Kegatron and Hoptimus Prime. Pure gold...


I hope to go see Transformers very soon as I have heard good things and it's definitely one of those shows I watched religiously as a kid.

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^ I like dopplebocks a lot, was that one any good? The cell phone pics aren't bad compared to the crap my cell phone takes. Glad I got my digicam working, how come yours isn't working?

Well, I haven't had a ton to really form a good opinion, but it was definitely better than, say, the Spaten Optimator.. but it was also no Liberator.


Its not my camera that isn't working, its the internet at my house - so its a lot easier to email camera phone pics to myself and upload them from my mom's place than to put the pics on a disc and home and bring them over here..


anyways, onto tonight's beer...


OMG, whoever decided to put coffee in beer needs to die. Well, at least in my mind. I'll do my research a little better next time, I LOATHE coffee. This is why I hate 4 or 6 packs because now I'm stuck with 3 bottles of stuff I don't like, ugh. So, since I couldn't even finish a third of ol' Rasputin there is likely going to be another beer tonight...


Time for the taste test and....


After the pour, it looks very promising..


Tonight I went with the Old Rasputin Imperial Stout from North Coast Brewing

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^^ I'm surprised you were able to find Old Rasputin out that way, and I can't believe you dislike it! It's one of if not my favorite russian imperial stout. Send the rest to me!!! =P


I have some pics and a short video from my 4th of July yesterday...


Excellent. Good balance between citrus and caramel and very very resiny with lots of pine. A very nice way to end my night as I ate some leftover tri-tip slices.


After the fireworks I went home and tried Moylan's Double IPA, suggested by Heath after I tried the triple! 8.5% ABV.


Short firework video taken on my digital camera, I wish I had more memory so I could have gotten the whole thing!


Obligatory firework picture, from when we lit them off down the street at my neighbors once it got dark.


DEFINITELY an english ale, very biscuity and the hops are fairly strong in this one and taste very englishy. I really liked it more than other golden's I've tried from England though. Delicious.


St Peters Golden Ale, found this at the local PW Market. 4.7% ABV from Suffolk, England. Shared this with my uncle as I was BBQing Tri-Tip Roasts outside.

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After Kim scored us the new batch of Scratch on Tuesday, I decided to make tonight a Troegs night.


Getting a little old, but lots of pinecone goodness really coming out now, though losing some of it's carbonation and finish.


Time for something that tastes like it's supposed to, Nugget Nectar


Smell was very coffee-like, but it was almost too hoppy, like a red ale and had other weird flavorings, with a cocoa aftertaste. Very odd, but still good. Just took a little getting used to


First up, the newly released Scratch #2, a porter

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^ Mmmm. Moylans. Glad you liked it Bubba. Their regular IPA is fantastic as well.


Finally, the second installment in the Troegs Scratch series.


Wow, I'm really digging these Troegs Anniversary one-offs! Hopefully, we'll have less time to wait for the next one.


Scratch #2. This was a surprisingly hoppy porter. Nice hoppiness the whole way through but it didn't totally mask the yummy chocolate and coffee notes of the porter.

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I was up in Michigan last weekend so I was looking to stock up on some Michigan beer. Siciliano's Market in Grand Rapids was convenient so I stopped by there. The bottle selection was actually pretty average and I only found a few things I couldn't get at home. I probably should have found a distributor but at least I was able to get a good sampling of beers. I was really hoping to find some Expedition Stout but it's too late. Kalamazoo Stout isn't a bad consolation prize. Since my trip was sad and pathetic style and hastily thrown together I didn't make it to Founders or Bells breweries but I did pick up some of their beers.


I never tried Founders before so here was my chance. The store only had a few styles including Centennial IPA, Dirty Bastard and Red's Rye Ale.


I picked up some Bells at Siciliano's Market in Grand Rapids. New to me are the Third Coast Old Ale, Consecrator Doppelbock and Lager of the Lakes.


I arrived in Michigan at my free Hampton Inn (yay Hilton HHonors) with the Hampton bed and the Hampton caddy to hold my McHenry from Clipper City.

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^ Sorry to say it Tim, but unlike the great state of Pennsylvania, we have no beer distributors in Michigan. You are on your own to track down the best beer selection in each area you travel to (and boy can it vary) there isn't a convenient gigantic beer superstore. You actually had a better chance of finding good beer in Grand Rapids than in most parts of the state. The upside is you don't have to buy in the quantities that you do in Penn. If you drove to GR you missed some great breweries on the east side of the state.



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Yesterday I visited the Kwik-E-Mart in Mountain View and made a little Photo TR. If you'd like to see this, then I will shamelessly cross post the link here!




I just have to say before I begin that Lay's Jalapeno Kettle Chips are excellent.


Now that I've taken care of that, here is the extreme beer that I had last night.


It seems less spicy, and more caramely. It also seems a bit more bold and full, very complex, and very intense flavors. It finishes very hoppy. I like it a lot, but I prefer Hop Rod Rye.


He'Brew's Bittersweet Lenny's Rye Malt Double IPA. 10% ABV. Let's see how it compares to Hop Rod Rye, shall we?

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Tonight's theme, stouts! (Nicole should be very jealous)


Not as fantastic following a Founder's KBS, but still darn tasty. Nice coffee notes but with a hoppier finish than a lot of other stouts. And still weighing in heavy at 9.1%.


and finally, another excellent stout and brewed nearby, Victory's Storm King. Bubba like?


As great as a sample was in February, a full glass is even better! Great flavors of coffee, chocolate, and the bourbon barrel aging mask the 10%abv very well. Glad this isn't my only bottle! Every day should start with (Kentucky) breakfast (stout)


Finally cracked opened the #2 American Beer out there, the Founder's Kentucky Breakfast Stout


Pretty much just like drinking coffee and eating a chocolate covered cherry at the same time. Excellent!


first on the agenda, Bell's Cherry Stout, just for Matt for his feeble attempts at stealing my girl away :p

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Oooh Kentucky Breakfast Stout and Storm King. Now you're really making me jealous!


I'm looking forward to midnight tonight! I think you guys know why!


Vertical _ _ _ _


No, not loop silly!

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Hooray! It's finally here, the next in the Vertical Epic series, 07.07.07. This year Stone's batch was a mix between a Saison and a Belgian triple, pretty much a Belgian Pale Ale. Would it be as good as last year's 06.06.06 Belgian Dark Ale?


Though after one sip, it did leave me vertical!


Every year, a different style. This Belgian Pale Ale is pretty good, lots of spices and Belgian yeastiness. But I still prefer last year's recipe


Besides today, another bottle shall not be opened until 12.12.12, the Vertical Epic series, beers meant to be aged, if you can wait that long

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