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  1. It looks good so far no doubt, but beef I have with players of RCT2 is that when they post updates they post pictures of incomplete things so it makes it look less good than what it will be like. So far I do think it has a lot of potential but I hate the colour choice on a lot of things. I HATE the bright yellow/blue combo for the castle, but the architecture of the castle is nice. You picked a lot of white too which is kinda blah. Otherwise, nice work!
  2. The new area: THE HAUNTED FOREST Architecture isn't the greatest and it's not the most detailed, but overall I think it looks okay. It's home to Hell (a flyer that goes underground a lot), the Dungeon (an inverter), and the Haunted Forest (a maze where there are creepy people and you have to collect a certain amount of checkpoints to win the best time, dunno if youguys have ever done mazes like that).. The queue area for Hell and some of the beginning of it. Random shots, and here is an overview of the area:
  3. SFKK339, really?! Boss and Kentucky Rumbler above Maverick? Boss was fun the first ride that I took in the front but all the other rides were absolutely terrible.. Rumbler was just not even worthy of really even top twenty for me.. Voyage however <3 How did you not get airtime on that?!
  4. ^ Mean Streak is not in the same league of roughness as Son of Beast.. It has some rattling and it's not a pleasant ride, but it's certainly not as bad. Son of Beast is PAINFUL and at this point looks like it probably won't be operational for a while at least .
  5. I just went to La Ronde recently, and well, I expect that if you can fit on any other B&M hypers, you'll be able to fit on Goliath as well. Le Monstre, well, would it really be a shame if you missed out on it? It sucks.. But I expect you would fit because the restraints don't come down far at all. For your sake I hope you don't fit on Cobra because it's terrible. If you can fit on any other BTR clones, you should be fine on Vampire.. You should be able to fit on the kiddies, or at least Dragon. I didn't ride Toboggan Nordique, but it's a pretty standard mouse ride so if you can fit on those you should be okay, but as for Marche du Milles Pattes, you won't even be able to ride if you don't have a kid. And again, Super Manege is a standard Corkscrew and Boomerang is a standard Boomerang.. If you've fit on those before, you're solid. Basically everything there is a repeat/very similar to things at other parks so if you've been on similar rides you should know if you'll fit or not!
  6. Aw noo, I like HB land because it brings back memories from my first trips there as a youngin! Nick Central is okay but I just kinda ran in there and out to get my Silver Streak credit. Will they be keeping the names of like, Ghoster Coaster and for example, the Spongebob show, or will those be redone?
  7. Okay I have a new one to add to the list.. LE mo-fuckin' COBRA at La Ronde. It was like a freakin' stand up version of Son of Beast though I expect it would not have been AS bad if I didn't have so many earrings, but either way, it sucked and it's something I'd never go back on. so, Son of Beast, Cobra, and Wild Beast are the three rides I'd actually consider unenjoyably rough.
  8. Yay, Canadian parks It sucks that Wonderland was busy for you, but I hear it is busy all the time. I went on the 17th of this month and it was pretty bad, but last year I went around this time and it wasn't bad at all.. But yeah last week I saw the Behemoth line coming out of the queue area and onto the midway, but they get the trains out fast so I wouldn't expect it would have been more than an hour wait. Sucks you didn't get your back row ride.. It's incredible in the back, and when I went on it, it was running trimless which was even more delicious! Wonderland definitely has a nice atmosphere though, so even if it's busy, you can still walk around and enjoy the sights and stuff, which is another thing I like about the park. Shame most of the other lines were full, and it sucks that you picked Fligth Deck over Sky Rider (which is one of my favourite things in the park actually).. Also I don't think Time Warp is that bad either, but I did skip it when I went last time. The operations this year, or at least when I went, were pretty crappy too in terms of like, having rides being broken because I saw Sledgehammer, Drop Zone, Jet Scream, Psyclone, and Riptide all closed at some point throughout the day. Glad you had fun though.. Don't worry about the missed credits! I didn't have all my credits at Wonderland until this year.. Had to get Silver Streak and Fly, and Fly was actually pretty scary!
  9. Okay, in order (only counting official parks listen on IMDB, not fairs): Wildzone Adventures Cedar Point Kings Island (new) Holiday World (new) Beech Bend (new) Kennywood (new) Waldameer (new) Cedar Point again Michigan's Adventure Six Flags Great America (new) Six Flags St. Louis (new) La Ronde (new) Canada's Wonderland So in total, 12 separate parks visited, compared to my usual park or two.. Can't say it has been a mad season! And the best thing is, eight of those twelve parks were new for me.
  10. I personally never really noticed the triple tug on Ka, but glad to hear it is running nicely now. I ALSO never noticed any roughness on Ka.. Okay, maybe a teensy bit more than you get on Dragster, but nothing to whine about. If people hear it's rough in the back, you know the solution to that? DON'T RIDE IN THE BACK, it's not that hard!
  11. ^ I dunno who he is but yes your hair does look pretty damn similar .
  12. ^ Thanks! Some of them have to be appreciated because of how much they hurt (like my septum.. and my hips.. oww). That's some pretty B.A. hair you have goin on there as well
  13. I think this is even worse than whoring for a new credit.. In 2006 I was at Cedar Point and some people I was with needed their Jr. Gemini credit, and I felt like riding too (even though I already had the credit), so we all "kidnapped" little kids so we could all ride. I think some other noteable coasters I've shamefully been on are: -Ravine Flyer 3 -Lil Phantom
  14. Have you ever been to a park and not been on all the coasters? Maybe you went when you were young and were to scared? Or have you ever driven by a park and not gone in? For me it's: -Every credit at Darien Lake besides the kiddie coaster -Kraken -Drove by Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom but didn't go in -Three kiddie/family coasters at Wonderland -A kiddie coaster at Great Adventure -Batman and Robin: the Chiller (it closed for good right before I went) -Steel Venom back when it was at Geauga Lake So what did you guys miss out on?
  15. I'm almost certain a coaster count topic has been done before, but I don't see a recent one, nor do I see one with park count as well. Soo, how many coasters have you been on, and how many parks have you been to (you can list the parks if you want)? Here is mine: Coaster count- 115 Park count- 23
  16. I drive a dark blue/purple minivan which I named Vanessa. It has a pink and white stripe decal on the side and a decal of a witch flying on a broomstick on the back window. Yay!
  17. 1. I have had 20 piercings (took two out though, boo) 2. I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do 3. I'm also a haunted house enthusiast and keep counts/reviews of all the haunted attractions I've been to 4. I still sleep with stuffed animals 5. I can't have kids
  18. Evel Knievel! I don't see the point in posting a picture though.. You guys should know what it looks like .
  19. ^ Thanks! As for the colours of the drop tower, I made it red, so I'll post a screenie of that when I get one, and you guys can tell me whether it looks better than the brown.
  20. ^ Yeah, really, I think if I didn't have such high hopes for it, I would have liked it a LOT better..
  21. Here's the new drop tower, Mind Shaft (play on words from Mine Shaft): I'm changing the colour of the tower to deep red, because the brown blends in too much.
  22. Yeah I thought it sucked. I mean it wasn't horrible or anything, I had just heard such great things about it and it was just pretty much a drop, a turn, and the brakes. Didn't make my top twenty or anything. I decided that although Legend is a bit rough, it still has a great layout and more substance, so I found that to be a better ride.
  23. I'm lovin' the report so far man! Beech Bend I didn't like very much, probably because I was so disappointed with Rumbler. The only flat I went on was Tornado, and it almost made me sick, haha. I'm upset about SFKK because I drove by it but didn't end up going in, grr. Holiday world I absolutely loved! It exceeded my expectations, and though Raven was a huge disappointment and Legend was very mediocre, I loved loved loved Voyage! I can't wait to go back, if only for that coaster. Plunge was surprisingly scary. Free lemonade as well <3
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