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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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So today happens to be 06-06-07, the one year anniversary of the bottling of Stone's Vertical Epic 06-06-06. I just so happen to be cellaring my remaining bottles of that, as it's supposed to get better every year up until 12-12-12. So, once again we'll break one opened, we shall see how good it still is.


Definitely some good stuff. Looking forward to the Vertical Epic 07-07-07 in a few weeks, as well as hitting this stuff again in 366 days


Gotta finish the bottle, can't let it go to waste


Definitely still got the plum flavors, good carbonation, a nice Belgian sweetness, and good strong alcohol content


Haven't had this beer in almost a year, let's see how this Belgian Strong Ale holds up after cellaring

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^ I think it's time for a Midwest Brewery trip. Best Photo TR ever, Matt actually setting foot in Bell's. Ohhhh, that gives me an idea.......


Dude, why do you think we bust your balls so much over the Bell's? We'd love to see you do a Midwest Brewery trip. You live in a hotbed of great beer! Why aren't you at Three Floyds right now!



Perfect summer day today. Sunny, a little windy, low 70s. Time to break out a perfect summer beer.


Now I'm not usually one for easy drinking, girly, fruit beers but I seriously think I could easily kill a sixer of this stuff in no time flat. Just smooth, refreshing drinking.


The Leinenkugels Sunset Wheat. No blueberries were harmed in the brewing of this beer.

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Dude, why do you think we bust your balls so much over the Bell's? We'd love to see you do a Midwest Brewery trip. You live in a hotbed of great beer! Why aren't you at Three Floyds right now!


You know me too well though. I'll forget my camera or, the batteries will be dead! You must all join me!

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Pennsylvania beer news - potential positive impact for the beer thread.


Senate panel advances legislation easing restrictions on beer sales

Thursday, June 07, 2007


By Alex Roarty, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


HARRISBURG -- The state Senate Law and Justice Committee voted yesterday to send a bill to the full Senate that would give consumers more choice over the quantity of beer they purchase at distributors, restaurants and taverns.


Senate Bill 674 would allow distributors, for the first time since Prohibition, to sell beer in six-packs, 12-packs, 15-packs and a new package of 18 cans or bottles, as well as the traditional 24- and 30-can cases. Restaurants or taverns with a beer license would be allowed to sell three six-packs of beer or an 18-pack.


Currently they can only sell one or two six-packs at a time.


The chairman of the committee, Sen. John Rafferty, R-Montgomery, said the decision was "a long overdue change to antiquated provisions in the state's beer sales law. This is a change that the public has requested for decades."


Action on the bill by the full Senate and House may not come until the fall. Mark Meyer, executive director of the committee, said if the bill passed, Pennsylvania would no longer have the most restrictive alcohol laws in the country.


"For the first time ever, Pennsylvania consumers will get what they want like the rest of the country," he said.


Microbreweries would benefit also, according to Mr. Rafferty. He said consumers often are unwilling to try lesser-known beers if they have to buy a full case because it's too expensive.


Grocery stores also might be among the biggest beneficiaries. Although the stores themselves cannot apply for beer licenses, some have recently started to set up restaurants within their stores, which can apply. Consumers would have to pay for the beer at a separate register, but would be able to buy an 18-pack or three six-packs in the same place they buy their milk and eggs.


The boon to grocery stores, however, could be trouble for beer distributors because it breaks up their monopoly over selling large volumes of beer.


Mr. Meyer said he was unsure if the Senate would vote on the bill before the summer recess starting June 30 because of other pressing issues, including the budget, facing the Legislature.


The bill still has several hurdles to clear before it can become law, including potentially being sent to the Senate Appropriations Committee if it is determined the bill could have an impact on the state budget. It also must win approval in the House and be signed into law by Gov. Ed Rendell.


In another move to liberalize the sale of alcohol in the state, the committee also sent Senate Bill 896 to the Senate to allow farmers to sell wine at farmers markets.

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^I'm following this with crossed fingers Tim, much like the rest of the beer lovers in PA. I think that it would be a great resolution. This way the beer distributors can now sell six-packs but won't have to completely upgrade and reorganize how they do business. I can live without single purchases if it means at least getting six pack sales. I thought I sensed a positive vibe yesterday, as I walked through the Capital Building.

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I tried another new beer last night. My 2nd Oatmeal Stout ever (1st was Samuel Smith's)


I enjoyed it a lot, has an awesome mouthfeel like Samuel Smith's, just a different flavor. I still favor Samuel Smith's overall though, but I'll probably buy this again sometime...


Solar Powered Brewing at Anderson Valley, isn't California great?


Anderson Valley's Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout. ABV 5.7% Much different than Samuel Smith's. It isn't as chocolatey or cofee-like. More of a roasted bitter tasting type of stout with a little sweetness at the end.

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^You must search out the Alesmith's Speedway Stout, young one. Post the PTR of that after you reawaken in a day or so! I've become quite fond of stouts lately, but mostly in the cooler temperature times, which is certainly not now.


Tonight a drug rep was scheduled to take us out for a presentation on some type of cancer, but the speaker couldn't make it, so we just went out without them with the rep taking the tab. What would I get to drink, if anything???


Hey! I'm not paying :D


and to end the night, dessert time, in the form of a giant bottle of Lindeman's Framboise


Along with my filet, I went with the local Troeg's Hopback Amber on tap


Seeing how I knew my beers, the waiter was impressed and kept bringing me samples of other stuff to try, like this Smuttynose IPA, which I already had before


Next up for me was the Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA, all the way from California and on draft too!


all the nurses went with girly drinks like wine and apricot sours


First up, brewed right below me, the Legacy Hedonism Red, quite possibly one of the most hoppy red ales out there, and oh so terrific


Here we are, back at Canal Street, which is where Legacy Brewing resides in the basement. Who could have possibly suggested having dinner here??? Yeah, that'd be me! =)

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^ I've been searching for anything from AleSmith around here and can't find it anywhere. The buzz on the internet puts it at two places, Ledgers in Berkeley, which is like an hour away, or City Beer in San Francisco, which is like 45 minutes away.


If you know something I don't though, let me know!


Last night I tried Rochefort 8...


Tastes good, tons of different flavors are enhanced by a nice alcohol profile. I enjoyed sipping it slowly, enjoying all sorts of flavors. It was good, but it wasn't really my favorite style.


The head on a really light pour was incredible. It's a pretty fizzy type head with very surprising retention. Smelled pretty great as well.


ABV 9.2% My first of the Trappist beers. #47 on BA's top 100.

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Hanging out with Derek tonight. Drinking some beers.


Heading out west tomorrow. Wherever we end up, I'm sure it will be GREAT.8)


I think that this was even better than the last time I had it. Just a fantastic aroma and taste of citrus and fresh juicy hops. Nice!


Next up, a bottle from this years batch of Avery Maharaja Imperial IPA.


Wow, suprisingly still fresh and hoppy even though it came out last fall.


The Sleighor Double IPA from the currently on hiatus Reaper Ales of Vista, CA. We actually got this bottle at the Capital Ale House of all places.

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^ Speaking of Double IPAs... I tried my first one tonight!


I know I know, at first I thought I couldn't handle IPAs, (but to be fair, the first one I had was a horrible one!) Then Derek and Heath suggested Racer5 IPA and Stone's IPA... They were great! I must admit, I didn't know if I was ready for a double IPA or not when I bought this, but by golly, it was about time to find out!


Moylan's Hopsickle Imperial India Pale Ale. 9.2% ABV. "Triple hoppy ale" Uhh yeah, it's hoppy alright! One of the most beautiful beers to look at as far as color and head.


I must say, it was excellent. Right when I expected it to be too bitter, it wasn't... Caramel notes and a pine needle aftertaste, excellent. Ladies and gentlemen, I am offiically a hophead! All I need now is a goatee and a fetish for vertical loops!

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Celebrating my birthday a few days early...


Tonight's grub should be awesome too. Homemade 1/3lb hamburgers, potato skins (stuffed with cheese, bacon and other various heart attack inducing ingredients) and caesar salad. And to finish it off, a lemon meringue pie.



*edit* oops, forgot to upload the pic

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^^^ Wow Bubba, you skipped the Double and went right for the triple. All three of the Moylan's IPAs are fantastic. Derek and I had these back in March if you want to check out the thread from back then to see what we thought.


Pics should be coming shortly from this weekends adventures.

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This weekend we decided to finally get to a place we really wanted to get to, but since they're closed on Sunday's, there won't be any hitting up this place on a trip back from Cedar Point. So instead, we'll go there on a Saturday when they're opened just because we can!


Beer stops in other states is always fun, and expensive


Hey Bubba, we drove 6 hours one way for this stuff, I think you can drive 45 minutes!


Definitely a cool vibe to the place, really old and historical. Awesome place, wish it was closer


I just had to go with the Dortmunder, myself. How's it going, Wally!


Since I got the Dortmunder chicken sandwich with giant roasted red peppers...


Which to drink next, the Burning River Pale Ale or the Eliot Ness Amber?


and the very bar where Eliot Ness hung out in his "retirement" years


The taps


Even Kim gets in on the action by sampling some of Heath's sampler of the Prohibition Pils


Where Heath starts with the summer seasonal, the Market Street Wheat, an unfiltered hefe


I'll start out with the Commodore Perry IPA


Heath says "how about all of it!" and goes with a sampler


Lots of good stuff on tap, what to get first?


Well, the gift shop is opened, so we'll let Heath do his thing


Finally, time to visit the #29 place to have a beer in America, but we're a little earlier than expected. What shall we do??


The brewery wasn't opened for tastings, but we still got a glimpse of the inside


Wow, apparently Tom showed up too! and we thought he wasn't even allowed to leave Northampton anymore


Finally, after much desire, we finally got to Great Lakes Brewing in Cleveland

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^^ Well, Even though it's called a triple hoppy ale, it's still listed as an American Double IPA on BA, so i dunno. I will go back and check out the Moylan's IPA reviews from March. As for the "You can drive 45 mins" I don't own a car, I could probably take the train and then bus or cable car to city beer... But I don't have anyone to go with to make the trip enjoyable.


So I finally had a bad experience with a beer last night... I actually poured it out before finishing it, and I don't think it was skunked either after reading the mixed reviews on BA.


This is one of my new favorite beers, but it cannot overcome Deschutes Black Butte Porter!!! =P


Bear Republic's Hop Rod Rye. ABV 8.0% I picked this one up after Derek's complimentary review. I thought it was excellent, more hearty flavor than a typical IPA, not so... bright, more deep.


Marin Brewing's Point Reyes Porter, I didn't like it at all. First pour was ALL foam, and I had to wait a while for it to even be drinkable. Then, it tasted sour, and burnt. On top of all that, WAY too carbonated and thin for a porter.

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On Sunday we were planning on going to Fatheads and/or D's Sixpack and Dogs in Pittsburgh, but with the construction hassles at the Squirrel Hill Tunnel, we opted to just hit the Mad Mex close to the turnpike in Monroeville on our way home.


and to finish off our trip, Heath enjoyed a very confusing Rogue Anniversary Ale, the Latona, a Strong Ale


and wow, talk about my dream food item, boneless Buffalo wing tacos!


The Big Hop went down so quickly I needed something else to enjoy with my lunch. Bells Oberon to the rescue


and I have no qualms about doing the same thing. Yum


Being in Pittsburgh, Heath goes for the locally brewed Big Hop IPA from East End


the reason why it's the coolest, a constantly changing variety of micros on draft!


Back to the Mad Mex again, one of the coolest Mexican chains out there

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^^^ Just for the record, one of those bags of merch at Great Lakes was Derek's. Very cool place by the way and one I'm looking forward to visiting again.


^^ Technically the "Triple IPA" isn't a style. It's just a Double (or Imperial IPA) that's even more jacked up with hops and alcohol. The name itself is more of a marketing gimmick by the breweries to differentiate them from the other assorted Double IPAs on the market. There aren't a lot out there but of the ones I've had, the Moylan's was definitely the most drinkable. Definitely seek out their regular and double IPAs. Both are very good and great examples of the West Coast style.

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OK, that's it. When the Buzzards get out there next year I DEMAND an audience and a trip to one of these joints!!!!!


As for the last beer I drank, nothing much really just a small selection of ales already mentioned so I shall refrain from posting those.


However, I have just purchased the first few bits for my new brewing setup and now have the Boiler and Mash Tun. Next month I'll pickup the Sparging arm and wort chiller and then I can start on a proper ALL GRAIN brew.


I've got bored with the kits now and can pretty much get a successful barrel of Ale everytime but there's no craft to brewing the kits and I'm now eager to start working on my own recipes (any ideas?)


I shall of course keep the beer drinkers of this forum up to date with my work and when I finally get round to my first batch with the new kit I shall post a "Brew Report"

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Tonight it was time to mow the grass again (stupid fast growing grass). But before that, I had some time to try a new beer I picked up in Virigina from one of the first microbreweries I visited years ago. Good to see their stuff coming out our way. Then pick up where I left off after mowing, hooray!


mmmm, Nuggetastic!


After cutting the grass, why not drink it, in pure liquid grass form, the Nectar


Surprisingly good, lots of vanilla characteristics, as well as some nice chocolate and coffee tones as it warms up


Breckenridge's Vanilla Porter, from a microbrewery I haven't had a beer from in a few years (one of the first ones I visited)

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^ Keep us posted with how the homebrewing goes Juggler. I'd suggest shooting right for the top with a nice Imperial Stout!


^^I lived in Hershey at one time (when I was very young) but now live about 40 minutes away and work even closer (in nearby Harrisburg). Troegs and ABC are the closest breweries to Hershey and Hummelstown.


Probably our only drinking of the week, until Derek shows up on Friday of course to kick off what should be a rather kick a$$ Saturday of beer.


Wow, maybe the glass helped! I really enjoyed this, this time around. Very pronounced malt profile that was balanced nicely by a subtle yet lingering hop presence. Good stuff!


Next up was the Lagunitas Maximus Double IPA, one that I had been slightly disappointed in last year when I had it. Presented by the new "Ultimate Beer Glass" that Sam Adams has designed.


Wow, high gravity is right! At almost 8% ABV and highly hoppy, this wasn't like any Cream Ale we ever had. Kim even got hopped out by it in the end.


First up the Lagunitas Sirius. A high gravity Cream Ale.

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I've got some pics for later tonight. I actually took pictures of an outing to a local establishment!!!


I also picked up my VIP tix for the Great Lake Beerfest in September. Over 90 breweries represented, I can't wait!

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It's going to be a while before I get started but it'll give me plenty of time to read up on the whole process. The first beer will probably be a basic bog standard bitter just as a test. No point in getting too carried away to start with!


Hopefully I'll have two or three brews behind me by the end of the year and then I can start experimenting in time for our annual trip to the Rotherham Beer Festival. I usually brew up a couple of barrels for the weekend as we tend to start drinking on the Thursday night, have more than a few more Friday and then visit the festival Saturday before finishing off whatever we have left in the barrels Saturday night.


I already have a few ideas about some of the flavours I'd like to try in the beers and Stouts are VERY high on the list. Chocolate Orange Stout anyone?

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