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Custom models of Sheikra, TTD, Insane and now Manta!

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Wow great work! Looks like a Coaster Dynamix kit. I really want to see the finished product. Keep up the good work man!


Well technically coasterdynamix only needs to make a new train type to be able to make flyer with them so maybe there's an idea right here^^

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Ha, I was just waiting for someone to notice that there hasn't been an update on this project in nearly 3 months. Unfortunately with my current class load (Accounting, Marketing, Management, Operation Systems and Money and Banking Systems) I have put the project on a little hiatus. I literally am up until this time every night studying, and then I am cashed and just can't fathom melting pieces. So I would not expect another update until summer time, when I plan to go all out on the project. I plan on being in Orlando over thanksgiving of this year, and (fingers crossed) I would love to give it to the park to put on display then. So look for a huge amount of work on it over the summer and into next year as I have given myself a deadline to finish of Thanksgiving.


Thanks for your interest though, maybe I can do a piece of two over spring break? eh?



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Well, my concern is not so much with rushing the project compared to possibly getting a bad grade in a class. Though it would be awesome if this was my career, I have to focus more on school so I can actually get a quality job. At least that is my thought process.


On a side note, I have four more semesters after this and have figured out a way to do the Disney College Program while still graduating on time while maintaining an average course load. Pretty pumped about it.

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What's up TPR!?!?!?! It has been too long since I have made a legitimate post in this thread, which saddens me deeply.


However, the wait is OVER! Finals have passed and I am settling in at home, which means ample time to work on the model. Look for continual updates over the summer, though expect most of them from now until June 14th. June 24th is the day I depart for the TPR Europe trip, and once I get back, it is right in to summer classes. Summer classes stretch right up until pretty much the first day of the fall semester, and I will be balancing my homework with my work at Elitch Gardens. Long story short, it is do or die time to get this project done if I want to have it done for IAAPA in November. Help motivate me by telling me your thoughts, comments and criticism!


This latest update is that of the first part of the pretzel loop. It has come out really well I think and looks amazing in real life. The pieces fit perfectly together and it just really looks nice, if I do say so myself haha. What do you guys think about it? Anyone excited that the hiatus is over and this project is in full swing? I certainly am!


Again, I hope you enjoy this update as much as I am! Without further a due, I give you the Pret. (Get it?)




Edit: I am aware that the single support on the back side of the Pretzel should have a partner. However, I misplaced a bag of support beams and don't have enough to complete the supports. I ordered a new bag today and will install that missing piece ASAP.


The flash made it look gross since it is dark out. So bare with me!


Herro pretzel loop!


This picture will be LEGIT when everything is in place!


I didn't pay too much attention, but this will be ROUGHLY where the Manta sign will go.


You will notice there is still some tape on the track. The reason being it isn't 100% dry yet and the tape is holding everything together for the night.


To conclude, I give you a picture of the entire project to date! Hope you have enjoyed!

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Very awesome so far... I'm jealous though, your going to IAPPA and TPR Europe. You're living the coaster nerds dream, and doing it well. This model is great so far, and if I am correct in inferiing you are bringing this to IAPPA I think many people will be very impressed. Looks awesome so far!

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