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Aw, now that TR just made me homesick! Philly is fantastic; I just moved to Missouri and it's not quite "home" yet, so I appreciated being able to relive some memories through your pictures


Also, glad you got a cheesesteak, which reminds me of delicious food, which leads me to ask--did you stop at a Wawa during your trip? Wawa is a convenience store chain prevalent in the PA-NJ-MD-DE-VA area, and their food is just nectar of the gods. Seriously. It doesn't get any better than a Wawa iced tea and hoagie for a late-night meal. Wawa is photo trip report-worthy in itself!


Keep these reports coming!

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The Eastern State Penitentiary tour is great.... going during the Halloween Haunted Tour they have is so scary. A few friends did that with me and they held onto me the whole time. Gald you had fun in Philly...next time check out Chickie's and Petes.....great crab fries. Yum

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Looks like you guys had fun in Philly (with the exception of Lady Bebe getting ill).


Did you guys check out the Franklin Institute? The place is awesome with a giant heart that you can walk through and a real steam engine (which now runs on electricity) you can take a ride in...although only a 10 foot backward and forward ride.

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The Eastern State Penitentiary tour is great.... going during the Halloween Haunted Tour they have is so scary. A few friends did that with me and they held onto me the whole time. Gald you had fun in Philly...next time check out Chickie's and Petes.....great crab fries. Yum

Yes, a few of my friends have done it as well, and said it was awesome. when I went to Philly last year, we went there but they said that you had to have reservations. Meh, I'm going again this October, so I'm going to check out the Halloween stuff.


I'm guessing you didn't get a chance to check out the Mutter museum. Definitely worth it if your in Philly again. Awesome pictures.

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Big Mike checking in on The Bebes from Finland!!


I loved the Big Mike photos



I want to climb those Rocky Balboa movie steps!



I would like to put in a request for more Lady Bebe pictures, as there was only ONE in this report


I also hope that Lady Bebe did NOT block the box!



Peace, Big Mike

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Sadly we stopped at Wawa only for gas and medication. Nobody ever told us before hand that we should eat there! No pics either.




No Chickie's or Pete's either, but we did inquire at some place in the Reading Terminal Market about Crab Fries. Chose not to get them, though. Nobody told us.




No Franklin Institute either. Seriously, all we did was ride the bus around and make one stop at the Reading Market and another at Jim's.



lil Jimmy Norton,

I don't ever remember hearing ANYTHING about a Mutter museum. Though, we tend to find ourselved bored at most Museums. I think we need something more interactive.




Wow! Great eyes! I think you got all that I know are there. I didn't expect anyone to notice Frankenstein behind that tree.



Big Mike,

Actually, there are TWO photos with Lady Bebe (can you find them?) and also only TWO of Mr. Bebe. That's just the nature of the pics, since we were snapping landmarks as quick as possible as we drove passed them.


And, Lady Bebe is a law abiding citizen. She NEVER blocks the box.

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DAY 7: The Road to Adventure


Sunday May 31, 2009


We woke up Sunday morning and Lady Bebe was feeling OK. We grabbed some breakfast, checked out of the Quality Inn Gloucester and headed out toward the Days Inn Neptune City. Along the way we would be making stops at Sesame Place, Wild Safari, and Great Adventure. After check-in, we’re heading down the coast of New Jersey to hit as many boardwalk parks as we can, and maybe a little pit stop in Atlantic City.




TR continued in next post.....


Lady Bebe relieves the bladder again.


Mountain goats. They didn’t stray from the mountain. Kinda weird.


I can’t remember what type of animal this member of the horse family is, but mama and baby are so cute!


Why do all of the horned animal charge OUR car???


A sleeping Tortoise. It’s a tortoise because it lives on land. Turtles live in water. In case you didn’t read our previous trip report explaining the differences between the two.


Do Bears like licorice twists? Lets find out. Oh, yeah, rule #1.


A sleeping Bear.


A bathing Bear.


Ostrich butt.


This old gray bearded guy is a GNU. Gnu crossing.


These cool things are Oryx.


You could see Kingda Ka from Wild Safari, and we kept looking to see if it was operating. Nope. It had been struck by lightning two weeks prior and had still not re-opened.


Mama and Baby.


Zebra butt.


Don’t move. They can’t see you if you don’t move.


It’s a giraffe invasion!!!!


I heard some reports that giraffes around the world were becoming very aggressive. And there's one that has some poor people cornered!


We had to steer around a steer.


A few animals were kept behind fences. These Rhinos were NOT! I’m seriously!


Lady Bebe honked the horn and these Bison charged the car!


Lazy Elk.


He walked up to our rental car and proceeded to scratch his head on the passenger side mirror.


This member of the deer family clearly has the right of way.


It wasn’t really a stop, since it’s a Drive-Thru Safari. Here are the rules. And no matter how much they beg, don’t feed them after midnight!


Lady Bebe was starting to feel worn again, so we picked up some Dayquil & NyQuil at the Wawa just outside of our Next Stop: Six Flags Wild Safari.


Lady Bebe emptied her bladder and we left Sesame Place. It was a very clean and quaint little park that is great for kids, especially if the kids like water parks.


They even had Super Pretzels shaped like Cookie Monster. Though, wouldn’t cookies shaped like Cookie Monster be more appropriate?


Sesame Place isn’t just fun, it’s also educational. So, for all of you TPR members on the Scandinavian Trip in Finland: Kanisteri te erottaa we kuinka jotta panna jotta Seesami Katu?.


Germany didn't disappoint. Lady Bebe LOVES all rides spinney.


Here are the teacups. You can clearly see Mexico and France. If you look closely, you can see Oscar the Grouch on the Very Cool cup donning the flag of Kenya. Despite Mr. Bebe’s Italian heritage, we chose to ride in Germany. It seemed to have the best spin, so we gave it a spin.


Our third and final ride would be on Grover’s World Twirl, a teacup ride where each cup is themed to a different country.


Mr. Bebe poses like Elmo.


Lady Bebe makes a friend on the Flying Fish.


It’s no wonder kids are so misinformed these days. The instructions say to push the BLACK button, but the button is RED.


The Bert and Ernie shrubbery ROCKS!


Cheap Whore


Mr. Bebe is excitied because his favorite sandwich is on sale for less than $1.


Lady Bebe goes to the Sesame Store from some rather stale produce. She says that it tastes like cardboard.


Lady Bebe studies the map. “Hmmmm, we’ve already ridden ALL of the coasters here, so what next?” Sesame place is very heavy on the Water Park attractions, and very thin on the amusement rides. They have the one coaster, a frog hopper, tea cups, spinning ship, and flying fish.


The Bebes pose in front of another group of tree sculptures.


Here’s a shrub trimmed and decorated to look like Super Grover. Being a Busch Property, Sesame place was covered in really nice landscaping.


Lady Bebe makes a “different” face when it’s under Uranus (teehee!).


Vapor Trail! It’s actually not a bad kiddie coaster, but it IS a kiddie coaster. As the train reaches the top of the lift hill, you can hear Grover says: “OK, Here we go! Wave to your mah-mees and dah-dees!” Mr. Bebe thought that was soooo funny!


There it is! The beast that we came for……


Along the entrance walkway were famous handprints, like this one from Ernie!


Lady Bebe with her Credit Whore face. We actually brought over-shirts, and only revealed the CREDIT WHORE when necessary.


So what better place to unveil our third exclusive TPT:P2 t-shirts. In case you’re not sure what it says: CREDIT WHORE. Duh, we’re at Sesame Place.


Here is the entrance to Sesame Place and the Park Rules. Notice the fourth item listed under prohibited item. NO OFFENSIVE CLOTHING.


Sesame Place, here we come! We picked up Busch Company Platinum Passes from Sea World San Diego, so a stop by Sesame Place is FREE, as well as FREE PREFFERED PARKING. Yes!!!!!

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The Road to Adventure continues....


White Castle is a tasty treat that’s only found in the mid-west + NY and NJ. We took our sliders back to the Days Inn Neptune (not too bad for a cheap motel). Lady Bebe took some NyQuil and passed out.


Tomorrow: a Full day at Six Flags Great Adventure..... or NOT???


White Castle!!!!


An exit sign on the freeway said that a very special fast food restaurant was nearby. No, NOT that McDonald’s in New Jersey!


The wait only ended up being an hour, with three train operation, and we hopped into the back seat! Whoooosh!!! 128mph up and over. Amazingly rough! Mr. Bebe couldn’t see clearly and Lady Bebe’s headache just went migraine. Horrible ride in the back. We weren’t about to wait another hour, so we’d pick up a front seat ride tomorrow (if it’s open). So we’re off to Nitro. But after only a few steps, Lady Bebe says that she’s feeling really horrible and she’ll sit out the rest of the night, but encourages Mr. Bebe to keep riding. Mr. Bebe declines, citing that he’d rather she rest up for tomorrow’s whole day at Great Adventure! The Bebes head out toward Neptune City.


We were fortunate enough to see a rollback. It was exciting when it happened, but ended up taking about 10 minutes before they re-launched the train. We had already been waiting quite some time, and Lady Bebe was getting drained.


We got to Kingda Ka where the line extended to the 120min mark. We stashed our 2009 Souvenir Bottle on top of the lockers again and got in line.


Here is your obligatory “count the Cedar Fair trash cans shot”. Hey, wait a sec! This is SIX FLAGS!!!!


The boardwalk area heading toward Kingda Ka is quite nice.


While we were in line for our second ride on El Toro, we spotted Kingda Ka cycling. Is it possible? Sure enough, it started cycling with PEOPLE on it! We finished our second lap on El Toro and headed for Kingda Ka.


And then…. El Toro. Our first ride, in the third row, was pretty good. We took a second ride in the very back. Really good! This is definitely a winner, but comes in a distant #2 to the Voyage.


RIDE REPORT: The first drop is AMAZING! It has great airtime on the first few hills, then a bit of a lull as it turns around twice, then another amazing airtime hill and a some great out-of-control twisting and turning before ending. So why a distant #2? The Voyage does everything that El Toro does but never has a lull and lasts twice as long. On The Voyage, I find myself screaming, “When does this thing end?” as I drool down my face. On El Toro I say, “Aww, it’s over already?” as I wipe the drool from my face.


Though far from rough, El Toro managed to give Lady Bebe a headache. She was still enjoying the ride, but was starting to go downhill.


But first, Lady Bebe had to put something in her tummy and we picked up a slice from Wildside Pizza. Mmmmmm, authentic New Jersey pizza! Nope, look closer. It’s Papa Johns. Oh Well. As we walked we saw an empty train cycle on El Toro. We got to the line to find it closed, with about 30 people lined up, waiting for the line monitor to open the flood gates. Sure enough, they opened it. And we were IN! Nope. Wait. You have to go get rid of that 2009 Souvenir Sport Bottle first, according to the Six Flags locker policy. DRAT!!!! We stuck the bottle ON TOP of the lockers and got back in line.


We started out making our way toward El Toro. We’d heard so much hype about it and we were looking forward to comparing it to The Voyage (our current #1).


The Bebes ARE freaky!!!!


Great Adventure actually has some nice theming. Being used to SFMM, I was expecting very little from Great Adventure, but was pleasantly surprised. I even spotted somebody planting flowers!!!


Lady Bebe poses with our souvenir bottles in front of a statue in the main square.


The Bebes have finally made it! This is the BIG park of our trip!


The Entrance to Six Flags Great Adventure.


Our plan was to get rides on El Toro and Nitro just in case they were closed tomorrow. It’s been sunny all weekend, but more stormy weather is supposed to be coming. Here’s a panoramic view from the parking lot of Kingda Ka, Superman: Ultimate Flight, Great American Scream Machine, and the Parachute Drop.


After grabbing a few souvenirs and a 99¢ refill in our 2009 Six Flags Souvenir Mug, we headed over to Six Flags Great Adventure.

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Here is your obligatory “count the Cedar Fair trash cans shot”. Hey, wait a sec! This is SIX FLAGS!!!!

Wow, I think CF needs to up their game if they wanna beat that, awesome trip report, sad to hear that Kingda Ka made your day end early though

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Thx for the dramatic interlude! Classic.


^We wish White Castle was anywhere near California.


^^AND HOW could somebody NOT ever have been to Taco Bell? I thought they were global. Did you ever see Demolition Man, where Taco Bell was the ONLY restaurant in the world?!

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Wow - I guess you could say that you would be "lucky" to even get a ride on Kingda Fail this year. I was there on the 17th and 19th and it was closed both days. I am now 0-3 with KK during my visits in the last three years, but doesn't sound like I am missing much!


On a good note, El Toro was a walk-on last night. I did it three times in a twenty minute span - once in the front, once in the middle and once in the back. If Voyage is better than ET, I need to get my butt out to Holiday World...and soon!


Nice reports!

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I really liked the pics of the drive thru zoo! It brought back memories of when i was a kid and we went to one in southern Missouri. My mom rolled down the window and this ostrich stuck its head in the car and ate my french fries!


We went to a drive thru zoo when we were in Africa. They dont have the same kind of rules there that we do here. Here are some pics to show you what I mean.


After the drive thu part was over, you could pay 5 Rand and play with the baby tigers and lions. For 10 Rand you could play with the older cubs, we passed on that, but really enjoyed the younger ones!


My wife and I have enjoyed your TR so far!


This guy was RIGHT next to the car window! We were in this old piece of crap car, and the back seat didnt have a hnadle for the window, you had to take the one off the front and pass it back to roll it up! My wife was screaming for the handle and rolling like lightning!

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DAY 8: Six Flags Great Adventure


Monday June 1, 2009


Monday morning brought sunshine and a relatively good Lady Bebe. The extra rest helped and we were ready to hit Six Flags Great Adventure. This was going to be a long day. After we leave SFGAdv., we have a long drive to Washington, DC with a pit stop in Baltimore for some authentic Maryland crabcakes. Hopefully, everything goes as planned. We checked out from our Days Inn Neptune, grabbed a few items from their very small continental breakfast, and headed out.


The food came. We split it up. Mr. Bebe claims the Crab Cake was definitely the best EVAR!!! It was 95% pure lump crab meat, very little filler, and had a great crispy exterior. It wasn’t a breaded and fried crispy exterior, it was just crispy. The hot wings were also top notch! The were meaty and crispy with just enough sauce to taste, but not drowning. Lady Bebe wasn’t really able to taste much, wasn’t able to enjoy it, and wasn’t able to finish either. Mr. Bebe polished off the remainder and drove Lady Bebe to the Howard Johnson Cheverly, just outside of downtown Washington, DC. It wasn’t looking good for Lady Bebe.


The interior of the small pub. They had a Monday special of 35cent hot wings. So we ordered 10 wings and a crab cake platter. It took a very long time for the food to come, though we were offered the wings ahead of the crab cakes. While waiting for our food, Lady Bebes condition worsened. She wasn’t doing well and had pretty much lost her appetite.


We hopped into the car and headed on our trek to Washington, DC. Lady Bebe had been coughing a lot and it was getting worse as we drove. We stopped at a Walgreens in Baltimore and picked up some Mucinex. We then stopped at a place called Duda’s Taven in the Baltimore suburb of Fells Point. It was one of the few places that was open late and was supposed to have excellent crab cakes.


Another great lap on El Toro!!! When we pulled into the station, we got out of the train and realized that no one was in the lane for our seat. The park was closed and so was the El Toro queue. We casually stepped back into the seats and fastened our seatbelts. WHEEE!!!!! They were cycling the trains to accommodate the people waiting for the front and back rows, so we were able to get three laps on El Toro without ever getting off!!!! What a great way to end the day!!! El Toro is #2!!! The Voyage… Still #1!!!! We exited the ride and grabbed our 2009 souveni…. DOH!!! The wooden gates were closed and our 2009 souvenir sport bottle was lost forever.


El Toro was great!!!! We glanced at the watch. It was seven minutes until the park closed. Screw Kingda Ka!!! We jumped back in line for one more lap on the great El Toro.


Enough of that. We had about an hour left before the park closed. We decided to get in line for a front seat lap on El Toro, then head over to Kingda Ka for our front seat lap on that. The El Toro line wasn’t particularly long, but the front seat queue was huge. We waited about 20minutes and we counted 15 more trains before we got on. We decided NOT to wait any longer and hopped into another lane and got on after two trains.


We headed across the walkway over the pond and ditched our 2009 souvenir sport bottle behind the large wooden gates by El Toro and hopped on Rolling Thunder. No wait and rightfully so. Rolling Thunder was quite a lame ride.


More of the NEW theming. I don’t read the comics, so I should just assume that Bizarro lives in a trailer.


Here’s the Coaster Formerly Known as Medusa in all its’ glory!!! After a solid 45minute+ wait, we were finally on. Right to the back seat. It was a fine and fun ride, but the effects didn’t really seem to add much to it. Too bad. Was it worth the wait? NO. Would we wait again for a front seat ride? No.


Here it is!! New for 2009!!! The one and only!!! Re-painted, Re-themed, and Re-named Coaster Formerly Known as Medusa!!!! Re-diculous! We hid our cup behind a tree and got in the VERY LONG line.


A giant wagon eatery.


But is scared the peepee out of Lady Bebe! No, she just has to go to the bathroom after EVERY ride.


The Bebe’s kiss eachother good bye before boarding the Runaway Mine Train. This was not such a good ride either. Very uneventful and a little jarring.


Of course... by adding the Runaway Mine Train to the picture!!!!


Here’s a great shot I managed to capture. Kingda Ka AND El Toro from across the pond! I Can’t believe I’m the first person EVAR to snap this shot and post it on TPR! How could we be any cooler?!


The Sky lift.


We decided to head toward the back of the park (Runaway Mine Train & Bizarro) before hitting Rolling Thunder as our final new credit of the day. SFGAdv. is really a very nice park.


YOUCH!!! That thing knocks you around so much it makes you want to scream. Despite the lack of people in line, once was enough.


We went next door to Great America Scream Machine, found a bush behind a fence to hide our 2009 souvenir bottle, and hopped on this Arrow multi-looper.


This would be our first legitimate wait of the day. The line was about 30minutes, so we decided to hit the front seat and not circle back around for our backseat ride until later. It was a fine ride, but nothing too exciting. Riding this B&M Flyer really cements Tatsu as the King of Flyers. We exited the ride, grabbed our 2009 souve….. Hey! Where’s our bottle???!!!! Yes, it had been thrown away. But Lady Bebe spotted it right on top of the trash and it was still clean. We grabbed it out and headed to the restroom to wash it off.


We headed for Superman: Ultimate Flight. We ditched our 2009 souvenir bottle on top of the lockers and got in line.


Coming from California, we were surprised to find ourselves at Edwards Air Force Base. Sheesh, what a huge base that is! It stretches from California to New Jersey!


Enjoyment pose #29.


What a lame ride. Maybe nice for the kids, but pretty lame. It did, however, have one of the longest trains I’ve ever seen. I think it had 30 cars.


Having eluded the cops yet again, we headed for the fan favorite, Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure Train (NOT!).


But, Lady Bebe was able to use her Lady Bebe charm and we were let off with a warning. Lady Bebe even got the cop to give her a high five.


As we exited the eatery, Lady Bebe was stopped by this police officer. “Do you know how fast you were eating?”, he asked. Oh NO! We’re done for.


That’s Granny.


We headed into a nearby eatery across from Skull Mountain. Lady Bebe got some Chicken Strips and Mr. Bebe go Granny’s Bowl o’ Comfort.


….Wiggles World??? How the heck did we end up in Wiggles World? How odd to be on a ride like Skull Mountain and to be exited into a kiddie land. It felt like a Twilight Zone episode.


Having grabbed our front and back seat credits on the dark and brooding Skull Mountain, we headed down the eerie corridor toward the ride exit. Would we be able to escape this treacherous mountain of doom??? Would we be able to make it back to…..


After a walk through some dark caverns, we finally reached the loading station. No wait for the very front, so we hopped in. Skull Mountain was a nice quick ride through the darkness (ala Disney’s original Space Mountain) with a few surprises. Upon our return to the station, there weren’t too many people in line, so we hopped back into the back seat.


More nice theming here. It doesn’t look much like a mountain, but there IS a skull on it! We ditched our 2009 souvenir bottle on top of the lockers.


We grabbed our hidden 2009 souvenir sport bottle and headed for Skull Mountain.


It was a nice, sunny day and Congo Rapids was a walk-on. Lady Bebe HATES the river rapids rides because she is always the one who gets soaked, while everyone else in the raft stays dry. Never-the-less, she went on. Following our Congo adventure, Lady Bebe exclaimed, “That was the lamest river rapids ride ever!” But she was dry!!!


Then, we went back to Nitro and grabbed our front seat ride. A great ride, but #3?!!


We were going to grab a third ride in the front seat ride, but Lady Bebe had to go to the bathroom. The nearest restroom was very close to the Road Runner Railway kiddie coaster. So, Mr. Bebe called Lady Bebe a WHORE and we jumped on. Ouch! Those kiddie coasters can hurt.


Nitro takes it’s riders up over 200 feet, then it sends them deep into the surrounding woods. The ride was full of floater air-time an a mid-run helix. It was silky smooth and pretty fast. Overall, it was just OK. Maybe it was even better than OK, but as the #3 steel coaster I was expecting something more. Still, it was fun and we grabbed our first ride in the middle (no wait) and a second ride in the very back (one train wait).


This was an exciting moment, as we were about to ride Nitro, the #3 steel coaster of 2008, AND it was going to be our VERY FIRST B&M HYPER! Before riding, we wedged our 2009 souvenir sport bottle behind a soda machine. Nobody would see it there!


It turned out to be the same ride, despite the color change. It was actually running a little rougher than the one as SFMM. Don’t know if that has anything to do with the yellow paint job. On our way out, the girl working the locker area warned us that some of the other locker attendants will throw away our 2009 souvenir sport bottle if we leave it on top of the locker. Noted. We collected our B:TR credit and our 2009 souvenir sport bottle, and headed toward Nitro.


Next, we went next door to Batman: The Ride. Having ridden Batman: The Ride at SFMM hundreds of time, we were anxious to see what it would be like to ride one that had been painted YELLOW. We stashed our 2009 souvenir bottle on top of the lockers again and got in line.


It was pretty much a standard Wild Mouse, in the (near) dark, with some pretty lame cardboard effects thrown in. If you’ve been following our reports, you know how much we LOVE wild mice rides (NOT!). This one sucked too!


We waited in line about 15 minutes before getting into the first Holding area, where we were treated to a nice video featuring Aaron Eckhart (pre-two face) to set up the ride. After the video, we were ushered to the loading dock. So far, the theming was great! We entered the little mouse car (pictured) and we were off!


We headed straight for The Dark Knight, as I know how Wild Mice tend to get backed up pretty easily and we knew the wait wouldn’t be worth it later. We ditched our 2009 souvenir sport bottle on top of the lockers and got in line.


We got to the park at about 10:15am, and grabbed a primo parking spot right along the divider between general and preferred parking. As we entered, there was more nice landscaping.


The drive from Neptune City to Great Adventure is about 20 minutes.

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You complained about almost EVERYTHING!


Bizarro is a great ride and Nitro is worthy of being #3. It's the most explosive coaster in the planet for christ sake. SfGadv coasters owns any park out there. That includes Cedar Point and MM.

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I'm sorry if our TR read like we were complaining, that wasn't our intention at all. We were just trying to give our honest opinions.


We acknowledge fully that after riding 150+ coasters, it becomes more and more difficult to find a coaster that thrills us in the same way it would have a few years ago... And that's a shame!


Bizarro being a "great ride" is your opinion, and I respect that! And we DID like Nitro, we gave it an 8/10. It has awesome airtime and is super smooth... But being worthy of #3, again, that's just an opinion.


The statement you made: "It's the most explosive coaster in the planet for christ sake." Is what I hold issue with. I would never make such a statement, as I haven't even come close to riding all the coasters on the planet, thus, not having the authority to do so.


I hope our post hasn't put you off and I hope you visit our thread again to find that we are not just whiny coaster snobs... It's all just suppose to be for fun and laughs!


-Lady Bebe

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