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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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^ You had to beat me to it didn't you!!! Oh the perks of being on the east coast, you're in the future, dude!


Anyhow, I waited til about 12:30am PST to try my Vertical 7/7/07.


To be honest, I haven't had many beers that taste like this, so I wasn't quite sure what to think.


I wish I had tried 6/6/06, since Derek speaks highly of it. Looking forward to 8/8/08 and starting work on my makeshift cellar in the crawl space underneath the house.


It's got some more spice than La Fin Du Monde though, and I'm not quite sure that's a good thing. I do like the underlying pear flavors, and the zesty-ness does indeed come through nice. More quality from Stone, all in a days work.


Profile Shot! 8.4% ABV. Cross between a Belgian Strong Pale Ale and a Saison. The beer it most reminded me of was La Fin Du Monde.

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So yesterday, Kim picked me up from work and we had a little impromptu trip up Rt. 15 to the Selingsgrove area. We were supposed to meet up with some friends of ours that were in town for the holiday. Unfortunately, some family drama flaired up and they weren't able to meet us.


Uh, not a problem. I think we know how to keep ourselves busy in this neck of the woods. BACT Attack style!


Ah. Craft brews, soft serve, and the Phoenix! What a perfect summer evening.


How about a 1/2 hour up the road to....Knoebels! And it's bargain night too!


I finish up with a perfect summer complement to the Summerbock. The Hoppy Monk, inspired by the hoppy IPAs of Belgian. Seling's Grove was great as always but hmmm, where to go for dessert?


Have I mentioned how I love the food here? One of the day's specials was a pulled pork chile. Mmmmm.


Kim goes for another one of the Sangria Coolers that she got here last time.


I start out with something that recently went back on tap. Their Summerbock. A hybrid Mai/Helles Bock that was fantastic.


Allright! We're allready back at Selin's Grove Brewing. Quite a nice little treat on a random Friday afternoon.

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With nothing on the agenda for the day, I decided to check out a nearby brewery that I haven't gotten to yet since my return to PA, even though it's only 40 minutes away. But first, some goodness at home.


Oh so flavorful compared to much of what I've had today. So wonderful that they decided to bottle this in smaller bottles this year. Just plain hoptastic!


and to finish the night, some Ruination, thanks to Stone


Definitely not a Belgian session blonde ale, but with more carbonation than Bube's Alois Lager!


Back home, it's time for some Tire Bite Golden Ale from Flying Dog.


While the beer may not have been as enticing as I would have hoped, they did have Troegs, Dogfish Head, and Swashbuckler on tap as well, and the history and food will bring me back again to Bube's.


Upstairs we find the gift shop, and more of the museum, set up like things were 150 years ago.


Quite dark and eerie looking, the Catacombs offers the most expensive food on the menu. Bube's also offers a Medieval Feast down here once a month, as well as monthly ghost tours throughout the whole building for those willing to explore


The Catacombs is a highly ranked place to eat, being down in the depths of Bube's, where the wines and beers used to be stored many years ago


Back inside, we find another dining room area at Bube's, the Catacombs


While my lovely companion, Nan, drank the Alois Lager, a pilsner made using Alois Bube's original lager recipe. With poor carbonation and very bitter notes, Lionshead still reigns supreme for her. Notice the hops growing off to her right in the garden.


After having some of their "almost famous" dry rub pulled pork and beef BBQ sandwich, I enjoyed the Caveman's Wit, a wheat beer


First up for me was Bube's own American Pale Ale, not bad stuff, nice citrus notes


Outside of the Bottling Works is the Biergarten, where we chose to eat. Same food, just a different atmosphere. Here you can see the boiler that powered the brewery many years ago, still stitting there


Now the Bottling Works is more like the "brewpub" dining area at Bube's


Up in the museum you can see some of the older bottles that used to be filled with beer from Bube's


The place is huge, and separated into several "dining rooms". One of which is the Bottling Works, where they used to bottle the beers years ago.


Next up, Bube's Brewery (yes, pronounced like 'boobies') in Mount Joy, PA. A brewery from 151 years ago, it's still around, in some fashion


Very similar in yeast to the Vertical Epic, but not quite as flavorful, more of a session beer


Sticking with the Belgian theme, next up the Leffe Blonde Abbey Ale


Very Belgiany, lots of spices and good flavors, and higher abv too at 8.4%


Better finish off the rest of that Vertical Epic 07.07.07 before it goes flat

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Fellow TPRers and beer lovers Rick and Gyendolynne were in my area today, after doing some more of their Coaster Palooza 2007 year. Since he enjoyed HopDevil so much when I gave him a bottle back in March in SoCal, I figured why not take him right to the source, since it's right here. Then more fun ensued on my random Sunday of visiting.


and on the way home, I happened to run into Rich and Mel who were just fresh back from Spain, and we played minigolf.


Later on Tom came back from the neighbor's pool to refill his Hoegaarden. Then it was back to the refreshing waters next door.


Don't mind if I fill up a glass of the Sunshine for myself


and good stuff on tap too, Hoegaarden and Troegs Sunshine Pils


Still plenty of stuff in the fridge, that's a good sign


Being in the area, I decided to check up on Tom, to see if he's still alive and drinking. No sign of him, but the door was opened, so I let myself in


Of course we rode in the front for the best views, and everything is better with a jojo roll. But yeah, one ride and they were done with it


and to make it official a Beer and Coaster Team day, we had to ride a coaster. Hydra was our choice since they needed the credit


after enjoying the Troeg's 13th Anniversary Imperial Pilsner, Rick decided to get the Founders too


and follow it up with a Sierra Nevada Torpedo Ale, now regulating properly


and so that's definitely what I'll enjoy first, the Founders Centennial IPA. Excellent


Awww yeah, no wonder it's in the top 50, they've got Founders on tap!


Lots of goods on tap, and plenty of room at the bar on a Sunday afternoon. And what's that beer I see??


Can't not stop off right down the road at the #45 place to have a beer in America, The Drafting Room


Goods for the road, they really liked their visit to Victory. But we're not done yet!


and I also went with a HopDevil on cask. Afterwards us guys got some Braumeister Pils and hit the giftshop


Beerwise Rick got HopDevil on cask and Gyen got some samplers of the Lager, Prima Pils, Sunrise Weisse, and Whirlwind Wit. Yup, still hotdog watery


Back to Victory, where a huge group of motorcyclists stopped off. Surprisingly, some of them were actually driving Victory Bikes.

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^ You're always so busy with your beer and coaster adventures!


Last night I went to Outback with my mom, uncle and grandma. I got the ribeye and it was excellent as always. Enjoyed that with a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on tap.


Once we got home, I just kinda stayed across the street at my uncles, for what seemingly is becoming a ritualistic saturday night.


So so excellent. Tons of flavor, especially as it starts to warm up. I wish this stuff was in either a bomber or six packs.


And tonight I am currently enjoying another Celebrator Doppelbock. Definitely worth the 2nd buy.


It honestly doesn't compare to Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout though, the mouthfeel just isn't there.


Next up, Young's Oatmeal Stout. Only 5.2% ABV on this guy. It was good, had some definite dark chocolate coming out as it warmed.


It was quite nice... I still prefer Black Butte Porter, but it was still pretty good. Definitely sweet stuff.


My uncle picked this up, Samuel Smith's Taddy Porter. Only 5.0% ABV. Looked pretty appealing to us!

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Just kicking back with a beer I grabbed up in New York a few weeks ago from Cooperstown Brewing, a place I haven't been yet but maybe someday that'll change, assuming their beers are good.


Not too bad. Not much lasting flavors, but a fairly tolerable oatmeal stout. Good coffee bitterness, but not anything else. Oh well, it's at least worthy of another try for their beers


Strike Out Stout, an oatmeal stout, with a cute little baseball bottle cap and all.

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Tonight, something new that Derek hooked me up with from a recent trip to New York.


Heh, what do you know! This actually wasn't half bad, with a nice balance between the juicey hops character and sweet malt backbone. Wow, I guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while!


Yeah, something new from the often bland and uninspiring Saranac line! This time, their shot at an Imperial IPA from their High Peaks Series of big beers.

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^Quit stalking me dude!


One of those really grapefruity IPAs, just darn great!


Next up, something you can get in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, pretty much anywhere but Chicago, all the way from Comstock Michigan, Bell's Two Hearted IPA


Shockingly pretty good! A nice flavoring of hops and sweet malt, though with more of an alcohol finish than I like. Oh well, this is Saranac we're talking about, they're far from perfect ;)


Yeah, like Heath, I started off the night with the Saranac Imperial IPA, something I picked up in Albany a few weeks ago.

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Time for an update from me, I have finally had my Beer delivery and I am now putting my Beer Cabinet to use.


Mmmmm, Nice amount of malt's. Quite crisp, with a dry bitter finish.


Next up was Madog's Ale from Purple Moose, in at 3.7%abv


Although it is apparently out of date, I was assured from the Guy who runs the Beer store it was still very drinkable. It reminds me of the Thomas Hardy's I had a few weeks ago, although not as strong or sweet. Very nice...


I think i'll have the Dead Guy Ale from Rogue


Now what do I have first, decisions decisions.

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^ Yay, now you've tried a Dead Guy!


The lack of updates from me is because sadly I am yet again out of beer, and the ones I had last night were ones that I have had before... but alas...


My last Stone IPA, nooo!!!!!

BevMo here I come...


Sunset Wheat in yo' eye!

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^Um, ok Bottlecap Pirate Bubba. Best be gettin ye to thy BevMo if ye knows whats best for ye.


Tonight's theme, Scratch.


Much better stuff. Even though it's lighter in color, it's heavier in flavor.


Forget Old Scratch, it's time for newer Scratch, #1 from Troegs


Amber in color, but not in taste, not much going on


First, Flying Dog's Old Scratch Amber Lager

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I walked down to the nearby liquor store last night with my Uncle to buy some more brews, and he got some more cigars.


Oh, I also bought a Choco Taco and ate it on the walk home, those ice cream waffle cone tacos are delicious!


I also bought a sixer of one of my favorites, Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale. The cascade hop flavor in this beer is just so juicy and yes, I'm going to use this word, "quaffable".


The nose was a little metallic, kind of like La Fin Du Monde's was. It tastes that way too, until the head would fade, then it tasted a lot like Sam Adams Summer Ale. Not bad, but not great either...


Fischer Tradition Amber. 6.0% ABV from Schiltigheim, France. Boy let me tell you that swing cap was PRESSURIZED, popped off of there real loud.

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Just finished off tonight's Beers.


Nice and hoppy, but could not pick out the Raspberry's I picked up in April. Maybe I still had the cherry taste in my mouth, also I do not remember it being so cloudy. But there was an awful lot of Sediment in the bottle.


Lastly was Iceni's Raspberry Wheat, I tried this at the East Anglian Beer Festival back in April.


Very red in colour, does not even taste like a beer. Just pure Cherry's, very drinkable.


Secondly, Sam'l Smith Organic Cherry Beer. This is what was left after the bottle decided to explode on me. :(


The bottle says "a complimentary coffee aroma" I may as well of gone to Starbucks, as that was all I can taste. Just pure ground coffee, still rather nice though


First off was Espresso Coffee Beer from Dark Star Brewery. 4.2%ABV

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^^Wow, nice to see Bubba with some normal expressions for a change!

^What, no more good American stuff? Couldn't you handle anything other than 1 Dead Guy?


Just plain good stuff tonight from me, no theme other than "awesomeness from a bottle".


I'm not a big fan of coffee, but I'm a big fan of coffee flavored beers. This'll keep me up for a little longer!


and we'll finish off with some Bell's Java Stout


Just look at that head, so thick and frothy, just like it was a milkshake made of pure beer goodness


Follow that up with another extremely amazing brew, the Storm King Imperial Stout


While I'm not a big fan of lagers, this one has enough flavor and attitude to keep me coming back for more


First up, start on the lighter side with some Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold

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I haven't posted in here in a while, but after meeting up with Derek, I thought I would post these pics. Our trip report should be up soon with Coaster Palooza 2007 continuing!!!


A Sammy last night at the Log Cabin.


Tastes great! Thanks again man.


After we got back to the house, Gyendolynne's sister and I sampled the Hop Devil and Pils.


I know there isn't any drinking here, but Derek is saying HI to Nicole. :)


My second drink, I believe this was the Founders.


Derek posted what we drank. I had the Founders and Gyendolynne drank a Raspberry fruity thingy.


Next stop, Drafting House.


Table full of happy drinkers. Thanks Derek for the tour.


Heading past Philly, we didn't drink at HRC, but at Victory. :)


Our first stop was Hard Rock Cafe Atlantic City. I know, not a brewery.

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More from the down the street liquor store. Unfortunately, I get the feeling that the new owners are just selling off the old stock of beer, because everytime I compliment them on the specialty beer selection they have no idea what I am talking about. I'm pretty sure the wife of the owner is the one working on the register too, so that's a bad sign if she knows nothing.


Anyhow, tonight I try my 2nd belgian beer from Quebec, which can mean only one thing, Unibroue (Unibrow???)


Yeah, pretty much the same exact picture as the night before, but this time I'm giving the thumbs up! Tasty.


Okay, so I guess this weird smelling nose is a part of pretty much every Belgian. That and the high carbonation kinda bugs me about Belgian brews, I wish I could just taste the fruityness etc, but it's an understatement compared to that metallic taste I get.


Unibroue's Maudite (Maudite means cursed) It's a Belgian Strong Dark Ale and has 8.0% ABV. Not quite as dark as it looks in the photo, though.

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^ Finally a PhishyBrewer post!


Last night I went to BJ's. Then hung out with my uncle by the fire.


Warning, warning, lots of beers ahead!


Blue Heron Pale Ale, the beer that's funky until it warms up a lot!


It wasn't really all that hoppy/bitter, but the flavor was nice.


Lagunitas IPA. A pretty good IPA, but I wasn't that impressed.


Mirror Pond Pale Ale, the first time my Uncle has tried it. He thought it was mild in flavor, I dunno what he's smoking!


Eye of the Hawk, not bad, but I'm not quite sure how to describe it.


Fire is so beautiful, mesmerizing even!


Back over at my uncles later on, Eye of the Hawk, one of my uncle's favorites.


Lawn ornament!


The stout was the best beer of the four, very different and quite thick, like motor oil!


And for me, fish and chips, these things just go good with beer. They were very nice!


My mom ordered the Turkey Cobb Club Sandwich, looked delicious, and she confirmed that it was.


Being a big fan of good Kolsch, I tried the Blonde first. It was a pretty good Kolsch, but not nearly as good as Faultline's.


The 4 beer sampler, from left to right, Stout, Red, Pale, Blonde (Kolsch).

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Somehow I only managed to take one "beer thread" photo all week... I know off the top of my head I also had three beers from Sanwald at the Hotel Ling Bao: the Hefe, the Kristal and the Dunkel. Man there was just so much freaking beer on this trip and I can't even remember half of it (the only way I remember the Sanwald is from a bar photo)


but yeah..


Bavaria Pilsener, on tap at Toverland... the beer was probably the worst on the trip but it was FREE!

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