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Six Flags South Carolina 1975-Today [RCT3]

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2 Year Anniversary




2 years ago today, what was then Charleston Gardens Amusement Park had its first official updated posted to RCT communities across the internet. Since then, the park's changed quite a bit yet has maintained a consistent form of presentation by the narrator. It's become my longest-running park to date and by far my most favorite. I've spent hours upon hours building, modifying, and unfortunately, deleting. But it's all worth it because I thrive on sharing what I've done in the park with others.



I'd like to thank everyone who has commented, offered criticism, or just looked at the countless updates I've posted in this two-year time period.


As you have heard, this project will come to an end in May. I think I've gotten just about everything I can get out of this park, but don't worry, there are still some exciting things to come!


- CD5

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Six Flags South Carolina, is by far the BEST rct3 park I have ever came across. I have read every single page on this thread more than once!! To think that its end is coming, makes me upset. I HOPE that you are planning another GREAT park like this one!!!!! This park has inspired me to build so many rct3 parks I have now!

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Ever since this park premiered, I've always searched the Game Forum here first for updates, passing by other great parks just to see this one for the last 2 years, even before I had an account!! This has always been my favorite park I've ever seen created, and I still remember when I became excited when Derecho was the "New Ride" and when the Charleston Railway was rerouted for Heatwave's construction, when Atlantic Avenue came in, and when the first images of Gully River Rapids appeared. I'll be sad when the final updates of this park are posted, but it's been an awesome 2 years!! Thank you for 2 awesome years of RCT3, Coasterdude5!!

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25th Season


I tried to make a panoramic photo today, needless to say it didn't go so well.


Undertaker gets awfully close to the seating area near the carousel.


Hey look! Firebomb is open!


Here is a good view of the lower-level area of the park.


Panoramic of V2.


Have a great day!


Signing off,


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25th Season


Well it's time that I head back to school. I've enjoyed being back home for the summer but I miss my school friends. I look forward to returning next summer.


We'll start off this update with something interesting...land clearing!


This area of the park has been dead since SkyCoaster left. It looks like that is all about to change!


Whatever it is, I hope it's more exciting than Johnny Rocket's!


I'm pulling for a wooden coaster, but I doubt that will happen with Six Flags' current financial situation and Shapiro's focus on the family.


I'll miss riding Batman for a few months.


Same with V2.


The park was unusually crowded today.


That's all for this season! I'll see you soon.


Signing off,


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Attention all thrill seekers, extreme sports enthusiasts and coaster aficionados — Six Flags South Carolina, The Entertainment Capital of the Carolinas, is proud to announce plans to welcome another addition to its already amazing roster of thrills — Tony Hawk's Big Spin!


Tony Hawk's Big Spin, making its debut on opening day of Six Flags South Carolina's 26th season, will give riders the sensation of freestyle skateboarding as they sit facing one another in 4-person cars all decked out in skateboard motif! Riders will grab some serious airtime as they twist and turn in 360° rotations while grinding through two helixes, wild mouse turns, a camelback and much more on the rails of this 1,351-ft. steel coaster. Costing $6.5 million to build, Tony Hawk's Big Spin is designed to deliver a unique experience for guests each time, because the weight distribution of passengers will determine how each car spins along the track.


Offering a full extreme sports experience, Tony Hawk's Big Spin promises to be a unique, eye-catching addition to the Six Flags South Carolina landscape with the look and feel of a giant red-and-black skatepark. The queue line has also been specially designed, so guests will learn about the history of skateboarding and watch highlights of action sports on monitors and story panels as they prepare to board the ride. In addition, riders will be able to put themselves into the action, capturing their thrilling experience on a Tony Hawk's Big Spin DVD with the park's new CD Ride technology.


Tony Hawk was a professional skater at 14 and the #1 ranked vert skater in the world for 12 straight years. He has competed in 103 pro contests winning 73 of them while placing second in 19, earning him the best record in skateboarding history. He has won 16 X Games medals and is a four-time Kid's Choice and three-time Fox Teen Choice award winner. In addition, Tony Hawk is the creator and star of the hugely popular Boom Boom HuckJam tour that has been seen by standing room only crowds at Six Flags theme parks across the country.


Tony Hawk's Big Spin stands at 53 ft., travels some 31 mph and will be near the picnic pavillion area of the park. Families with younger children will find the ride's height requirement especially enticing, as Tony Hawk's Big Spin is suitable for kids at least 42" tall if they are riding with an adult, while kids 47" may ride alone.


Also on tap for the 2008 season is the return of the most talked-about concert series in the Charleston, the Starburst Summer Concert Series! This upcoming season's lineup promises to be even better than last year with artists such as Fergie and the All American Rejects peforming.


Guests can enjoy all Six Flags South Carolina has to offer in 2008 by purchasing a Season Pass for only $64.99. This is the lowest price of the year and it pays for itself in just two visits! Season passes are available for purchase online at sixflags.com beginning Friday, September 28th. The 2008 season at Six Flags South Carolina promises to be filled with plenty of thrilling family fun, entertainment and excitement!

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Very nice.......every time you do something new I am amazed at your level of detail with supports!


My only criticism with THBS would be, can you switch on the spinning on the mid course, I know on our spinners over here in the UK you free spin on all of the mid course brakes.


Great work again!

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