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Photo TR: A Different View of Dollywood

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This is my first post. You may have seen me in some of Electerik's trip reports and you will probably see him in mine.


I warn you, this will be a little different--some might even say uninteresting--but it's what I do.


No problem. I have a season pass.


Hang on, I can fix it.


Okay, I totally stole this photo from Erik. On the other hand, I did buy him his camera. So, really, it's only fair.


I need a better shot of Thunderhead. Can you lean a little to the side?


I wanna buy one...because I'm a girl.


This part is fun...but first you have to get bashed in the head 20 times.


"In the Misty, Mystery Mine!"


This ride's theme song has my name in it!


I like to sing-a....


Because it is.


Look boring?


I like the letter E.


Moving on....


I don't know why. It just feels right.


I prefer it in the rear. I mean, this ride is better in the rear. Er...next!


I don't know why she looks mad. Everyone else seemed to like it.


Best ride in the park!


Man, school sucked then, too.


Yeah, next.


I like this ride. And I suck at captions.


Ask me how many tries it took me to get this photo. Go ahead, ask.


I thought they were just lights. But nope, complete bats.


Stupid fan. I hate that fan. Why does it have to be there? I HATE YOU, FAN!!!


Dollywood has lots of cool crafty stuff.


I'm not really sure why there's a church in the theme park.


What shall I type here?


Where do I sign up?


This building holds good cookies.


I call it, "A tribute to all nations, but mostly America."


Erik bought me a bag of dirt and I poured it down the drain.


That's good soup.


This photo is better than the ride.


The Amazing Flying Not Dumbos


Dude, they've got a game where you shoot old people!


Tryin' to get artsy.


I'm five.


I've lived here a year and only ridden this once.


So pretty it'll get coal in your eye.


Yep, it's Dolly's house.


See how cool gift shops can look?


This is my favorite crew at Dollywood.


My the bushes are gray today.


This is what happens when you don't have a greeter.


The only time you'll see me driving.


They say to use imagination in this area.


Erik was jealous of this shot.


Festival of Nations...it's not that great in color, either.


Dude loves his job.


Currently my home park.


Back of the bus.


This is how I roll.

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Nice pictures. Why has it taken you so long to post a photo trip report?



I've been debating what I should post. I wasn't sure how everyone would feel about my black and white photos.


Not to mention we only have one computer and Erik doesn't share well.

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Quick question - does Dolly post a schedule of when she plans to be at the park or does she just "show up"? I'd love to see her in person when I go...


I don't think they post any kind of schedule. My impression is that she's not there all that much (anymore). Since Dollywood doesn't have a proper new attraction opening this year, your best bet might be to aim at (or around) this: Dolly Parade.


Just my impressions from living here for the last few years. I don't claim to be an expert. But I've never seen her at Dollywood, just going randomly (but with some frequency).

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Great photos!


Quick question - does Dolly post a schedule of when she plans to be at the park or does she just "show up"? I'd love to see her in person when I go...


Yes and no. Yes you usually find out when she is going to be there but you will never really find out where she will be when she is there.


She will be in the Dolly Parade on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge as mentioned above at 6 p.m. on Friday May 8.


Then Dolly will then be at the park May 9th. On May 9th they have only announced one appearance yet and it is the premiere of Sha-Kon-O-Hey! at 7 p.m. Tickets and information are available on the Friends of the Smokies site here.


http://www.dollymania.net has announced that she will then again be at the park June 12 for the opening of KidsFest.


So Dolly is actually at the park several times a year each year. If you visit http://www.dollymania.net under upcoming appearances you can find out in advance, then most of the time Dollywood's website usually announces them about 5-7 days in advance.

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I think it's cool that you have shown the park in a Black and White setting. As I walk through it, my imagination allows me to gradually see it that way as well. Well, that and my photo-grey perscription glasses. But using my imagination, it slowly turns to black and white as if by magic.


But I digress! I love this park, and your pictures do it much justice.

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Thanks for posting pics in B & W. I LOVE B & W pics. They are my favorite type of pictures, drawings, paintings and tattoos! I also really like sepiatone pics too. Color is good but not as much as B & W. The color pics you did throw in there were great juxtaposed to the B & W ones!

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Fantastic TR! You should certainly post more TRs in the future, just knock Eric off the computer. Tell him your fans demand it! Anyway, Dollywood is just such a cool park and the BW was very fitting. (I actually nabbed the Country Fair artsy photo for my background...it's kind of squashed, but that almost makes it look a little Lynch like..so that's cool as well!)


Thanks again!

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Does your camera only do B@W or do you just prefer that style to color?



My camera normally takes color photos, but it does have a special setting where I can take it in black and white.


I like my color photos but I've always been drawn to black and white.

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