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  1. I'm aware, but it looks as if he's taken the story line and changed some of the words and took pictures CD5 took from different angles. I'm not dissing on the park, I think it looks great so far, but I'm saying it feels as if I'm looking at SFSC all over again.
  2. How can you say that? We've seen less then 10 pictures from him and there are no rides yet. Give him time. If you look at the first couple of pictures for SFSC, you'll see what I'm talking about.
  3. I feel like your trying to somewhat "re-create" Six Flags South Carolina. The design of the park is almost identical to it.
  4. ......I dont really know what to say. Thank you for this experience! Best park real of fake. I hope that your next project will be as great as this one which I know it will! Would have loved to see the new coaster and Hurricane Harbor open at the park.
  5. Im my opinion, I dont think Green Lantern would look good as a wooden coaster. But anyways I sure hope someone else will make another long lasting rct3 park like you. And im PRAYING that you will make another park as well.
  6. I am so sad seeing the park come to an end. This is my, and will always be my favorite RCT3 park. So much time, detail, ect was put into this park. Most people by now would have left the project. i look forward to see what you have up your sleeve!! But I can also say I am glad to see whats in the parks future! Maybe you could let a close RCT3 friend continue the park...maybe a horrible tornado could hit...so many possibilities. Will you delete the park after you are finished? Will you continue to make awsome parks? Will you post a list of CS? Will you allow someone to use the park name? CANT WAIT!!!
  7. The amount of detail you put into this park is great. You build AMAZING coasters! You also plan everything out before you build them. You dont rush into opening the park before its time. Love your work!
  8. Im going to have to cancel the project, I still dont understand the picture thing. I have chosen the picture, but it is too big and I dont know how to make is smaller. Sorry.
  9. Update 1- 2011 LOUISIANA- Today, Six Flags Inc (NYSE: SIX) announced the construction of a new thrill park to take Six Flags New Orleans place. " This park in any way suppose to compare to Six Flags New Orleans. After Katrina, the park was a total loss. " states Six Flags officials. As of right now, the park is set to open in late March 2011.
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