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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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Time to try another Double IPA, Avery's Maharaja.


The malts really over-powered it once it warmed up, almost to the point that is was way to sweet. I really enjoyed their stouts but I think I'll Pass on Avery's IPA offerings.


This one threw me a bit, it seems way to malty to be a DIPA. I know some are more balanced then others but it was tough to taste the hops and thats not what I expect from this style. Having said that, I thought it was very good, just not what I expected.

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Earlier today was my first day in Omaha this summer. My dad and I went down to the beer block near downtown earlier today. This small block is all owned by the same person. There is Beertopia, the best place to buy rare beers in Omaha, and Crescent Moon Ale House, Huber Haus, and Max's Belgian Beer Bar right next door to Beertopia.


I was happy with my experience at Crescent Moon Ale House, we had lunch there, I had a sourdough burger that was very tender.


Beertopia was pretty sweet too, it'd be nice if it was a little larger, but it had an impressive selection despite that.


Onto the pictures...


Really nicely balanced IPA. The hops don't come through quite as cleanly as some of the West Coast ones I am used to, but it's sweet up front and has some nice grapefruit bitterness at the end. Overall I've liked the stuff from Boulder so far.


Second beer of the night, the Mojo IPA brewed by Boulder. I picked this up from creating my own sixer. 6.8% ABV.


It was pretty extreme. It tasted almost like a strong apple cider. Could definitely taste clove, cinnamon, honey, and raisins. Also had a rum type of alcohol flavor and warmth to it. A nice beer but not really up my alley.


Back at my Dad's house, later at night, I decide to get out the Aventinus Eisbock I picked up at Beertopia. 12% ABV.


Here is the cooler where they allow you to create your own six pack, for $7.99 A great idea I wish BevMo would employ.


I took a couple pictures of the coolers inside Beertopia. Here's the first.


Here is Max's Belgian Beer bar, also not opened at this time of day...


All of their stuff that is available on tap was on this list.


Blurry again, I suck!!! Here's some of the new stuff they had. They had the glassware to serve it in too.


Kinda blurry but, this is a display of a ton of retired taps they had on the Crescent Moon Ale House's wall.


The bar in the Huber Haus. Too bad this wasn't opened yet, maybe we will go back before I leave...


Picture 1 of the Huber Haus, they weren't open yet...


Boulevard's Cream of Wheat on tap. Boulevard is located in Kansas City, Missouri. This is one of their stouts on top of one of their wheats. It was good.


My Sourdough Burger and Fries. Really good hamburger they used in this.


First beer of the day, the Hopluia on tap from Spilker Ales in Cortland, Nebraska. An English IPA. Pretty good.

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Last night I decided to break out a bottle of some Clipper City that I got a couple of weeks back. I tried the beer before at a beer fest many years ago, but didn't remember that much about it, let's see how it is.


an ok beer. Not really as flavorful as some of the other imperial stouts out there, but still on the good side


Next, Clipper City's Heavy Seas Peg Leg Imperial Stout. Been awhile since I've had this


This is just really enjoyable. Light in body with good lemon and honey tastes to help balance out the light hops and malt


First, some Reading Premium, don't want to start too heavy

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Time for the results of the latest batch from your own residential home brewer. Moved from a standard bitter to an Oatmeal Stout for batch number two and it comes in at a drinkable 4.5% abv. It's been settling in the barrel for just over a week now and once again the difference in quality between the kits that I used to do and a full grain mash are there for the tasting. I'm finding the Full Mash produces a much smoother beer in general where as the kits could be quite harsh at times.


Yup, that's another success and maybe my plans to open a Micro Brewery aren't so daft after all....


Mmmm, a subtle hint of chocolate mixed with the distinct flavour of the Oats.


Well it's black so that's got to be a good start, hasn't it?

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^ Looking good Juggler. You'll be up to Imperial Stouts in no time!


It was cool here again yesterday, so I thought I'd get into another new to me Stout.


Ooooh. I like it! Nice medium body with a silky sweetness the whole way through. A nicely drinkable Stout!


The Boonville Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout.

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Decided to try something different tonight, Dogfish Head's Aprihop.


I really enjoyed this, it still had nice hops to go with apricot flavor. I'll have to pick up a 4 pack of this before it sells out. I really want to check out the Festina Peche now as well.

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^ Looking good Juggler. You'll be up to Imperial Stouts in no time!


Well the actual method of brewing isn't all that tricky it just takes time. The real trick is going to be doing some true research into how to flavour the beers by using different malts and hops. I also want to look into how and when I introduce other flavours into the brew to produce unique recipes that I can hopefully take forward into a business environment.


As for Imperial Stouts....


Funny you should mention those seeing as there is a recipe for one in my brewing book!

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I decided to make last night Sweetwater night since I enjoyed both those brews Joe got me a few weeks ago.


Yup, this one is good in its own way too. Excellent balance


Followed by the 420 Extra Pale Ale


It's got a different taste from a lot of IPAs, great grapefruit taste and nice fizzy carbonation


First, the IPA, which I really like

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My dad and I went down to Dundee Dell yesterday, it's a nice place inside. Looks pretty high class and has these bookshelfs with library books and references on them. I didn't know we would stop there for a pint, so I didn't have my camera... I had a pint of Smithwicks, which is new to me, it was pretty good. My dad had a Blue Moon, which is pretty much his favorite.


Later last night I tried two new beers from Beertopia.


My dad's dog Joey was hanging out with me in the "basement" after the others went to bed.


Yummy! This porter isn't over-carbonated like some, and had a nice head. Not sure whether I like Black Butte Porter or this better.


Rogue's Mocha Porter. 5.3% ABV. Can't find this one im bombers at BevMo, only six packs, glad they had bombers at Beertopia of this.


This wheat was pleasant. Had some nice citrus up front and it fades into some clove and spicyness. The banana is a bit hard to pick out, but it's there too. I liked it.


Flying Dog's In-Heat Wheat. About 6% ABV.

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Back to the light summer drinking last night with something new from Great Divide.


Wow, definitely different but in a good way. Lots of tangy citrus character and sweet crispness makes for some tasty drinking.


The latest year round release from Great Divide. The Samurai Ale. Brewed with rice and weighing in at an easy drinking 5% ABV.

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Tonight I was going to head down to Capone's for some Bell's goodness, but then realized I've got plenty of Bell's around here! (sorry, Matt ) Instead, some work friends and I went to Union Jacks to enjoy the nice weather for once this week, and when Tom (the owner) found out I was there, he broke out the awesomeness!!


and this be my Hop Stoopid face. Loaded with pine flavor, this double IPA really packs in the forest. Union Jacks rules in my book, and I can't wait to go back!


and to end my night, what's that making a special undocumented appearance on tap once the Sly Fox Chinook IPA kicked??? Why it's none other than Lagunitas' Hop Stoopid!!!


None other than Dave, who last tried the Stone Smoked Porter 10 months ago. The anise, coffee, and alcohol really come out in this beer


Meanwhile, upon my recommendation for one of the top beers in America, the Stone Imperial Russian Stout would be enjoyed by...


This, my friends, is the face of shock, as I've finally found a Southern Tier beer that I didn't loathe


Next for me would be the Hop Sun from Southern Tier, an American Pale Wheat Ale


where Dave went for the Dale's Pale Ale from Oskar Blues. I shoulda went that route instead of earning the credit


...the Snapperhead IPA from Butternuts in upstate New York. Farmhouse?? IPA?? All Malt??? WTF!?!?!!?


next in line, some canned micros. For me, some blah IPA...


and his wife, and a great nurse, Roni loved the Orange Blossom. Score more points for me!


Dave dug the Mocha


The Buffalo Bills Orange Blossom and Rogue Mocha Porter would be for some work friends...


Upon seeing the list, my first move, of course, was the Naked Elf by Troegs, woohoo!!


The "current" draft list, though something on it is about to kick...


A Friday night in the summer, no better place than Union Jacks on the Manatawny

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^^ Wow, props to Union Jacks getting Hop Stoopid on tap, would never have expected that out in Pennsylvania.


I tried three more last night from Beertopia.


Going over to the Horseshoe tonight in Council Bluffs to play some poker.


Wow, it is brutally bitter. It seems a lot more bitter than DIPAs and stuff because the hop flavor isn't pronounced. It's a really good ESB though if you don't mind the bitterness, and lord knows I don't!


Rogue's Brutal Bitter. Finally able to find another Rogue brew I haven't tried in a bomber.


Reminds me a bit of Old Rasputin because it is quite hoppy for an Imperial Stout. It's a bit more refined though from the oak aging, definitely deserves its spot in the top 50.


Great Divide's Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout. 9.5% ABV. #49 on the BA top 100.


Way out of balance towards the hops side for the style, but that's okay with me. It actually has a really nice grapefruit flavor, very tasty.


Hazed and Infused, from Boulder Brewing. It's an American Pale Ale that is dry hopped.

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Since it's soon time for Anniversary 11, I figured it was as good a time as any to enjoy some of my last of the Stone 10th IPA. Tonight would be that night.


As it ages, it's definitely more alcohol tasting, but still packs a great hop punch. Hopefully the 11 is just as good as the 10.


Great stuff, but being an IPA, they really shouldn't be aged. Time to put more of this to rest.

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Well it's once again time for my buddy Greg to make his way up from South Carolina for a visit this weekend.


On Saturday we decided to make a visit up to Harrisburg and Troegs. Greg really enjoys the Troegs when he's up visiting and hasn't been to the brewery since their remodeling last year so a vist was in order.


But first, lunch at a new to us establishment that only about 5 minutes from the brewery...


Greg and I finish up with some Troegenator (amongst other stuff) before taking off and ending another fun visit to Troegs. Today, it's off to Selin's Grove Brewing and Knoebels so look for pics from Derek or I soon...


The new Dead Reckoning Porter was being fully represented now at the brewery. Complete with all new swag for it as well.


You know it's busy at the brewery when they do the first tour and this is still the amount of people left behind to hang out and drink free samples.


It's a Belgian Triple this go around and was pretty darn quaffable.


They still had some Scratch #3 left. Better get me a case before it's gone.


Yeah, back at Troegs!


While Greg finished up with a Troegenator and another Naked Elf, I end things with a Hopback Amber. Wow, I forgot how good this was!


The food here was decent consisting of mostly Irish style entrees and other pub grub style stuff. Here I have a corned beef reuben.


I opt for the always awesome Summertime treat of some Dreamweaver Wheat.


Greg enjoyed the Mad Elf so much last time he was here that he naturally has to go for the Naked Elf on this trip.


Kim says "Finally a Troegs beer that I can drink 3 of and not feel a thing!"


They even have a special non-alcoholic Ginger Beer that Troegs brews specially for them.


As well as some other heavy hitters like Dogfish 90 Min and Stone Ruination on the other beer engine. I like this place!


One of our reasons for stopping by was McGrath's is considered to be the "unofficial" beer bar of Troegs. Since you can't buy a pint at the brewery, this is someplace really nearby that you can along with some food. And they had some nice choices too.


The place was actually a lot nicer than I had expected. Lot's of Irish Pub theming (but not overdone like some places) and a really nice bar area with more dining room in the back.


McGrath's Pub. Conveniently located right in downtown Harrisburg and more even more conveniently just down the street from where I work. :)

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Thought it was time I stopped in here again ..... it's been a while!

Popped into Tesco the other night & I found .....


It tasted very nice, but didn't last very long!!


But I can't understand why British supermarkets only ever seem to stock ONE variety from a particular brewery's selection!

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Just to let you know what tonight's beverage is (the Steam was last night!)

Red Dragon from the Breconshire Brewery. It says here " Vast amounts of crystal malts are blended into a complex grist of malted barley & wheat. A blend of hops provide the bite to compliment the biscuity malt characteristics of this exceptionally smooth premium ale."

Sounds good to me!


Even Munkeh likes it! A gorgeous red colour & a flavour to match!


A lively 4.7% (1047 O.G)

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Today it was off to Knoebels for a few summer rides, but first, a stop at Selins Grove.


Then it was off to Knoebels for some fun in pretty perfect weather


and a Cream Ale for me to call it a day at SGBC until PPP.


Second round saw Greg and Heath going with porters, Greg the White Horse, Heath the Organic Baltic


Heath agrees that the IPA one brew that goes great with the hand pump


The place was hit pretty hard from Friday and Saturday (as usual), but we still managed to score some of their fantastic IPA, this time on cask


I would say the hop vines outside are ripe for the picking, meaning soon shall come their hop harvest ale, the Hop Nouveau


Back to the little brewery in the basement, Selins Grove, one of the coolest microbreweries ever

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Who needs Bell's? I'm making a run for Bell's in two weeks, for the Great Lakes Beerfest in Racine. Go me.


Abra (my wife for those of you not in the know), was appalled at the amount of Octoberfest stuff out already on our Friday afternoon run for beer. Sadly, it means summer is coming to an end. Happily, it means my favorite beer time of the year is approaching! Pumpkin brews.....mmmmm.

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Someone important said beer is proof God loves us (see Heath's sig), I'm starting to think beer is God's way of helping us get through mondays.


Next I had a Long Hammer IPA from Red Hook. This one was a disapointment, way to light and even a watered down taste. This would be a week Pale ale much less an IPA.


Started tonight with my 1st offering from Rogue, Dead Guy Ale. A nice hoppy twist on an amber ale, it was very good. Only negative is that I only bought one, I'll have to fix that.

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Only one beverage last night, but it was a surprisingly good Monday (and next Monday will be even better!)


Very heady and not too powerful, but a good stout for a warm day. Good mixture of coffee and oats


Tonight, more of that Strike Out Stout from Cooperstown

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Time to try some new IPA's. Tonight one from the east coast and one from the west coast.


Next up was Loast Coast's Indica IPA. A more balanced IPA as seems to be the style on the west coast. This was much better then the Avery IPA's I tried. The malts balanced the beer rather than overpowering the hops and I really like that it's unfiltered. I still prefer the east coast IPA's from what I've tried so far. They seem to be hoppier and personally that's why I reach for an IPA.


First up, Harpoon's Ipa. An east coast style IPA. I thought this was great, very similar to DFH's 60 Minute.

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Last night, in preparation for another bout of insane BACT Attack Extreme this weekend, I thought I'd kick things off with a little Nor Cal goodness.


Aaaaah. Fantastic! This was supposed to be a "off" year for the Bigfoot but I wouldn't know. The hops seemed to have aged nicely to meld with that distinctive Bigfoot yeasty/malty chewiness. And don't forget that hot alcohol finish. Yowzas!


But I'm not done yet. Got to get the ole' liver primed with some 2-a-days this week! Next up, we'll stick with Sierra Nevada and a bottle of 06 Bigfoot Barleywine.


And it's very nice! Just a ton of Cascade hops in the aroma and taste that reminds me a lot of their Celebration Ale. Good stuff!


First up, the Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale. Celebrating 27 years of yummy beers. Unfortunately, the timing on this seems off because of recent sad circumstances.

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Such great weather as of late, I figured I'd take this one outside.


Awww yes, the Rye Pale Ale proves that Rye can be good in something, just not in barleywines (sorry to break that to you, Weyerbacher!)


Time for more Terrapin goodness. I so wish this stuff was distributed up here, especially cumbersome since it's still actually brewed in Maryland!

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