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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

P. 372: Serengeti Flyer swing ride announced!

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Yesterday I had the chance to visit Busch Gardens Tampa Bay for the Generation Nature Live! experience with Bindi Irwin, including the VIP breakfast offering. I also was able to do the Serengeti Safari tour experience for the first time as well. Both were fantastic added offerings for an already incredibly fun park, and I'd strongly consider doing both again.


We started our morning out at the Crown Colony House...


While waiting in line for a photo op with Bindi Irwin and her mother, we were treated to some up-close encounters with some rare creatures, including this beautiful owl.


Both were genuine and friendly and were truly appreciative that people had come out to visit them.


This other unique bird was a beauty to see in person.


There was an all-you-care-to-enjoy breakfast spread included in the cost of the VIP experience, taking place in the former Crown Colony Restaurant space.


Before heading over to the Stanleyville Theatre for the Generation Nature: Live! show, we rode the Skyride to get over to Stanleyville.


The Skyride delivers an incredibly close up view of Cheetah Hunt...


Gwazi closed last week but it isn't expected that anything will happen to the ride structure anytime soon.


Bindi Irwin hosted the Generation Nature: Live! show, which was actually recorded to be included in a future webisode of the series.


The first animal to be brought to the stage was an Echidna.


Next this Hornbill Stork strutted around the stage.


A Laughing Kookaburra made its signature call for the audience.


A four year old kangaroo was brought to the audience next.


After the show several extra animals were brought forth for people to pet and see.


I melted for this sloth!


Some more up-close encounters.


Over in Jungala we were lucky to see one lounging Orangutan up close.


This tiger in Jungala kept circling the glass, looking through to the other side towards a female tiger in the opposite enclosure.


The park's train does a great job of interacting with many of the park's attractions. This unique view of Sheikra can only be found from the train itself.


Next up was the Serengeti Safari, which provided the closest interactions to this part of Cheetah Hunt that I've had since the ride was first being built.


So close!


And awesome views at that!


So you ride on a standing jeep for a total of 30 minutes throughout the park's Serengeti area.


We drove right up to five white rhinos, just hanging out in some shallow pools.


Some wildebeest enjoying the shade...


The highlight of the Serengeti Safari is an up-close feeding experience with several of the park's giraffes.


With lettuce in hand, you get to feed the giraffes, pet their necks and pose for some great photos!


When they told me you get close to the giraffes, they weren't lying!


This is just SOOO awesome!


I couldn't get enough if I tried!


These creatures are a spectacle to witness in person.


And to see them up close...


This close...


Is just magical.


After our Serengeti Safari was over we walked along the Edge of Africa trails to see the animals there. This Lion was just napping for the day, enjoying the cool weather.


This Hyena was eying us down like we were dinner.


"Megacroc vs. Sharknado" coming in 2018!


The Edge of Africa has a really neat hippo enclosure that allows you to see the hippos partially from above and below.


Cheetah Hunt looks amazing from any angle.


The recent 5X the Fury merchandise is already out of date since the closure of Gwazi.


Speaking of which... The portion of the queue building facing Morocco still has the ride's sign up...


But the main entrance of the attraction is now unmarked. It should be noted that the park map still lists Gwazi as an attraction and the daily attraction closure signs do not list Gwazi as closed, so it can be quite confusing for guests.


The former entrance of the attraction is now walled off from guest access.


Over by Walkabout Way, the former Critter Castaways theater is now entirely removed and a large new topiary is being built in prep for the park's new Food and Wine Festival happening next month.


Since we were already here...


We stopped in to see some kangaroos.


Nearly pulled off a "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" photo here.


I can never stop looking at this awesome structure...


That's all for today folks!

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Yesterday I had the chance to visit Busch Gardens Tampa Bay for the Generation Nature Live! experience with Bindi Irwin, including the VIP breakfast offering. I also was able to do the Serengeti Safari tour experience for the first time as well. Both were fantastic added offerings for an already incredibly fun park, and I'd strongly consider doing both again.


I kinda hate you from jealousy right now. Getting to meet the Irwins and party with Giraffes?! You lucky little...

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Pheonix is staying its getting work done or budget cuts shut it down for now.


The new attraction in Egypt will be a family coaster to basically fill the void left by rhino rally and it will go out over the plains.



Its weird that they are adding a family launch after adding a "family launch coaster." A Mack Spinning Coaster or something else would make more sense to me. Or a Justice League African Themed Shooter Dark Ride



A Mack Launch would make more logic at SeaWorld.

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I've also heard a rumor that Mack would be the mfg. for the next coaster. I would be curious if they add an Aurthur-type ride similar to the one at (awesome) Europa Park. It would be the 'first' of its kind in the USA and BGT could incorporate a cool theme for another family-style coaster and indoors!

Just a thought.

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Nothing wrong with the park adding another family coaster. I mean they do have three giant 54" coasters and they just got the 54" Falcon's Fury and they just took out two 48" coasters so another family coaster sounds great.

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1 Tornado at Bakken-style Intamin Spinning coaster please. Thank you in advance BGT.

That would be amazing but what I have been hearing lately is that it will be a Mack. But I think it could be possible that we will be seeing a Intamin spinner because they have a. Good relationship with Bush Gardens. I think the main problem with an Intamin is that it can't hold a lot of people. Could it handle the parks crowds?

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^There has to be something penciled in for long term-development. That area of land currently holds two wooden coasters, a concert arena, the open space where an outdoor theater once stood, and then another blank area of grass about 1/3rd the size of Gwazi. The space is big enough to fit anything really, including one or two entirely new lands.

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Both Intamin and Mack have good relationships with Sea World IMO. Their products will both fit perfectly to the park. But to be honest, I guess 80% of people will say they are more excited if it's from Intamin.


After the problems Busch had with Cheetah Hunt and especially Falcons Fury, I doubt the relationship between SeaWorld/Busch and Intamin is that great..

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