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Thorpe Park Discussion Thread

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Surprised no one has posted a link to the rest of the photos


Can I see a fire-engine Look forward to seeing the rest of the theming .


That is the Fire Engine that was used during the Thorpe Blows It Up Event, I don't remember seeing anything in the plans for a Fire Engine on the Swarm Island, although it would probably fit right in!

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No, I mean any plans for the ride entrance? aka. What will it look like


The picture I posted on the previous page, you can see the entrance on the bottom right. It will be located where the first set of brakes after the inline twist is.


As for the entrance to the island, it will be on the right side of the Flying Fish coaster.

The entrance under Stealth is for the other island, that is yet to be developed.

Source: http://newsplusnotes.blogspot.com/

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Update from the Dev Diary... It looks incredible!








Tight Fit!!!


Also, info from The Mania Hub Forums



This has been placed on Youtube from a company called Taylor North West with the description


Test video produced for Taylor North West to demonstrate a pump system for a future ride at Thorpe Park


Could we be seeing a splashdown effect during one of the low turns?

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As a former 'Plane Spotter' this is kinda annoying me, the wing with the two engines at the bottom of the drop is clearly a Boeing 747. The plane that we are seeing pictures of now is clearly a Airbus A320/A321.


I'm sure that the GP won't notice it at all, but i kinda dislike it...


Well it could also be that they want to have it look like that two planes have crashed but that would be a bit odd IMO.


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