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What is it about Kingda Ka?

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After such long downtime this season I cannot imagine the park would even consider risking damaging the ride further and rush to reopen it without being sure it was fixed. They apparently had to invest a hefty penny this year to get it up and running today.

With the way the budgets seem to have been I am fairly certain the SF would have had no problem closing the ride for the season if they needed to in order to fix it properly.

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I was there today (for Coaster101) when the ride reopened around 1215pm. Sooo thrilled (and SOOO lucky)! Here's what I posted there:


Kingda Ka, ever since the cable broke two years ago, has launched in three parts. The first got the train going a bit, the second kicked in after the first had already let up, and the third kicked in halfway down the launch track to get the train up to speed. It basically sucked. There was no feeling, and on a straightaway where you should be pressed into your seat you were constantly falling forwards and being pushed back again because of how the launch was staggered.


Now with the new launch engine (which we were on the...12th train out I believe!) it all launches at once. It's one constant increase in speed, though still a bit too weak at the very start to produce the feeling that Dragster does. Regardless, it's much better than before.


As for that stupid 'airtime' hill after the drop, I learned today that it's only worth it in the front seat. It is SUCH a rush to see yourself barrelling over that thing at 100+ mph.


Unfortunately, Ka is still too rough to beat out Dragster. I don't know what went wrong -- Intamin had all its engineering done for it thanks to Dragster already being a proven design. It must've been something in construction (track pieces not being fabricated or constructed precisely enough?), because Ka rides too rough for something that's going that speed.


I still can't believe we managed to go on the first day it's been open in almost three months!


Good to have it back!

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Rode Kingda Ka twice today, it was my first times so I can't say how it runs compared to how it used to. BUT with having the flash pass it warns when rides re open. And I can say that breakdowns were frequent, I counted 10 notices that I saw (there xould have been more that I didn't notice). One of these was for an hour and a half. In all fairness one closure was due to a nosebleed once returning to the station, so they had to clean up. It does appear tho that breakdowns are fairly frequent, most of these appearerd to be resolved within the 10-15 min time frame.

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^10-15 minute down times on ka are cause by the same thing that causes dragster to have so many 10-15 minute downtimes. They are called "drift to hooks" and it's when the train does not engage on the catch car. Simply back the trains up and reset! Intamin needs to work that little kink out. Ka may not be a super amazing ride but it's good that it's finally reopened.

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I personally never really noticed the triple tug on Ka, but glad to hear it is running nicely now. I ALSO never noticed any roughness on Ka.. Okay, maybe a teensy bit more than you get on Dragster, but nothing to whine about. If people hear it's rough in the back, you know the solution to that? DON'T RIDE IN THE BACK, it's not that hard!

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