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TPR's Termination Day! Sunday, June 28th, 2009

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btw... what was up with the crane and Tatsu being down until the afternoon?


side note that cheap soak zone on the JetStream sucked, plus our boat on JetStream was beyond flooded when we stepped in (water up to your ankle). We had to put our feet on top of the seats... and that could be considered unsafe.

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All of our party also got to ride X2 for the first time ever and we LOVED it! That ride is insane! My shoulders are a little sore today from it but I can't wait to ride it again! A special hello to the 12 year-old TPR boys we met in line! You guys were polite, well-spoken, unchaperoned and great kids! I know you said you want to go on a big TPR trip someday and I hope all the young ones on the Deep South trip are just like you! Thanks for calming down us 30+ year-olds before we rode!


I remember you, I think you were the one that rode front row with me right?

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Thanks for another awesome event Robb, Elissa, Jay, and Neal! The morning ERT was awesome, and even though we couldn't stay for night ERT, I still feel we got our money's worth.


Yeah, Tatsu was down in the morning, anyone know anything? I asked the operator and it seems there was something that happened the day before, but it wouldn't hurt to know details.


Anyway, thanks for an awesome event...see you all at WCB 2010!

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I remember you, I think you were the one that rode front row with me right?


Actually, that was my best friend. I was the one that rode right after you all with my friend Jonathan.


Speaking of Tatsu being down (we were sad but will get it next time), the 11 year-old girl we were with all of the sudden comes to me during lunch and says, "They said Tatsu will be working later today." I asked her how she knew this and she pointed to Neal (I think that is who it was) and some other "suits" and told me she spoke with them and they were "really nice". I just thought that was pretty cool. I like management being so available and approachable. On our way out of lunch, we all made sure they understood how appreciative we were.

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Awesome event! Robb & Elissa and MM deserve a big props for hosting another awesome day. I hadn't been on Terminator, and the ride is definitely a lot of fun, and even more killer at night. Loved the intensity of the layout up through the last tunnel.

The audio definitely needs some tweaking (really had to strain to hear "Take The Tunnel!") but it's fun for what it is. Loved the fire and tunnels. They did a good job on the pre-show too, although I really got sick of it after a few runs through. To be fair, "You're at Six Flags Magic Mountain, bitch" is gonna be my new favorite saying.


The event was really great though, major kudos to everyone involved. The t-shirts looked AMAZING


Can't believe I missed KOBE BRYANT being there though.

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This event was excellent! I would like to thank SFMM and the Alveys for putting on a great event. Even though I had to leave at 7, I still think it was one of the best visits I've had to the park in the past few years.


Terminator is now my #1 wooden coaster. I rode it 4 times during morning ERT and have to say that it was better than I was expecting. The preshow was good, although I wouldn't want to watch it over and over. The audio was not that great and difficult to hear for most of the ride, and I think I might have liked the one ride I had without audio better. Unfortunately, I missed nighttime ERT but I still rode Terminator several times.


The rest of the day was fun, but it was too hot. People were complaining about it in the lines for Batman and Riddler's Revenge, since there is no air conditioning and everyone was completely sweaty. Even though it was a bit crowded, I managed to get on every coaster except Superman, Tatsu, and Viper. I also went up the Sky Tower and rode Jetstream and Yosemite Sam Sierra Falls.


Overall, a great event. I can't wait to attend WCB 2010, and if there is another event like this for the next new coaster I will definitely be there.

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Once again, Robb and Elissa and the management and crew at SFMM have treated us to another fantastic time, and I have to say thank you all so much very again for putting this together.


Yesterday was the first time I have really been able to get out and have a good time in months due to a very busy work schedule, and it was well worth the wait. I had not yet had the opportunity to ride Terminator: Salvation, and it was great to finally get the chance-and it is a fantastic addition to the park. A well designed preshow, an extremely well designed coaster (one of the few wooden coasters I have been on that both captures the wild and out of control feeling a wooden coaster should have but still rides very comfortably-this is definitely the smoothest wooden coaster I have ever ridden and I now understand the comments I have heard about GCI being to wooden coasters what B&M are to steel coasters), and overall, a great experience guaranteed to be a huge hit with both the seasoned riders and those just getting into coasters; if the intent was to construct a coaster that could be enjoyed by both families and thrillseekers alike, it more than adequately succeeds on both points. While the rides during morning ERT were great, the night ERT rides were just spectacular. Overall I am generally a bigger fan of steel coasters than wooden, but this one is an absolute winner, and has overthrown Ghostrider as being my favorite wooden coaster.


Other things I noticed-major credit to the park for keeping things running smoothly on such an incredibly hot and rather crowded day. After morning ERT and lunch and at night after the party but before the evening ERT managed to get on X2, Tatsu and DejaVu; during the day it looked like X2 had a complex maintenance issue that brought an entire crew of maintenance people up there, but they did everything they could to get it fixed as quickly as possible; and when I saw the crane by Tatsu in the morning, I wasn't sure if it would even open for the day-but it was running great by last night. Oh-and whoever had the idea for the Powerade machine in the X2 line, thanks. That stuff is great for combating dehydration and was a huge help during that wait. I noticed more than a few little improvements here and there as well, and to me it's just more proof that the park has the right team in charge with Jay, Tim and Neal.....the park just gets better with each new addition and with every visit.


Lunch was great as usual, and I also have to extend a special thanks to the crew of Terminator: Salvation who put in a long day for us yesterday and last night. The op on Terminator was cracking me up and it seemed like these guys went out of their way to show us a good time.


It was also nice to meet new people and hang out and ride with people who I know from the boards and thanks again to Robb and Elissa for the hospitality and the food at the party.


Overall, I had a great time-and thanks again to everyone from SFMM (Jay, Neal, Tim, William, the whole Terminator Crew and everyone else who made it happen) and Robb, Elissa and everyone else at TPR for such an awesome event!

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Thanks for an amazing event TPR as well as SFMM. You two always come together and make the most amazing events. Amazing doesn't even begin to describe it. And Terminator is definitely better at night. I wasn't really a fan after riding it 4 different times during the day. But one night ride and I fell in love. Thanks to everyone who help put this event together.

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Great event; very glad I went. Terminator is great during the day, and out of control crazy at night! I was hoping to see Jay, but never did. However, I did get to speak to Neal for a few minutes at lunch, and I let him know that Terminator is a great addition to the park.


The party was a blast, too, with the usual good eats and fun. I sucked at the SFMM trivia, but had a good time anyway.


One fun moment was when some of us created self-service audio on Train 2 (whose sound was out for some reason during night ERT). A few of us simply yelled "HERE THEY COME!!!" at the top of the lift, then "TAKE THE TUNNEL!!!" just after the station flythough.


West Coast Bash, Termination Day...they keep getting better. We can only dream of what's in store in the years ahead!



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We had a great time R&E, thanks so much! Also, thanks to EBL who pointed out that Caden was big enough for Ninja. He enjoyed it, but not enough to go again. He did marathon Percy though, so there is hope yet...


Thanks again!


The Maki's

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Thanks to Magic Mountain, Robb, and everyone else who made this event AMAZING!


I was able to get a couple of rides on Terminator in the morning, but the ones in the evening were out of this world! The lack of lighting on the coaster just adds to the effects. I knew it was coming, but the turn after the first drop got me every time in the dark.


ERT, Lunch, Robb's place, meeting new faces, it all made for a great event. Can't wait for the next. Thanks again.

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I had a freaking amazing time yesterday. Major props to Robb and Elissa for putting together a great event (my first). The night time ride operator really was awesome (although from previous sfmm trips I already knew that he loves TPR). It was really great being there from 9 in the morning to 11 at night, it allowed me to get a ton of nerd footage. So I dedicate my video from yesterday to TPR! (Pretty awesome shameless self promotion right?)


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Photos and more from Termination Day!


The goal of Termination Day was to let people get their fill of rides in on the brand new Termination Salvation: The Ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain.


And get their fill they did! With morning and night ERT combined some people got as many as 35 rides in!


I'd say most people got between 10 and 15, but if you were a crazy die-hard Terminator fan, you could get quite a few more!


The ride was running AWESOME! It seems to have really broken in quite a bit since the opening. And night rides. OMFG. INSANE!!!


I'll let the photos to most of the talking but overall it was a PERFECT event. (And I know I'm biased, but still!)


ps. If you want one of those awesome Take the Tunnel shirts, order them HERE!


And we leave you with the final explosion of the night to end this report!


Thank you to everyone at Six Flags Magic Mountain for another AWESOME TPR event!!!


Thank you to Dan and Jeff for the use of your photos!


See you all very soon (we hope!)


"If you haven't ridden Terminator Salvation the ride...at night...between the 10:26 and 11:04...when the moon is full...and two crows are pertched atop Sky Tower...and there is fudge melting in your pocket...then you haven't ridden Terminator Salvation: The Ride!"


With one of the most awesome and enthusiastic ride ops ever!!!


This was seriously one of the most awesome ERT sessions EVER!!!


At night Termination Salvation: The Ride really does look more like a war zone!


"Night rides will totally rupture your spleen!"


Then came night ERT. And this is when the day went from AWESOME to OMFG Out of CONTROL!


And of course there is a lineup for food!


Ian tried to look sexy while playing pool...FAIL! =)


Little dudes were taking the tunnel....on Mario Kart!


Both cute AND hot!


And if there is a TPR party, there will always be some of Robb's insane wing sauce!


"Hi today we are doing our Dan impression and not going anywhere NEAR the swimming pool!"


Um, shouldn't this be like MELTING Dan or something? If you think Dan should get out of the water...EMAIL HIM ***NOW*** mrt0ad13@aol.com


Then to escape some of the heat it was off to the Alvey's for a mid-day break and dip in the pool!


At lunch we had some interesting characters come hang out with us!


Did we mention there was airtime?


Curvy train with the sex box in the back!


Fire, Fire everywhere...you're gonna get burnt!


Awesome hair in the front row!


Yup, that's the first drop there in the distance.


And this would be the exact spot where you will hear "TAKE THE TUNNEL" shouted at the riders!


Note! This is a "Station Fly-By" NOT a tunnel!


Terminator Salvation: The Ride kicks ass!!!


The Bebes even took the tunnel.


Yes, it's true...the front of the train says "Transrail."


The morning ERT session totally kicked ass! Some people got in as many as 23 rides!




Barrels = theming.


Four. There are FOUR Terminators in the final pre-show room.


"Back in my day tunnels were made out of dinosaur bones!"


And this would be an example of TAKING THE TUNNEL!!!


Robb shows off the sexy new shirt designed for this event!


Is TPR ready to TAKE THE TUNNEL!!!


Most members of the resistance wear a blue shirt and tie.


This dude was all over the place!


You must first get past this chick to get to your Salvation.


Barriers have been set up to defend the location.


This is the Hunter Killer's view of the area.


Finally, we arrive to the location of the transport shuttles.


Sorry guys, this is a private event...oh, wait a second...they do seem to have the TPR green wristbands on!


Wes says "I've found a different road to Salvation!"


TPR member and SFMM awesome supervisor William briefed the new recruits on how to get to the transport vehicles.


Good morning everyone! And welcome to your Salvation! We limited the tickets for Termination Day to 200 participants as we didn't want the ERT line to be very long...and it wasn't!

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Yay I'm in 2 of the pictures!!! Thanks for the comments about my video, and thanks Robb for making the video appear in my post (whenever I try it never works). I say we vote Mike ride op of the year!


Edit: does anyone else see the ghosts in the "war zone" picture?

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