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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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^Wow, Joe hitting the heavy stuff early in his career! At this rate, you'll need the 12-step program faster than any of us


It's true, some beers cannot mask their alcohol as well as others (my prime example is Southern Tier's Unearthly IPA, bleeeeach!). Keep trying other things, usually the Belgians rely mostly on that particular strain of yeast to keep their flavor, and therefore cannot mask the ABV as well as the stouts and IPAs can by covering them up with other flavors. If you can get lots of Avery stuff down your way, look into the Samael, Mephistopheles, Beast, or Maharaja, all are high in alcohol but mask it very well. Of course, they're all more on the costly side, depending where you go.


Keep on drinking good stuff, and sure, send some Sweetwater IPA up my way (or just remember to pick me up some the next time we're supposed to meet up).

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^ All the recent posts from tons of different sources is awesome, the beer thread is VERY healthy right now!!! Nice!


Two night ago I went to Dave and Busters with some friends. I meant to bring my camera, but I forgot it this time! Anyhow, we all got ridiculous size beers (mine was a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale) and wandered the Arcade with them, playing a ton of awesome games! We linked the 6 of us while playing Daytona USA, and I won the race both times. (thanks to being an expert at manual transmission)


The best deal as far as playtime per swipe of the card was easily the Ms. Pacman machine all the way hidden in the back. I was able to play for like 15 minutes per swipe and get to like level 8 or 9 before I lost my 3rd man.


Anyhow, that was fun, and we went to In-N-Out on the way home at like 12:30am for some grubbin too!


Last night was pretty low key, and I just spent time at home mostly working web development projects, and then I tried a new beer that I was excited about.


Another attempt at a Heath pose, this might be my closest yet! As with Heath though, this unimpressed face never means anything about the beer, the beer was great!


Lagunitas Sonoma Farmhouse Hop Stoopid Double India Pale Ale. ABV 8.2% Very visually appealing, and smelled much like pine!

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Another night of mowing grass and other housework, following it up with some goodness I imported from out of state, thanks to Nicole.


Crisp and flavorful. Dortwunderful!


I'm not a big fan of golden lagers, but when I'm in the mood to drink one, the only one that'll do is Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold

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Awesome choice with the Hop Stoopid Bubba! I'll trade you a six pack of Storm King for a few bottles of that.


By the way, many have tried and failed with the Heath Face. Unfortunately, your missing the red "Come with me if you want to drink" Terminator eye that I frequently sport.




"Hasta la vista, baby!"


Ah, finally a perfectly fine amount of Ruination to be enjoyed in one sitting. Now I won't be burping pine cones in my sleep.


Check out the new hotness of this 12 oz beauty!


Hit the bricks, old and busted 22 oz bomber!


Well looky here, Stone finally got smart and put their hop bomb, Ruination, in 12oz bottles. You know for those of us that don't like to get f**ked up from one bottle of beer!

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^ Haha, nice terminator eyes in those photos. I'll replicate it someday Nicole, you'll see!


Ruination in sixers is nice, I didn't see them at BevMo last time I went though, but they did finally get the bombers back in stock after being sold out.


I might have to take you up on the Hop Stoopid/Storm King deal Heath, next time I go to BevMo I'll pick up a few bombers and send them out your way!


Last night I tried a beer that has enjoyed a lot of face time lately here in the beer thread.


Yes, I really am this amazed everytime I have a Stone IPA. Mouthwateringly great!


After the orange flavors of the Sunset Wheat I had a big craving for some bitter. My little gargoyle friend should do the trick.


No blueberries here Matt, sorry! I wasn't jumping for joy after having this, but it was pretty refreshing.


Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat. 4.9% ABV. Yeah, it tastes like it's mixed with orange juice, interesting indeed.

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ok, time to share tonight's selections...


and I greatly approve! This is certainly one of the best beers Ive had, maybe even the best to date! And, being a doppelbock, it will set me up good for the next week or so, because I bought a bunch of German beer to get ready for the upcoming trip!


the taste


mmm... smell that malty goodness.


The top made a fun sound when it opened! That alone was almost worth the $7


This is something I was a little weary about. Oh, and the sediment build up around the cap. Is that normal?


Beer #2 for the evening, Liberator by Thomas Hooker


"eh".. it was pretty average. Nothing bad or anything spectacular, just ok. I hear the Rye ale is where its at. A few local bars have it on tap so I'm going to go that route.


not really sure why it looks smokey, maybe I was burning dinner without knowing it


There it is, now time to taste...


Not sure if Laura will read this, but remember St Patricks Day when we were looking for a bottle opener? I have one now :)


First up was Terrapin's Golden Ale

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^ Doppelbock's are great. As for the Bottled in 2006 thing, I'm sure it is probably fine since Doppelbock's will hold up well for cellaring (correct me if I'm wrong though) The sediment is most likely normal too, though usually it's not near the cap. Sounds like everything was fine since you approved of the taste.


Try to get your hands on a Celebrator Doppelbock if you ever see it!




^ There's my review.

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Bubba, I want some of that Hop Stoopid too! I can hook you up with some wonderful Southern Tier goodness, and maybe a bottle of Nugget Nectar


And Joe, another excellent selection of beers. Definitely try for some of the Terrapin Rye and search out the Monster series; the Imperial Pils isn't the best thing ever, but Big Hoppy Monster, Rye Squared, and Wake N Bake are fantastic.


Tonight I decided to try another beer I bought up in New York and that Nicole loved and nurtured for me for a few weeks, then drove it across the state to give it to me, The Middle Ages X: 10th Anniversary Double IPA, celebrating the brewery operating from 1995-2005. And yet it's 2007 and I just now picked up a bottle. At first I was a little skeptical, but apparently they kept bottling it and this is actually a fresh bottle. We shall see...


Indeed the beer was pretty fresh tasting and a different, yet good double IPA.


As the beer warmed up, more flavors came out


The face of confusion, as this double IPA didn't taste as hoppy as I would expect. Good biscuitness and malt as well as pine and grassy hops and a hint of mint. Odd indeed


Weighing in at 10% is the 10th Anniversary from Middle Ages, clever, no?

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Remember me? No? Some of you are so new on here you may not even know who I am. Along with Wally, Tom and Tim, at one time I used to post almost as often as Derek and Heath. Well, I'm coming out of semi-retirement to score some votes and also turn you all on to something cool my wife and I discovered. Seems Sam Adams may have been perusing this website and got the idea to have Sam Adams Summer Ale drinkers post photos of themselves enjoying their Sam in summer locations. What's cool is that each week, the photo with the most votes wins a prize! So, Ellen and I decided to submit a photo of ourselves with a Sam Adams Summer Ale taken on the Kaylee Belle paddlewheeler boat on Conneaut Lake in PA. So, if you all could be so kind and go to the website and vote for our photo entitled "Cruisin on Conneaut Lake", we'd greatly appreciate it! Maybe we can start a trend and if every regular on here takes a turn submitting a photo each week, we can sweep the contest! Just go to www.samueladams.com and follow the links to the "Shots of Summer" contest. Here is the photo we posted. Thanks for your votes!!


Cruisin on Conneaut Lake

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^ I voted for you too Adam...


Oh man, now Derek wants in on the Hop Stoopid action too!


I'll contact you guys in private messages shortly before I make my next BevMo trip.


Last night I tried a red beer, well sorta...


Mmmm, caramel!


The last of my Inversion IPA sixer.


This stuff is just great, nice alcohol profile with some bitterness. I will buy this again sometime.


My last Old Rasputin from the 4-pack. This stuff was definitely worth the 4-pack buy.


It was pretty good, but a little rough around the edges. It finishes a little bitey. It's pretty bitter for a red, which I kinda liked as a nice change...


Full Sail's Nugget Special Red Ale, Brewmaster's Reserve 2007. 6.5% ABV. Pretty hoppy for a red, smells like pine!

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Another free yet boring drug dinner tonight. While the food was great, they were out of the only beers I drank there (Spaten and Hoegaarden) so I just drank Coke. Time to relieve that as soon as I get home!


Nice citrus notes and a good overall flavor, and lite too, perfect for summer!


It's getting late, don't want to drink anything too potent. Troegs Scratch #1, the California Common will do nicely

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No pics for me =/


Last night I ran over to my bank. A couple days ago Derek said something about Taco Mac being pretty cool so when my step dad called and said he was on his way towards home and asked me where I wanted to eat dinner, and since I was currently about 1.5 miles away from my nearest Taco Mac I told him to meet me there. I'd just like to confirm that Taco Mac is indeed awesome, even if I have the smallest of the chain! The only complaint I had was that, for a company with founders allegedly from Buffalo, the wings disappointed. Maybe next time I'll go with bone-in wings or a burger because with as much beer as they have available there will certainly be a next time!


I got the Terrapin Rye first, a local ale that I think (so far) is the best beer from Georgia... it was pretty damn awesome! Left a great taste in the mouth. I liked it a little better than the Lagunitas "censored" Ale that I had next (it too was pretty good) but I'd love to have both at home. Oh, and did I mention it was 2-1 night? Yeah... my stepdad also got some random crap beer and we got a free Newcastle from a table near us because the woman didn't want the free beer... how can you pass up free beer? well, I at least had to try it, and yeah, I'd pass up a free Newcastle as well.


So to recap: 2 Terrapin Rye drafts, 2 OMG IT SAYS KRONIK drafts, 2 of some crap beer drafts and a free Newcastle all for about $11. Not a bad night!


No pics this time but next time I'll be more prepared! Hopefully more from me later tonight...

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Last night I had yet another DIPA...


If you're interested in the story behind this brew and Lagunitas, go here: www.pressdemocrat.com/temp/news/15brewery_b1.html


A lot of people on BA have called this an Arrogant Bastard clone, but I really disagree, this is much more bitter and hoppy. It tastes a lot more caramel and roasted than Hop Stoopid does though, almost like if you made Inversion IPA a DIPA.


Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shut Down Ale. ABV 9.28% Definitely a crazy strong beer.

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...The only complaint I had was that, for a company with founders allegedly from Buffalo, the wings disappointed. Maybe next time I'll go with bone-in wings or a burger because with as much beer as they have available there will certainly be a next time!


Never heard of it! Fail! Never trust a company that serves Buffalo wings and wasn't FOUNDED in Buffalo!


When I finally leave Buffalo, I don't think I'll ever be able to eat wings or a roast beef sandwich again.

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Tonight I had a Diebels Alt. Since Düsseldorf is known for this kind of beer and that upcoming trip starts there I thought it would be a good idea to get used to this stuff. Well, I guess Altbier isn't my first choice of beer. Didn't enjoy it too much. But I have still five bottles left to try...


The first out of six. Oh, and first beer thread contribution...

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^Guten Tag to the beer thread! Be sure to keep showing us some more of your country's fine beers such as the bocks, pilsners, and don't be forgetting the Dortmunder.


As far as Germany on the other side of the pond goes, tonight I was off to Stoudt's in nearby Adamstown (no, not a whole town owned by Adam Revesz, that'd just be scary) to enjoy some of their very German inspired beers (since the owner IS Pennsylvania Dutch, aka: from Germany).


and to end the night, their strongest beer at 10%, a pint of the Double IPA. Quite a piney and citrus filled double IPA, though a little too high in ABV to drink more than 1 of in a session.


Follow that up with their summer seasonal, the Weizen, a great banana and clove flavored hefeweizen, wonderful in the summertime


First up for me, the Smooth Hoperator, a very hoppy Maibock, and probably my favorite thing they're brewing


After Heath's inspirational words from his trip a week ago, I figured I may as well visit the almost too close by place I usually pass up, Stoudts

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^Ha, ha, thanks!! I'll make sure to keep you updated. It's very interesting how many different kinds of beer there are. I can't believe I didn't try any of them on my vacation last year in the USA. Guess I should have looked out more for those microbreweries. Next time I'll know better.

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I almost forgot, two nights ago I went to Rock Bottom in Campbell for Dinner with my mom. It was incredibly busy, and we had to wait for 35 minutes. Then, when we sat, our server came over and told us their kitchen was so overwhelmed that they couldn't put in another order for 15 minutes. So he brought us some chips and salsa on them, and also comped my beer sampler, which was nice. The beer sampler had like 8 beers so that was nice. They even had a Kolsch which I really enjoyed. Also, their pale ale was spicy, an interesting twist. The "IPA" was incredibly lemony and not bitter at all, so that was a bit weird. Overall it wasn't the best Rock Bottom experience, as my Salmon and Chips were not cooked correctly. I think the oil wasn't hot enough because the batter didn't get crispy... I miss the amazing Rock Bottom in Arizona.


Today I just got home from my friend Trevor's graduation party, someone bought a Sam Adams brewmaster pack, so I got to try their Hefeweizen, which was pretty good but too lemony, and their Cherry Wheat, which was quite nice indeed. Nice to try two new beers that I wasn't expecting to be there.


Last night, I decided to give Marin Brewing a chance to redeem themselves after the awful Point Reyes Porter that I had to pour out.


It was quite nice, smelled much like it tasted, with brown sugar, molasses, butterscotch and caramel notes. Very sweet and definitely a strong flavored sipper.


Had to try another new beer since the first was so dissapointing that I had to toss it. Moylan's Kilt-Lifter Scotch Ale. 8.0% ABV. My first scotch ale ever.


Something is obviously wrong with the last 2 beers I've had from them. After reading the BA reviews, no one said this beer was overly sour or metallic smelling. I am now quite certain that the porter and this was skunked. I'm not trying another of their beers for a long while.


Mt. Tam Pale Ale, 5.5% ABV. First pour was all head again, which is quite a problem for me with Marin Brewing. Once it settled, I smelled it, and it smelled the same as the porter did.

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Yesterday we headed into the dreaded New Jersey to attend the ACE Day at Casino Pier, in hopes of getting to ride the new Pirate's Hideaway, but that's another story for another forum. Onto the beers!


I'd definitely attend more ACE events if they all ended like this!


Of course, we didn't keep it on the down low for long, as Adam brought some Stone Ruination IPA with him for us all


To protect myself from the Jersey Devil, I tried to protect myself with some Pennsylvania HopDevil. I'm still alive, so it must have worked


In true Bret fashion, a fire was necessary for the evening. Good thing it cooled down outside, which is odd for this time of year


Apparently Adam thought Dale's Pale Ale was a British brew by the look on his face


We didn't want to get to extreme with our beers, so we kept it on the downlow, even picking up some Stoudt's American Pale Ale just for the flavor


Leinenkugels Sunset Wheat and Stoudt's Smooth Hoperator also made appearances


After the event, it was back to Bret's for some afterparty bbq, swimming, and drinking. We came prepared with some fine micros like the canned Dale's Pale Ale from Oskar Blues


Went great with our huge slices of pizza!


We were amazed to find some microbrews on draft there as well as the usual swill. So, time for some Blue Point brews, Blueberry for me and Toasted Lager for Heath


Since we got to Seaside Heights a little early, we decided to grab some food at SawMill down by Funtown Pier

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