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*** THE BEBES *** Rainbow Magicland ITALY TR

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I love reading your TR's especially at work! It makes my day go by a bit faster. I'm happy to see that Mrs. Bebe was feeling better by the end of the day. Mr. Bebe, I hope the tree didn't hurt you too much. At least the police where there to apprehend the suspect.


I've been to the Madam Tussauds in Vegas. It was awesome and a lot of fun. Where else could you get a picture with former presidents or celebrities?


Looking forward to the next installment!

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Thanks a ton! We're glad to help your work day speed by.

We have been to Maddam Tussauds in Las Vegas twice and had the best time EVAR! I don't know about the other Tussaud's Wax Museums, but the one in Vegas encourages you to touch and interact with the figures.


Where else could you get a picture of Al Roker groping your wife???


-Mr. Bebe


P.S. - Thanks printersdevil!!!


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Thanks a ton! We're glad to help your work day speed by.

We have been to Maddam Tussauds in Las Vegas twice and had the best time EVAR! I don't know about the other Tussaud's Wax Museums, but the one in Vegas encourages you to touch and interact with the figures.


Where else could you get a picture of Al Roker groping your wife???


-Mr. Bebe


P.S. - Thanks printersdevil!!!


Great Picture! You can touch/interact with the ones in DC too. I have a great picture of me grinding behind Beyonce...lol...

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^Good to know!! I'm going to make it personal goal to go to as many Maddam Tussauds Museums as possible. I have a picture of myself and Brad Pitt from Vegas. I pretty much pushed Angelina Jolie out of the way in order to get the picture.


Mr. Bebe - I would be calling the authorities on the shenanigans Al Roker is trying to pull. Then again, Brad could have called the authorities on me.

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I better keep an eye out for this thread giving me competition in the standings pretty soon, it is that good!


I wish I was Al Roker!



Peace, Big Mike




PS - NYC lets you fondle the wax figures too, have to go find mine lol

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A quick break from our TPT:P2 trip reports to talk about our wonderful time at Termination Day on June 28,2009.


Termination Day was awesome and it was really great to finally put some faces to screennames!


Thanks to everyone who came up and said Hi. It was great to meet you all.


We'll have a full TR up after we've caught up with the TPT:P2, but for now, here are some of the cool people we met at Termination Day:


And of course we met The Alveys. Thanks for putting together a great event and we look forward to hanging out more in the future!!!


We briefly met Ryan King and Dan at the Alvey Party, but we met Ryan's Delorean earlier.


I spotted ILoveRides (David) with Hillary Duff (Brittany) and asked him to do his "manly" pose from his Adventure City TR. I'll post THAT pic in our TR too!!


We met oldjjman (Jeff Johnson) in line for our first ride of the day on T:S and chatted quite a bit. Then more at the party. No insertion jokes here, please.


We caught up with PackersfanLV (Shawn) and PackersFamilyLV trying to make our way toward X2 right after morning ERT. Then Shawn and I shared OUR last ride of the night together while our families got an extra lap. I will elaorate when I get to our TR for Termination Day.


Lady Bebe and Calicoasters spotted eachother while The Bebes were on the tram and Calicoasters was walking back to his car. We later met up during night ERT and shared some rides since we both had parties of 3. It was great meeting Calicoasters, his sister, and Sarah (even though she hated JustinJJ for being Asian!! jk)


We met Mechanic right after morning ERT and then spent some more time together during night ERT. Great meeting and talking with you Mechanic!!


timfar (Tim) was the first person to actually recognize and say HI to the Bebes!!! Thanks Tim!

Sounds like you and your party had a great time on the Moderately Thrilling Terminator:Salvation. :-)

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Hey Bebes! Sarah and I had a blast riding Terminator with you guys last night! Unfortunately I don't see it happening again any time soon... Last night Sarah and I BROKE UP I told her I couldn't see a future with her being a racist and all!













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DAY 10: Six Flags America & then…


Wednesday June 3, 2009



We woke up pretty early, packed our bags, and grabbed a bite to eat before leaving the Howard Johnson Cheverly.


This was a pretty decent economy hotel. It was clean, had a decent continental breakfast, and was secure (you needed your room key to open the front door at night).


Lady Bebe still had her cough but, otherwise, felt well. We hopped in the car and headed off to Six Flags America.


Lady Bebe retrieves the water-soaked photo tickets from her pocket and presents them at the photo booth. That would end our day at SFA around 3:30pm. All-in-all, a pretty nice park with a fairly decent selection of rides and really friendly staff. We enjoyed SFA, but we’re off to get in a couple hours at King’s Dominion!!!!

Continued in the next post….


Our minds have been erased by Vekoma.


We boarded the front seat, had a nice conversation with the ride-op, and off we go!!! This is pretty much your standard Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster, complete with poor transitions, but not as bad as T2 at SFKK!!!


We could’ve walked on, but decided to wait ONE whole train for the front seat. Hmmm. That’s not an encouraging sight!


Heinz says that Mind Eraser s definitely going to be worth the wait. Hopefully it won’t be as horrible and painful as some of the SLCs out there!!


The last roller coaster credit was Mind Eraser. The original Vekoma Hang n Bang. Oh Joy!!!!


Take THAT, Old Man!!!


There he is! Walking away like he didn’t do anything!! “I want to punch him!” wet Lady Bebe exclaims.


Sorry Lady Bebe!!! And the worst thing was that just as our raft left the station, an old man loaded up his sideline water gun and shot The Bebes!!! Why is everybody aiming for The Bebs today??!!


Love the ride rules on the canoe!


#3: Have a Nice Bath!!!


Anybody that knows Lady Bebe knows that she HATES to get wet, but she decided to follow Mr. Bebe onto the Renegade Rapids.


The Rodeo rocked and spun these bulls in all sorts of directions. Fun ride, but the loading procedure took forever!


We went right for a flat ride called Rodeo. Since I am illiterate I have to rely on pictures to inform me. Pic #4 says I can’t ride if I’ve recently ingested lima beans. Damn, I knew I shouldn’t have had that succotash with Sylvester this morning for breakfast!!!!


Next we entered the Old Western Town.


We happened to catch a swashbuckling pirate show on our way out of Skull Island. It was quite silly and not particularly good, but we watched the rest of it anyway.


They were running two trains on Roar. Here comes the train that we would be boarding. Good thing we weren’t waiting for Row 6 or 7!!! We walked on the front and then switched to the back for our second ride. Roar was mostly uneventful. It had a short span in the middle that was quite fun where it felt out of control and flew through a tunnel. But otherwise, was just OK.


Lady Bebe ROARS for the GCI woodie at SFA.


Unacceptable amount of wetness (mostly due to the kids, not the ride)


More interesting theming here as we make our way to Skull Mountain, a log flume type ride. It actually has a roller-coaster style bunny hill in the middle. Toward the end, your flume rotates 90 degrees before plunging down the final hill. I was expecting it to reverse you like the one at Walibi Holland, but it didn’t. We managed to survive the ride without getting too wet, then some kids spent a couple quarters and soaked us with the spectator water guns!!!! Oh those kids!!!!!


Heading toward Skull Island we realized that crowds probably weren’t going to be an issue today. You know you’re doing well when the trash cans outnumber the park-goers.


This is your standard kiddie coaster that only children and whores would ride, and in a few places it hurt. Why are we such whores???


Following a quick trip to first aid for Mole related injuries; we went on The Great Chase kiddie coaster. Exciting!




Time for a game of Whac-a-Mole!!! There’s the mole.


We left Gotham City and headed for Six Flags America’s classic woodie, The Wild One. Originally constructed in 1917, Wild One has been burnt to the ground a few times, rebuilt, and in the mid 80s relocated to Six Flags America. It was an OK woodie, if only for nostalgia, with a few nice hills and a good helix to finish.


Lady Bebe + The Bathroom.


…and then through this tangles mess of steel. Although it sort of plodded its way through most of the layout, it did pick up speed toward the end and finished with a nice corkscrew. We rode twice, front and back, as usual and had fun with the Jinx.


Joker’s Jinx is a launched spaghetti bowl coaster. It launches riders though a tunnel…


Another shot of the Jinx entrance, with the ride in the background. Nobody in line.


There was a sea serpent in the water that ate Lady Bebe, but puked her up right next to Joker’s Jinx. Whew!!!


At the end of the second ride, lady Bebe fell from the raft. The Penguin reached out to help save her, but couldn’t reach with his stubby arms, and she sunk to the depths.


You are seated in these multi-colored rafts, similar to those of a Roaring Rapids ride. The lift takes you up, and you are released down a winding water chute. The first time you hit a wall, the raft begins to spin and spin, faster and faster. Quite a fun ride and we didn’t get wet at all! We rode again.


It was a pretty warm morning and we decided to brave the Penguin’s Blizzard River. It looked like some sort of ride that should be in Hurricane Harbor, but it was in Gotham City, so we assumed it wasn’t really a waterpark water ride.


Batwing is a Vekoma Flying coaster. We rode Batwing in the back; and then again in the front.

The back was quite rough and rattled our heads. The front wasn’t as bad, but Batwing certainly didn’t ride as well as its’ clone, X-Flight (aka Firebird at KI).

Also, the paint looked crappy and the placement of the ride sucked.


Mr. Bebe must be confused. His Bat Pose looks more like the Karate Kid’s CRANE move. Quick Robin, to the Crane-Mobile!!!


Next, we were going to go to Batwing. I know it’s somewhere back here by Superman. I can see the ride. How do we get to it? Sheesh! The walkway toward the ride is pretty discreet. But there is a sign that marks the way. This is Lady Bebes’ Bat Pose.


We were able to get a one-train wait for the front and a walk-on in the back. It was a nice speedy ride and sure to be the best at the park!


SROS is an 200ft Intamin Hypercoaster that takes 75mph. It has a great first couple of drops, a powerful double helix,& finishes with a series of bunny hills.

It extends into a very barren flatland area that sort of sucks.


We weren’t the first to get there, but as you can see, there wasn’t much of a crowd.


Our first ride of the day: Superman Ride of Steel.


We quickly made our way to Gotham City in the back of the park, figuring to beat any potential crowds to the big ticket rides (SROS and Batwing) before it got busy. More nice scenery along the way!!!


A closer look at the Big Switch


We reached the big plantation house in town square where they were holding back the crowd from proceeding further into the park. There was a big opening ceremony in progress. Sylvester assisted a little girl with switching the Big Switch and the park was Open!!!


Revolutionary Heroes Statue.


There was a very nice replica of the Liberty Bell (see our Philly post pg.11 for the real deal), and some of the nicest Six Flags bathrooms I’ve seen!!!


The main street area is themed as if it were late 1700’s America, just following the revolutionary war. Quite nice!!!


We entered the park, grabbed a park map and got our photo snapped. We rarely buy the park photos, but love to look at them. They let us in even though it wasn’t 10:30am yet. Not only was this place looking good, but the staff was super friendly too!!!


Here we are at Six Flags America. We had heard about how bad this place was, so our expectations weren’t very high. And our first impression at the main gate: How Cute!!!


We got Free parking with our Six Flags Season Pass Parking add-on. There were a couple buses and not many cars in the parking lot. Hopefully it stays that way. It was only about 10:15am and the park opens at 10:30am.


The park was really located in the middle of nowhere, but there was that oh so inviting Six Flags sign. We turned in.

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It took a solid two hours to get to King’s Dominion and Lady Bebe napped most of the way. We got Free Parking and Free Admission at King’s Dominion with our Cedar Fair Platinum Passes. There was NOBODY at the park and we got a spot right by the front gate.


But it wasn’t pizza we were after. It was The Village Café, a local eatery that we heard about on TV.

Mr. Bebe got a calzone, but they were out of marinara sauce. Lady Bebe had banana pancakes. And The Bebes shared a plate of beer-batter onion rings.

Back to the room for some rest. It was still raining and nothng but rain in the forecast for the rest of our trip. Hopefully, we’ll be able to pick up the 9 additional credits at King’s Dominion. Fingers crossed. stay tuned….


After relaxing and catching up on our internet business, we headed to Richmond for dinner (late dinner actually).

Our friend Justin was supposed to come on the Theme Park Tour with us, but backed out at the last minute for work. But he told us to be a little more Extreme in his absence, and this place reminded us of our fallen friend.


We arrived at the Days Inn Richmond at 5701-A Chamberlayne Rd. It was NOT a very good place. It had holes in the walls, bad carpet and was just generally run down. More about this place in the next trip report.


We hopped in the car and headed toward our Day’s Inn Richmond. It started raining quite heavy.


Why was everything closed? It’s not like there was lightning directly above Dominator’s cobra roll.


Disappointment became utter sadness.


Anger became disappointment.


The guy at the Dipping Dots stand said the park wasn't going to re-open anything with the rain coming and only a half-hour remaining, so we left in anger!


We asked the guy at the ICEE stand if he was closed due to the storm and he gave Lady Bebe a Free ICEE!!!


Anaconda and Backlot Stunt Coaster were too.


We waited a few minutes before deciding to leave and look for something else. Avalanche and The Crypt next door were both closed and being guarded.


No fluffly fluffy bunny filled medicine and goo policy here, as they brought a cart around and collected personal items from people in line.

After all of the personal items were collected, the gates opened and we boarded the ride. We clicked our OTS down. The ride ops came by and checked our restraints. Clear for launch. Click. Our restraints pop open. “Please step back into the queue”, they say. “The ride has been suspended due to INCLEMENT WEATHER". We looked at eachother in amazement. There was no wind, no rain, and it was still mostly sunny! WTF!


Next door was Volcano: The Blast. This cool concept ride shoots riders straight up and out of the crater of a volcano, then twists them around the mountain. Mr. Bebe was excited about Volcano: The Blast. The line for the front seat was only three trains, so we figure we’d get our front seat ride first.


Avalanche!!!!! Another first for the Bebes on TPT:P2 was this bobsled coaster. We rode together in the front and absolutely loved this ride! It was sooo fun and different. We rode again, separately, in the middle, and it wasn’t so good. But together in the front rocked!!!

It seemed as if the clouds were starting to roll in so we headed on to the next ride.


On to the Congo! We saw Tomb Raider: Outdoor Edition and remembered how much we dislike the Indoor Version at KI, so we skipped it, but it looks really nice!!!


Next door was the big blue wooden kiddie coaster, Scooby Doo’s Ghoster Coaster. I suppose the only thing that makes this a coaster a kiddie coaster is that the trains are really small, and most adults would have a hard time fitting in.


Since the kiddie area was right here, we headed for Taxi Jam. Oh no, another one of those kiddie coasters that requires adults to have children with them.

There were two kids on the ride in the front seat and Lady Bebe persuaded them to split up and ride one with each Bebe. So Mr. Bebe rode the front seat with one random kid and Lady Bebe road the second row with the other random kid. If a credit “whore” is one who rides kiddie coasters for a credit, then what is it when you USE children in your “whoring”. Does that make us “credit molesters”?


Oooooohhhh, Scary. Once we reached the loading station, the ride had broken down. We left, and unfortunately, forgot to ever return.


We headed in the direction toward the Congo area and hit The Scooby Doo Haunted Mansion along the way.


A panoramic stitch shot of the Dominator train station. You can see just how busy it is! Batman: Knight Flight, errrr, Dominator is still a great B&M floorless ride. Silky smooth, fast and fun.


Lady Bebe was terrified by the pre-ride show.


Finally inside, we hit Dominator. This is the B&M floorless that we formerly rode at Geauga Lake when it was called Dominator.


We went to Guest Relations to ask if what rides might close tomorrow if it rains, just as we did at Hershey Park. They said that most everything will continue to operate if it rains, just like they said at Hershey Park. OK. How about our Knott’s Passes? Does Guest Relations need to process them, or will they scan at the main gate. They’ll scan, he says. They didn’t and we were sent back to Guest Relations.

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^ Hey! We rode with you guys a couple of times, thought you looked familiar.


Btw, I loved your guys' interpretation of the ride audio. I was laughing the whole time! "HERE THEY COME!!"


I remeber seeing you there too! I practically lost my voice after so many rides on the broken audio train!!!



You totally had me going! I felt aweful and started tearing up. You can't dump a good partner just because they're racist!!!


^^^Big Mike,

There were TONS of cool people there that we didn't even get a chance to meet!!!


-Mr. Bebe

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