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*** THE BEBES *** Rainbow Magicland ITALY TR

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That is too funny!!! My wife still gives me hell 4 years after 1 of our trips to Hershey and the infamous Red Carpet Inn!! The bathroom window didn't lock, the bedspread had a large hole in it, the bathroom ceiling tiles had paper towels stuffed in the cracks, and the one wall was busted. But in my defense it was only like 29 bucks for the night!!!

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Love this! Your TR's are super fun!

I remember the first time that I rode Phoenix. I was SO surprised! I thought my ass was going to fly right out of the damn thing.

The photo with Mr. Bebe twisting the Twister sign is perfect!


I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your trip.

Thanks for sharing, Mr. & Mrs. Bebe!

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Day 4: Hershey Park


Thursday May 28, 2009


We woke up early today with plans of going to Hershey Chocolate World at 9am before the park opened at 10am.


Lady Bebe was feeling a bit better, but still had somewhat of a soar throat and a bit of a headache.


Of coure, THAT won't stop Lady Bebe. She's so hardcore! Yesterday at Knoebel's she got a headache while riding Twister. There were no beverage stands open nearby, so she tried swallowing some Excedrin WITHOUT any liquids, so she wouldn't have to stray too far from the ride. She failed... hacking up the half dissolved pill. She then headed toward the bathroom and luckily found a water fountain. We jumped back on Twister.


And another first for our trip: We didn't wake up to rain!!!! Although afternoon showers are in the forecast.


We checked out of the Red Carpet Inn (ugh!) and headed out to Hershey Park!!!!


Fairwell Hershey!!! We're off to Allentown where we will be spending tomorrow with Big Mike at Dorney Park!!!


Once again, we were closing down the park. That's our rental car all alone in the parking lot.


Overall, we had a great time at Hershey Park. A huge park, very pretty, clean, with nice employees & a great lineup of rides, albeit a few bad ones. No rain until the last hour and we managed every credit they had to offer, despite Guest Relations repeated attempts to foil us!!!!


We ran back around and then got 3 consequtive rides without having to get off before it started sprinkling again, and they stopped the ride. It was 5 minutes til closing and we were the second train waiting in the rain to get into the station, so that ended our day. And this was the only picture we ever got of Fahrenheit!!!


We saw Fahrenhet was reopen and rushed over. We got a quick ride in the very front with no wait and then one in the very back. The BACK is where it's at!!! You get whipped over the top of the 97 degree drop and thrown from your seat, meeting back up with it at the bottom. Super fun.


We wasted some time on flat rides. The Claw was fun. Hershey's Flyers cement why Knoebels are so great. And Hershey's bumper cars were horrible and painful. A young girl was sent off with whiplash and a bloody nose!!!!


We waited about 5 minutes, but after seeing Fahrenheit crest its hill across the park, we vacated the Stormunner line and headed for Fahrenheit. By the time we got there, it too was closed. Damn you Guest Relations!!!!!


...but two trains before we were to get on it started sprinkling outside and STORM RUNNER stopped running. Oh, the irony!!! BTW, Guest relations LIED!!!! It was a light sprinkle that shut STORM RUNNER down IMMEDIATELY. Why do they LIE??!!!


Next up was a 45 minute wait for the front seat on StormRunner. A much better ride in the front compared to our center-train ride yesterday. Great airtime over the first hill and fun throughout, though the launch feels a bit weak. Lady Bebe didn't get a karate chop this time, but Mr. Bebe did!!! We hopped back in line to get a ride on the very back...


We made our way back to Sidewinder, the boomerang we had passed up earlier. No more line, but Whoop-de-doo!!!! By far the WORST and ROUGHEST boomerang we've ever rode. One ride was one too many on this Piece Of Shhh!


Hershey's old wooden coaster, Comet was sort of Blah. Rode front and back and it just didn't do anything for us. Hey, there it goes right behind us!!!!


SooperDooperLooper is a Schwartzkopf looper much like Revolution at SFMM except for a few minor differences: NO OTS restraints and NO Trim Brakes!!!! It twists through Great Bear and is everything Revolution should (and probably used to) be!!! Good Fun!!! Front & Back.


On our way to SooperDooperLooper, Mr. Bebe stopped for a quick game of WHACK - A - MOLE. Ouch!!!


There's the fish and the chips (fries if you're not British)


Stopped at this place next to Great Bear for some fish n chips.


However, Lady Bebe found the Great Bear "pre-ride show" frightening!!!


But Great Bear was Great Fun! A solid B&M Invert (front and back).


Mr. Bebe says the sportscars were Super Sucky!!!!!


Then we rode the antique cars and sportscars.


AND the other side of the park too!!!


Feeling bad for the old man, Lady Bebe got a park overview pic of the Great Bear / Comet Hollow area.


This guy never opened his eyes or moved from this position for the entire ride! I kid you not!!!




Lips moistened, Check.

Puckered up, Check.

We're ready to Ride!!!!


Upon returning to the park, we got on our favorite ride in the whole park, The Kissing Tower!!!!


Mr. Bebe reached over to pet "Friendly" and he was scratched up and bitten! Friendly.


This prairy dog wanted to make friends, so we named him "Friendly".


And you can get up close to this Alligator!


There was this awesome pig-nosed turtle. It's a turtle because it lives in water, whereas a tortoise lives on land, in case you didn't know.


Being mid-day and lines seemingly at their greatest, what better time to peel off and check out some animals at ZooAmerica.


A Huge chocolate deer stands out front of the Zoo America entrance, and Mr. Bebe isn't afraid of it!


Next, we made our way up a hill and rode this Falcon flat ride. Quite fun and positioned to give you an awesome view of the park.


Our next credit: Trailblazer. An old arrow runaway mine ride & (in my opinion) a very very lame one. But it was a walk-on.


A nice view of a river that Stormrunner passes over.


By this time, as we approached StormRunner, the line was really long. Sidewinder (Boomerang) also had a long line, so we passed up the area and headed on.


Since we had our rain gear with us, Mr. Bebe sacrificed himself to a waterbomb in the name of good photos. Bombs Away!!!!


On Rollersoaker, you travel the course while nasty little brats shoot water at you from below. Of course, you are equipped with a single water bomb to drop on those little brats! Sounds fun enough & we braved it. And didn't get too wet either! Lame coaster, but fun concept.


We made our way through the Boardwalk water park area toward RollerSoaker, unsure if we really wanted to get this WET credit.


We grabbed some pierogies on our way to Lightning Racer. Half of them were still frozen. Even though we got 4 rides on Lightning Racer the night before, we hadn't rode together yet. So, with walk-ons abundant we grabbed 3 more laps. This is a really fun dueling coaster with a different winner everytime. 8/10


Next up: Mild Mouse. Nice creative sign on this one (sarcasm detected). WTF! The Ride: SUCKED. One of the worst wild mouses. One and done here, as it deserves the lame signage.


Our first ride of the day: Wildcat. And with such a nifty sign, Lady Bebe couldn't help but put on her best Wildcat Pose! As for the ride, walk-ons for the back and front and just OK. Not terrible but nothing to brag about either.


We got into the park and tried to get ahead of the crowd. As we passed Fahrenheit, it looked to have an hour long wait already. We continued on toward the rear of the park.


After some shopping in the Hershey Chocolate World store, we walked outside to a sight that makes Mr. Bebe's blood boil: SCHOOL BUSES and tons of kids!


It goes through the entire process from picking beans to packaging. And at the end, you get a free Fun Size Hershey Bar!!! YUMMY!!!!


The tour was full of COWS. Apparently, "it's all about the milk!" Milk Chocolate, Hershey's Milk Chocolate!


The factory tour was sort of a dark ride, in these cars.


We only planned on doing the FREE Chocolate Tour, since we'd heard the other attractions were lame and not worth their price.


We got to Hershey Chocolate World around 9:15am.


Although there wasn't any rain, there WAS a lot of fog.


As we made our way through the quaint town of Hershey, we noticed these: STREETLIGHTS that look like Kisses! Awwwww.

Edited by The Bebes
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I'm really enjoying the T/R's so far! Great job with each! I'm especially excited now that you are to the Hershey section. I was to Knoebels for my very first time last year. Nice family-oriented park with two great wooden coasters that I was able to add to my credits. I'm sorry it was raining for you guys at Kennywood and Knoebels. Hopefully, the rest of the trip went well for you!

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Just read your Hershey T/R and again, nice work! Sorry you guys didn't like Wild Mouse, I actually think it's one of the best out there, with the lack of trims. I never see those Prairie Dogs out when I'm over at ZooAmerica, so great shot there! I totally agree with you guys on Sidewinder, I wish the park would remove it. I've heard too much similar to what you guys have said about that thing and that's why I've never ridden it to this day. I'm sorry it was sprinkling for you, but hey, it's better than a trential downpour (if I had to pick one). At least you got your Fahrenheit credit in. Excellent coaster IMO. I rode it again in the front seat last Sunday and the experience is the best up there. I'm not a back seat person when it comes to coasters. You'll usually find me up front (or the second/third row), that's pretty much it. Glad you had a swell time!

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Yeah guys, if you thought Hershey's mouse was bad, what do you consider a good one? Were they using the trims on the mousey section or something? Every time I've been on it, the only trims they used were before the first and last dips, and I'm glad they did.


Speaking of trims, I've been on SooperDooperLooper with and without them in the same year. It seems completely random, as I've had both single-train rides with the trims and double-train rides without them (as well as the other, more logical, combinations.)

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Jim S,


I think you're right. I generally dislike wild mouse rollercoasters and overall wish they didn't exist. They did use the trims only at the first and lost hills as you mentioned.


Maybe Hershey Park's Wild Mouse wasn't as bad as I am remembering. But when you hate so many Wild Mice, it's hard to remember which ones you hated the most!!!


The part that sucks for me is the biginning, where you are painfully crushed against your partner throughout the hairpins. Ugh! And to make it worse, they often seem to have the worst capacity, and generally not worth their wait.


-Mr. Bebe

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The rain itself didn't really bother us. It was the closing of the rides that was frustrating (something we had to seal with almost every day of our trip). And even more frustrating when Customer Service gives out incorrect information.


But the Prairie Dogs were all over the place. There were dozens of them! Even cute little babies. We must've spend 20 minutes at that little exhibit.


Here's a few more shots.





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I generally dislike wild mouse rollercoasters and overall wish they didn't exist.


And to make it worse, they often seem to have the worst capacity, and generally not worth their wait.


-Mr. Bebe

I couldn't agree more. It wouldn't be that bad if they weren't EVERYWHERE. I don't know why so many parks have them since as you mentioned the capacity is terrible.

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Aww, thanks for sharing your Prairie Dog photos! It's good to know that someone is at least spotting them! I don't remmeber when it was that I last saw them with a trip to the zoo.


I know what you mean about rides shutting down and all. Can be very frustrating at times, especially if it's a credit you want to do especially and are unable to, because of a current closure.


Can't wait to see more of your T/R's! You're doing a fantastic job so far. I'll definitely be following this thread all the way!

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Can't wait to see more of your T/R's! You're doing a fantastic job so far. I'll definitely be following this thread all the way!


My thoughts exactly. You're captions are fantasticly fun. I love seeing great trip reports of parks I'll be visiting later in the season. Thank you!

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Thanks so much for all the kind words everybody! These TRs really take a lot longer to assemble than we expected they would, so it's nice to know that we are ACTUALLY entertaining and informing people!


More to come this week (Dorney Park w/ Big Mike, Pittsburgh & New Jersey!)


Also, we have made links on the first page of the thread so you can jump right to the TR page.


Thanks a bunch!

-The Bebes

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