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Hong Kong Disneyland (HKDL) Discussion Thread

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tho it does make me a bit sad, since was planning to go visit for the 1st time this year. waaaaah.



But hopefully relatively soon (or at least by next year), the travel restrictions from US will relax - and make a visit a possibility.


this Disney Park looks so gorgeous.

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I always wanted to combine a trip to here and then up to Tokyo Disney.


Hong Kong is really a wonderful park, with lots of room for growth.

(And a rumored possible second park opposite it, eventually)


Maybe it'll happen in our not-too-distant future.


"Our Tribe in AdventureLand". TPR 2012 China/HongKong Tour.

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I hope they're able to stay open this time. I rather like this version of the Magic Kingdom.


We love Hong Kong out of all the parks. Of course, Tokyo is amazing but with a young child we've always been willing to sacrifice a little bit of quality for a quieter park and Hong Kong is the perfect starter park (in our opinion). The unique rides like Mystic Manor and Grizzly Mine Cars are amazing. Maybe we've been lucky but whenever we go in the Fall most rides have considerably shorter lines than other parks, including walk-ons for Space Mountain and Grizzly, reserve restaurants with ease, and whenever we see a character (outside of Elsa/Anna) we can have an interaction within 10 minutes. Even the parades and fireworks, we can show up last minute, and still, our son can be at the front to wave to dancers.


When our son is older we will of course return to Tokyo, but whenever we visit that park we are always in planning mode, planning ahead our routes and fast passes, etc. like most Disney's, to get the most out of the day but we love Hong Kong in that we just stroll in whenever and do things as we see the,

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^ You are so lucky to have both resorts, that close to your family! And Shanghai DL, too!


Forget France and The Americas!


Lucky, lucky, lucky!


Early (veryearlygrrrrrr) First Riders on Grizzly Mine Train Coaster! TPR 2012 China/HongKong Tour.

Photo taken by Robb. Thanks!!!

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The option to purchase land that had been flagged for Hong Kong Disneyland expansion will not be renewed by the Hong Kong government, taking away




Walt Disney Co DIS.N will lose its option to buy a plot of land next to its Hong Kong theme park that was to allow for future expansion after the city's government said on Wednesday it would not extend the option due to current economic conditions.


The announcement comes as the Chinese-ruled hub tries to bolster its flagging economy and badly hit tourism sector, which was impacted heavily by anti-government protests last year and more recently, the coronavirus.


Hong Kong’s Disneyland resort is owned by a joint venture, Hong Kong International Theme Parks Ltd (HKITP), of which the local government owns 53% and Walt Disney Co holds the rest. It has been closed for months this year.


The government said it was prudent to focus on the development and expansion of the existing resort in the coming few years rather than a geographic expansion, according to a statement on its website.


“HKITP’s strategic direction is to focus on the ongoing multi-expansion plan featuring a series of new attractions that will continue to position Hong Kong Disneyland as a premier tourism destination in the region,” a spokesman for the city’s Commerce and Economic Development Bureau said.


The option to buy the land, which is nearby the city’s international airport, was agreed 20 years ago and expires on Thursday.


A Walt Disney Company representative said that the company would continue investing but was “extremely disappointed with the Hong Kong government’s decision not to extend the phase 2 land expansion option.”


The land earmarked for Disney has been unused for years and activists had advocated that public housing be built on it. As the city experienced a renewed rise in coronavirus infections, authorities set up a temporary quarantine centre.


Disney said on Tuesday it would open its Hong Kong park on Sept. 25 to a reduced number of visitors and limited days, with enhanced health measures.


It had closed again in mid-July for a second time.


The Asian financial hub has relaxed its coronavirus restrictions, including reopening theme parks, after the testing of nearly two million people in a programme organised by the Chinese government found 42 cases.


Gatherings remain capped at 4 people and all guests inside the park must wear masks.

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^ theme park land and housing seems to be a sore point for Hong Kong activists. I remember seeing articles from SCMP(which hates theme parks anyway) giving them a platform to promote Ocean Park should become housing instead of a ‘failing business’ when the government had to bail out the park with a loan again.

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It's not really good land, suited for housing though. It's really far out, and has none of the normal conveniences that the main city offers (Stores, Food, Shopping, Grocery, Ect). There doesn't seem to be enough land to build all that out. So, why bother with all this at all? 


I am not living there, so I don't know what is best for the country or that land, this is just a thinking out loud thing. 

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Looks great. I may be the minority here, and this one is amazing, but I never had any issue with the old one or it's size. I think the first time my wife and I ever went to HKDL and saw it in person, we just said the size made it a bit more unique compared to the others.

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The Hong Kong Disneyland Resort has announced the launch of its 15th anniversary celebration and the opening of the Castle of Magical Dreams, both starting on November 21st, 2020! The resort will also launch the "A Disney Christmas" special event on the same day.


Starting November 21, 2020, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort will enter a magical milestone, as it officially celebrates its 15th anniversary with the opening of the reimagined castle – the Castle of Magical Dreams. On the same day, the resort’s “A Disney Christmas” special event will kick-off to bring even more happiness to guests.


Welcome the Castle of Magical Dreams – filled with hopes and dreams from our cast and community

Inspired by 13 stories of beloved Disney Princesses and Queens, the Castle of Magical Dreams offers something special for every guest with its many towers and spires embracing iconic patterns, textures, colors and ornamentation unique to each story.

When the reimagined castle opens to the public – the first of its kind in Disney’s history - not only will it be a living centerpiece of Hong Kong Disneyland, but it will also act as a shining beacon of courage, hope and possibility to all guests. Guests will be able to admire these features both up-close and afar, against the idyllic backdrop of the lush landscape of the surrounding mountains.

As part of the castle’s magical transformation, the resort invited guests, cast members, community partners and Disney friends, including Mickey Mouse, to share their own dreams and wishes on “magical dream cards.” These cards were collected in a treasure chest and lifted to the top of the tallest tower in the castle. This act symbolizes the rebirth of the castle through the power of everyone’s aspirations, ensuring that the heart of the resort will always be filled with hopes and dreams.


Witness the castle’s magical transformation

This is the first time in Disney history that an existing castle has undergone such a grand transformation. To mark the occasion, guests can visit the “Building a Dream: The Magic Behind a Disney Castle” exhibition, and embark on a visual journey that goes behind the magic, discovering the Walt Disney Imagineering process of reimagining the beloved castle, and gaining insights into the transformation from concept and design development, to the innovative building techniques, interpretation of the Disney Princesses and Queens’ stories in partnership with Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios, and upcoming entertainment offerings.




Starting the same day, a special “Glimpse into the Magic” tour of the Castle of Magical Dreams will be available to guests. This tour allows guests to venture through the castle, whilst being guided by an audio narration from local celebrity and Disney fan, Karena Lam. “It’s a very immersive tour which allows guests to appreciate the architectural designs of the towers, turrets, domes, spires and finials, and see how their various colors, icons, patterns, and cultural features were inspired by the Princesses and Queens,” Lam shared after experiencing the tour.


Virtual countdown to the 15th anniversary launch

To celebrate this historic milestone, the resort is launching a 15-day countdown to the 15th anniversary celebration from November 6 on the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort official website. This virtual countdown to the launch will also be available on the resort’s Instagram account (@hkdisneyland), inviting guests from all around the world to join in the celebrations.


Special limited-time “Magic Access” Re-join Offer

From November 3 to 30, 2020, lapsed Magic Access members can enjoy a limited-time “Magic Access” Re-join Offer* which entitles eligible guests to a 15 percent discount on the membership price, with one complimentary food and beverage item and one complimentary merchandise item. For details, please visit the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort website.


15 Years of Magical Dreams

Since its grand opening, Hong Kong Disneyland has been a place where countless dreams have come true, and even more dreams will become a reality in the years to come. To celebrate the park’s 15th birthday celebration, guests can gather even more joy and wonders at the entrance of the park with a limited edition 15th anniversary-themed button, which will be distributed to guests on November 21, while supplies last.

*This “Magic Access” Re-join offer is only applicable to Magic Access memberships which expired on or before October 3, 2020. This offer is not applicable to senior Magic Access Membership Card purchases, existing Magic Access members, Magic Access membership renewals, Magic Access certificates or ticket upgrades.

HKDL_15th Anniversary Celebration on Nov 21_Castle of Magical Dreams 01.jpg

HKDL_15th Anniversary Celebration on Nov 21_Karena Lam 03.jpg

HKDL_15th Anniversary Celebration on Nov 21_Karena Lam 02.jpg

HKDL_15th Anniversary Celebration on Nov 21_15th Anniversary_Virtual Countdown_TC.jpg

HKDL_15th Anniversary Celebration on Nov 21_15th Anniversary Logo 01.jpg

HKDL_15th Anniversary Celebration on Nov 21_15th Anniversary Button.jpg

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It just goes to show, you can't totally judge the finished project, by the concept art.

This looks wonderful! And with it's surrounding setting... just beautiful.

It's also interesting to see, that they've kept the original castle shape (sort of) in the form of a silhouette in the artwork for the 15th.


Just found another gorgeous photo of The Castle on the net. It`s nice that you can also see a bit of IAsW over in the background, there.

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Hong Kong Disneyland Park will temporarily close from December 1

As required by the government and in line with preventive efforts taking place across Hong Kong, Hong Kong Disneyland park will temporarily close beginning December 2. We are in close contact with health authorities and the government about the situation and will announce a reopening date once they determine it is advisable.

The park is also scheduled to close today (December 1).



Disney doesn't specify a reopening but Ocean Park claim at this time the restrictions are for two weeks.

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