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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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Something new for me tonight from a sort-of local brewery.


Hmmm. Not bad. Pretty heavy on the chocolate and coffee character with a fairly hoppy finish. The body was pretty light though and didn't hide it's alcohol very well toward the finish. Kind of like a lesser version of the Storm King Stout. But heh, that's not too bad of a thing!


The Peg Leg Imperial Stout from the Heavy Seas line of Baltimore's own Clipper City Brewing.

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T.G.I.F. and as a bonus there's pre-season football on the tube.


I think I'm going to check out the only real brewery in the area tomorrow, Big Bear Brewing Company in Coral Springs. I want to try their Hibernation Pale Ale and Kodiak Belgian Dubbel.


Next up, Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout. Can't go wrong with anything from Samuel Smith. While I prefer a hopier beer, nothing beats the aroma of sweet malts.


Started tonight with Boulder Beer's Sweaty Betty Blonde, an American Wheat Ale. Pretty disappointed with this one. Too light and watered down for my taste.

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Another weekend spent BACT style, hitting up coasters and beer each step of the way. Friday we were off to Geauga Lake to score Nicole some credits before they take anymore away. Completing the park in like an hour, we could have gone to Great Lakes Brewing afterwards, but instead decided to just head back to Pittsburgh a little earlier for dinner at one of the best bars in town with some friends.


and to end this, some hot lesbo action!


Plenty of purchases made. Thanks for hanging out guys!


After dinner, Joe seems pretty happy up in the bottle shop, getting some stuff not sold in Georgia


I was going to order the Rogue Brewer's Ale, but they were out, as were they with the Southern Tier Uber Sun. So I went with Rogue's Brutal Bitter on cask


For dinner, mostly everyone got wings, but Nicole had to order the Nicole Burger


and Ted and Catrina showed up too, also drinking the Sierra Nevada Anniversary


Joe went with the Victory Brewing St. Victorious


To follow up, I went with Fathead's special ale made by Rogue


Why is Joe pointing and laughing at Matt? Why, it's because he's drinking a Bell's Oberon!


Even Glutenfree Greg came out to see us, drinking Woodchuck Cider


Nicole took her love of coffee to heart and ordered the Atwater Vanilla Java Porter


To start off, I went with the Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale, an IPA


Plenty of awesome stuff on tap, as usual


Dinner time, off to Fat Heads on the South Shore of Pittsburgh

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Well with Operation "Save Money Until Labor Day" in full swing, Kim and I decided to keep it simple Saturday and just go to the movies.


Of couse we couldn't help it that we wanted to see the new Harry Potter movie in IMAX-3D and that it just happned to be playing at the King of Prussia Mall.


Oh darn, I guess we'll have to make a few stops on the way there.


I end the night with this month's specialty. The Argyle Scottish Ale. Not really sure why they call this a Scotch Ale when they describe it on the board as a Brown Ale and that's pretty much what it tasted like. Light and malty with a faint spiciness and great drinkability.


Ooooh. Quite interesting... Lots of citrus flavors that mingles with the light hoppiness to create a somewhat perfumey taste of both.


Of course I've got to try last month's specialty first. The American Dream IPA. It's one of those specialties that all of the Rock Bottoms brew and put on as part of a chainwide promotion.


After enjoying our movie, we headed over to the mall itself, which means a stop at Rock Bottom.


I finish up with an always reliable Prima Pils. Some people don't like this because of the weird aroma/taste imparted from the Czech Saaz hops that are used but I really dig it!


Kim goes all spokesmodel with her slice.


We haven't actually eaten here in awhile, so we decided to split one of their fantastic pizzas.


Kim's quite thristy herself and goes for the draft only Mad King's Weisse.


All is not lost though, as they did still have some of a special limited batch still on. The Sunset Dunkleweizen. Quite good, with some real subtle cherry flavors that I really enjoyed.


Alas, it wasn't to be as they just ran dry on Friday night. I'll post a blurry description for Bubba since he was asking about it.


Wait, what's that on the board? Their Kolsch?!!


You got it! Right down the road at Victory.


Next stop and "Gee, can you guess where we're at?"


I keep it local and opt for the Sly Flox Slacker Bock. Quite the tasty little malt bomb from Sly Fox!


Hmmm. I wasn't really feeling the board on this trip. Good thing I only planned on stopping in for just one anyway.


First stop. The Drafting Room. Even though it was nice out and outside seating looked tempting, we headed inside to the Drafting Room itself.

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Saturday we hit Kennywood with the TPR Midwest trip participants. Afterwards Nicole and I hit up a fairly new spot in nearby Monroeville. Rivertowne has a few restaurants in the Pittsburgh area, but at the Pour House they brew plenty of supposedly awesome beers. Cameron was intrigued, so he'd join us, and our waitress looked like Lucy Liu


I'll definitely be going back to the Pour House on my next visit to the 'burgh, as they had excellent brews. Do you think they do growlers?


and to end my night, I got a pint of the Perked Up Pale Ale. An excellent pale with great citrus flavor


and the Shady Lady Maple Brown was excellent. Even I could pick up the maple finish


Cameron gave the Almost Irish Dry Stout a thumbs up approval


The Upper Cut Porter was one of the best brews there


Unfortunately my cold is getting the best of my tastebuds, so I couldn't really pick up much apricot in the Apricot Tree. Nicole assured me it was there


Beer #1100 for me was the Old Wylie's IPA, and it was darn good stuff


The Shephard's Crook Scottish Ale was pretty tasty


I went with the Brew Master's Sampler, consisting of 7 of their brews (the Assistant Brewer's Sampler contains another 7)


Having quite a few fruit beers, Nicole was sold on going. Up for her was the Cranberry Catch, very lite and crantastic, almost like a Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale


18 beers on tap, 17 of which they brew themselves


Tucked away off in Monroeville is the Rivertowne Pour House, just opened in June

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Sunday we hit up Lakemont and Del Grosso's in Altoona on the way home. Nicole managed to break 200 with her ride on Leap the Dips, and I managed to rack up a few more beer credits at the nearby Marzoni's Brick Oven Pizza and Brewery about 10 minutes south of Lakemont in Duncansville. The beers were fairly decent, nothing outstanding, but nothing bad either. And the food was great.


and to accompany my beers, some awesome Hawaiian pizza, loaded with bacon, ham, pineapple, and a nice sweet chili sauce.


and the Stone Mason Stout was pretty good with some nice chocolate and coffee notes. Not lite and watery like some stouts.


Even though I had it before, the Avalanche IPA was probably my favorite. The Patchway Pale Ale was pretty hoppy too, but not as severe as the Avalanche (which made Nicole cough upon sampling)


Again, I couldn't taste much from the Highway "22" Wheat, but Nicole enjoyed it


Joe would have been impressed with the Saison


The Czech Pilsner was pretty crisp with a light hop bitterness


Lucky me, they had a sampler, good price too. Best of all, $1 more will get you the two newest ones to boot, those being the Czech Pilsner and a Saison


A little description of their beers


Nice big bar area with plenty of seating. Behind the bar is the tanks and brewing process area


8 different beers on the board, only 1 of which I've had in the past at a brewfest


Cool old style delivery truck at the entrance


Marzoni's, just starting out in the business about 4 years ago, but they've now got 3 restaurants in central PA

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I thought I should just say that the "Buzzard's Thirst Ale" is/was a highly quaffable beer. A little cloudy but nice & refreshing with a fruity citrus twang! Ir reminded me of something but I can't put a finger on what! All I know is I've paid good money for worse beer! All in all, a highly commendable first attempt at full-mash craft brewing. Excellent!

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Today I happened to pull my Weiss Ass Brewing shirt out to wear. So, may as well make tonight's beers something Wally would appreciate!


This sad face is because I can't taste all the goodness as much as I'd like to. Darn you cold!


Not sure if Wally ever had this, but I've got like 10 left, so I'm drinking it, the Shelter Pale Ale from Dogfish Head


even with a cold, I can still taste this greatness


Thats right, Wally's favorite to start, the Dortmunder Gold from Great Lakes

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Well since the "reappearance" of someone that grinds my gears, I started drinking tonight. Derek knows who I'm talking about.


First up, Sprecher Hefeweizen. Seriously the best Hefe I've had, just the right amount of banana taste. Mmmmm, bananas.


Second was, Spanish Peaks Brewing's Honey Raspberry. I figured with the heat this sounded tasty, and the label had a cute doggie on it. I'll let my pics do the talking.


No honey, no raspberry. I did sense a touch of blueberries. :p


Spanish Peaks Brewery. Sit, Ubu, Sit.




Sprecher Hefeweizen, the best brewery in Milwaukee. Not that silly Lakefront!

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^Awesome, dude! Yeah, that honey raspberry needs a much better name!


Tonight I tried my first of the Joegia additions obtained from this past weekend, the Sweetwater IPA, one I was really looking forward to. Let's see if it was worth the wait.


For a cheap beer this is pretty good stuff, nice honey and lemon flavors with white grapes too. Very sessionable!


I think I'll enjoy a Reading Premium too while I'm at it


No hopface from Nicole tonight


Nice sweet start with good grapefruit flavors up front, then some caramel malts and a great pine finish. Awesome stuff, thanks Joe!


Now, time for me to enjoy some Sweetwater IPA


Nan also reappears in the beer thread to enjoy something that she used to drink back in the day


First up, some Reading Premium, but it's not for me

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Well I held off on Big Bear Brewing Company this weekend since my brother will be in town next weekend and I know he'll want to visit there. I did have a Key West Sunset Ale saturday night at Aruba's down on the beach. It was much better on tap then the bottle I tried last week.


One just wasn't enough after a tough day at work, so I followed that up with a DFH 60 minute IPA. My favorite IPA so far, although now that Bell's brewery is available in Florida I'm really looking forward to trying a Two Hearted Ale.


Tonight I started with an Anchor Liberty Ale. I really enjoyed this and can see why this brewery is so popular, I definately need to try more from them.


Last night I tried another local offering, A Hurricane Reef Pale Ale also brewed by The Florida Beer Company. It was mildly hoped for an APA but not bad for a Florida brewery.

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awesome, I went with a Sweetwater tonight too - a pint of the 420 on tap. I have photographic evidence but I can't find my card adapter (hence no pics from this weekend either). I also got a bottle of the Rogue Chocolate Stout, which still has my mouth feeling dry. edited to say that at 4:30 I'm still feeling dry


I'm going to break into my new stash starting tomorrow!

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Keeping it somewhat local with tonights Summer Sipper.


Mmmm. A perfect summer thirst quencher. Fantastic notes of lemon, clove, and yes, you gotta have the bananas in there. Another extremely well done beer from Stoudt's!


It's Stoudt's Summer Seasonal. The Weizen. A Bavarian style unfiltered Hefe Weizen.

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tonight's selections...


Overall, a great beer! I hope to get some fresher stuff this winter, thanks Derek! What a great introduction to Troegs!


The taste test went well. I'm still enjoying it, and I think its getting a little better as it warms up a bit on this hot night


This amber imperial ale reminded me a lot of Big Hoppy Monster, one of my favorite beers. It was very pine-y though, and was one of the better IPA's I've had!


Next up was Troegs Nugget Nectar, the first of the beer I scored from Derek this past weekend. I figured I would try it first since it is a seasonal and I don't want it to get much older, and it was the only beer I specifically requested


but, it did make me get me kinda goofy!


Overall it was a great blend of malts, so much so that I forgot to clean my glasses. A fine beer!


The 10% definitely threw me off! I didn't even notice... at first ;-)


A Dunkel Weizen, this is a style of beer I became very familiar with in Germany, but haven't seen yet back in the states, so it was a nice choice!


First up, Clipper City's Hang Ten

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Had a couple of Stoudts brews to try so I decided tonight would be a Stoudts night.


Next up, their Double IPA. I'm definately picking up more double IPA's when I visit Total Wine this weekend. These beers really kick my ass as I'm not used to the higher ABV. Having said that, I really enjoy them and wish I could find more of them here in S. Florida.


First up, The American Pale Ale. This is a great beer, very balanced and one I could drink all night. I'll have to pick up a sixer of this and Anchor's Liberty Ale, these are great beers to introduce friends to craft brews.

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^^Joe, glad you enjoyed the Nectar, as that was my last bottle for the next 5 months or so. I'll make sure to save a couple more bottles for you next time.


^Nice to see you drinking stuff from my neck of the woods, I'm surprised Stoudts distributes down to FL.


Last night I went with more Georgian brews. First up, something from Atlanta Brewing, a microbrewery only I believe (no brewpub), followed by a place that is very close to moving to their own brewery/brewpub. Thanks, Joe!


Just an excellent brew. Really great flavors from the rye compliment the hop characters nicely. I can't wait to visit their brewery next year!


Time for a real pale ale, the Rye Pale Ale from Terrapin Brewing


Not bad, but a little lite on the hops. Has a very bready aftertaste


First, Atlanta Brewing's Peachtree Pale Ale. No peaches were harmed in the brewing of this beer, it's just the name

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oh man what a night! my favorite bar/pizza place in town has a new beer available on tap.. the Dogfish Head 60min IPA. Needless to say that I had 2 $3.25 pints. It was awesome, but sadly I was really caught off guard by this and I didn't even have my phone on me so no pics. But, it was awesome to see the beer available on tap in my town, and I think a pitcher would have been $12, so yea, I love the Brick Oven just off the square in Carrollton! And the beer rocked!!!

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Tonights theme is all about Colorado, home of some fantastic breweries.


Next up, brewed in the shadows of Lookout Mountain, Boulder Beer Company's Mojo Ipa. Another good IPA, a little milder on the hop side. Not as good as the Titan IMO but still a good beer.


First up, Denver - The Mile High City. Great Divide Brewing Company's Titan IPA. Another awesome IPA, very hoppy upfront and then it settles to a nice balanced beer.

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Since I couldn't make it the DuClaw release last night, Kim brought a little DuClaw home to me.


And to make the experience complete, fresh DuClaw jambalaya. Nice and spicey!


Ah, so that's why Kim was so willing to pick me up a growler. She wanted some too! I'm glad we got some more of this. Good stuff!


Although last night's release was actually the Sawtooth Whit Beer, I actually requested more of the 13 Degrees Hefe before it was gone for the summer. Go figure. Sawtooth sounds like a good growler fill for next weekend.


Best wife ever!

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