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TPR's Termination Day! Sunday, June 28th, 2009

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Thanks again for an awesome event. Is there going to be any footage from the day? Just curious


And atem122 nice job with your video. I almost melted when I saw the Tatsu dusk footage. It was simply beautiful.

Thanks that means a lot. Last time I was at SFMM I only had my regular camera there and caught a picture like that, I was so happy that everything was in the exact same condition and I had my camcorder with me

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Is there going to be any footage from the day? Just curious.

I didn't take any footage from the day, sorry. I was hoping to post a full POV of Termination Salvation: The Ride, but I'm still waiting to get my hands on it. Once I do, I will post it!



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We just got home after a day spent sightseeing in Hollywood and a nice drive up the coast. Everyone in the family says THANK YOU VERY MUCH to TPR and SFMM for the great time we had at Termination day. It was nice to meet a few more TPR regulars and see some now familiar faces again. Despite heat that rivaled the surface of the sun, we had one of our best days ever at the park. Thanks again for all that you do.

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"If you haven't ridden Terminator Salvation the ride...at night...between the 10:26 and 11:04...when the moon is full...and two crows are pertched atop Sky Tower...and there is fudge melting in your pocket...then you haven't ridden Terminator Salvation: The Ride!"


Nice jab at those Magnum XL-200 fans.


Nice pictures, makes me wish they would build another woodie over in England. But that isn't going to happen in a hurry so I won't dwell on it.


P.S. Can't wait for a POV of this thing!

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hahaha after not sleeping for 40 hours, I have to say I had one of the best times at this event! I love GCI coasters, and this is no exception easily the best woodie (roller coaster) in California. And it's only btter at night. My favorite part is sitting toward the front, getting blinded by the fire (cause you know you look) and that little dip coming from nowhere.


A huge thank you to Robb, Elissa, and all of SFMM managment and staff for putting on such an awesome event for us all! My only gripe would have been the little hiccup right at ten , but extending the ERT for us more then made up for it (that and running up the back stairs instead of all the way around and through the pre-shows for even more rides was awesome) and of course the party was awesome as always, great people and fun. I hope some of you enjoyed my TPR Trivia answers!

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Speaking of trivia answers, Robb...

I was pretty sure there was something spoken right as you leave the station, and at night ERT I heard it. "This is our war."


I know the audio track pretty well now since I spent half the night providing it for the broken audio train. I practically lost my voice, but had a blast doing it!

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Thanks to Robb, Elissa, & SFMM for putting together such a great event! ERT was great (especially at night when the train was just flying through the course). The Day was HOT, but the fountains in Thomas Town helped out alot. The crowds were a bit heavy, but my group paced ourselves and we were able to do quite a bit without having to wait in line much. The shirts are awesome. Only now did I notice what the serial number under the bar code on the front of the shirt said...very clever Robb .

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Nice pics Robb! You captured our first ride ever on Terminator! (We're in the front row of the "Awesome hair in the front row!" pic hehe). Btw, is there any chance I could get the high resolution version of that pic?


That pic was also taken right before Brittney got her first bee sting . Right when the fire shot out on our first ride, she got stung by a bee! We initially thought it was a spark or a flying splinter of wood since we didn't see the bee itself, but Britt went to first aid since it hurt and we didn't know what it was, and they confirmed it was a bee sting.


Anyways... back on topic... As everyone has said already... this event rocked! I had only gotten an hour of sleep the night before, and was basically a zombie by the end, but it still was amazing!


Robb and Elissa's party was a great place to be beat the heat in the afternoon... and it was fun seeing some of the TPR dvds in the theater. We're always shy so we didn't really talk to many people, but the party was still fun and we really appreciated it. Thanks Robb and Elissa for giving us somewhere fun to go rather than melting in the sun during the middle of the day.


Once the sun set, the weather became just perfect. We headed over to terminator at 9:45 and got in line a little early for night ERT. At first, it really looked like it was going to be a flop. We got in line at 9:45 and didn't get into the preshow rooms until 10:15. We had to watch the preshows, and eventually got on the coaster at 10:30 (they were running half empty trains while we were in the preshows). So, a 45 minute wait was somewhat disappointing, and at that point it appeared we'd only get about 2 rides total in before they closed... But boy did magic mountain turn it around after the first ride. Once the GP left, and they opened up the preshow rooms and let us walk right through, things flowed perfectly. (eventually, we found the secret staircase entrance too, so we could just walk right back around after riding). They decided to let ERT go an extra 30 minutes... which more than made up for the problems. We had a solid hour with 0 lines... it was a total blast. The ride operator was hilarious... and everyone had an amazing time. I got 11 rides in for night ERT, and Brittney got about 8 before she started feeling sick and sat the rest out (she gets motion sickness if she rides too many times in a row). All in all, it was a wonderful day, and an especially wonderful night. Terminator really comes to life at night. I love that the ride is kept completely dark, which makes the red lights in the tunnels and the fire stand out that much more. I've only ridden woodies in California, but without a doubt Terminator is my favorite. Congrats to Magic Mountain on a real winner of a ride. And thanks to Magic Mountain, Robb & Elissa, and anyone else involved on a real winner of an event.


A few random pics from the day are below...


Bonus Pic #3: The tram ride became the highlight of our night, and was a great end to a great day at Magic Mountain! When we got off, the tram operator thanked us for riding the party bus lol.


Bonus Pic #2: See!? Everybody really was dancing around.


It's bonus pic time!!!!


Bonus Pic #1: On the tram ride back to our cars, they were playing "We Like To Party" by Vengaboys. Everybody started dancing around!


The back half of the last train of the night.


I'm pretty sure this is the last train of the night as it pulled back into the station. Everyone applauded after a great hour of ERT.


My favorite picture! I'm pretty sure this was the last train of the night.


Brittney took all these night time ERT pics while I continued to ride. Here's a train creeping up into darkness. I love that there's almost no lighting on the ride.


And finally, nighttime ERT!!! It was pure amazingness!


Bumper cars! Brittney's car was broken and went SUPER slow (they took it into the maintenance shed after she got off). Needless to say, she got bumped like nobody's business.


We got back from the party just before sunset. Here's superman at sunset.


Taken while driving to the party at Robb and Elissa's. Why did I include this picture, you ask? Well, why not?


We took this pic over in Thomas Town. I love the conductor in the background! He was like 20 feet away, but still posed haha.


Tweety showed up at lunch, so we got a pic!


Vegetarian lunch (we didn't have much cuz we were planning on picking up some food later). The free unlimited fountain drinks were the greatest thing ever on such a hot day.


We did have a Magic Day! Thanks!


Brittney with the terminators during morning ERT. I had seen pictures of the theming beforehand, but I thought it was even cooler in person. I thought the theming was really great for Magic Mountain, and I hope they continue to do more of this in the future. (I would recommend turning down the volume in the last room though)


On the way to Terminator we saw these Geese lined up to ride the go karts. And the funny thing was, from the front of the line they started walking out onto the go kart track to go ride. But we didn't wait to watch them ride, because we had morning ERT to attend.


Before the park opened, this bee kept landing on the bag we had our sunscreen in. Apparently it was foreshadowing for what was to come!

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Dear goodness this event was indeed a success!!!!


I am really glad everyone had a wonderful time. I wonder who that Ride Dispatcher was I wonder???? hmmmmmm......


I wish everyone a grand evening and hopefully some cool weather is on the way from this triple heat wave effect. I hate the Heat.


and I am soo going to West Coast Bash 2010!!! hello....I went 2009 and it was a blast. soooo worth it. I cannot wait.

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Wasn't he the same ride op from Ninja at WCB? Hiya. Hiyaaa!


As has been said before, the event was awesome and we had a great time. Robb and Elissa put on another great event and the ERT was great despite Kobe trying to ruin it. Elissa it was also nice actually getting a couple of minutes to talk to you. You guys would have made awesome neighbors.


Thanks again for everything.

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Wow, what a great event! Even two days after it, I'm still shocked at how much fun I had. Overall, I took the tunnel 27 times on Sunday, thanks to ERT. Terminator is a fantastic ride and even more of a beast at night. Can't wait to ride it again. The party was a great time with great food and a bunch of meaningless trivia answers! Thanks Robb and Elissa for putting on such a great event, I can't wait till next time.


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Also, I forgot to ask: Was there any ERT on any other rides? Or was it just Terminater?

Let's see...


The event was called "Termination Day."


There have been about 6 pages of reports posted.


There have been at least 2 Photo Trip Reports posted.


Did you read them?


Did they make mention of any other rides during ERT?


Now ask yourself... Is this a stupid question?


--Robb "You've been posting for posting sake quite a LOT recently...stop it!" Alvey


Ps. You really need to start using a spell check too. Go back and see how you spelled Terminator. You spelled it about as good as you do "enthusiast."

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^Not to pile on, but his avatar makes me think he is going to eat me! Stop looking down at me. I don't taste good. There is nothing to eat here.


Just kidding, but the angle of that picture does get me. In regards to posting for posting's sake, this is a perfect example of a post with great substance. There is no way it can be seen as me posting just to post.

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The event was AMAZING!! and the TR was great, you captured almost every aspect of the day. I even made it into a couple pics this time.


I can't remember the last time I went to SFMM and then 2 days later I was dying to go back, but that's how I feel right now. I may have only got 7 rides in on Terminator (that's a lot for me) and you crazy people who rode it 35 times, you're just nuts


The night rides were OMFG amazing!! Thanks again to everyone at SFMM and Robb and Elissa for putting on another great event.

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