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Custom models of Sheikra, TTD, Insane and now Manta!

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Ghost- Thanks for the kind words. IF I do bring the model with me to IAAPA, it won't actually be for IAAPA. Fingers crossed and maybe with enough support, my plan is to GIVE the model to SeaWorld and just have them put it on display in some store. That would be the ultimate. So the reason I would take it with me to IAAPA wouldn't actually be for IAAPA, it would just be because I am conveniently in Orlando. You too, my friend, can live the dream as well. Just put enough effort and care into your work and its yours.


mejaybe-I believe you are a new reader, so welcome! I am glad you enjoyed this update and find the ones to come all the better!

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Jason-That is what I meant, new reader to this thread. I am glad it caught your eye as well, as I would love to publicize these models as much as possible. I wish I could have this thread in the real forum because I know it would get read more because we all know most people don't take the games forum seriously. Thoughts, Matt? What if I add please?


Derek-I had my time with k'nex, but drifted away after feeling limited by its abilities. Working with the plastic also gives a much larger reward at the end when it all starts coming together. This has been, by far, the most satisfying of the models to make. Thanks for following the thread though, I try to put an effort in to the posts and pictures I show.


Mightbeawannabe-Did you go through all 20 pages?! I don't even do that haha, so if you did, congrats! You certainly can give models a try. I mean, it took until my 4th model (Manta) to dial in on model making pretty completely. Also, the scale is roughly 1:140. If I may ask, what brought you to TPR, and more specifically, this thread?

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Matt- Thank you for the kind words. I too am very glad to have construction back under way. End results should be around thanksgiving without any major set backs.


Sid-The next phase as in the in line twist? haha. Just giving you a hard time.


Mightbeawannabe-Well I am glad that you read all the way through the thread. Hopefully you enjoyed watching the progression of the rides from simple beginnings all the way to completion. As a side note, the material I am using for Manta is actually model railroad plastic, called styrene. Fun stuff! Hope you keep watching this thread!


Rebecca-I was going to say that you have never seen any of my models and then i realized you have in fact seen Insane and part of Manta. Go you!


Hobbit-Thanks bud. On a different note, I cannot wait to ride the coaster in your avatar this summer!


Bob-Thanks for the nice words. The models are certainly time consuming and almost monotonous, but the end produce definitely makes it all worthwhile. 31 days until Europe!


Portugepunk-Thanks, bud!


Steelinwood-Haven't really crossed that bridge yet. Before I purchased all the supplies, my supplier actually sent me pictures of them bending the spine (to see if it cooperated in the way I needed) and painting it. So though I do not really know what I will be using to paint the ride, it should hopefully work now because it worked before. It will be painted the colors of the real ride, obviously. AND, unlike all the other models, Manta will be hand painted versus being spray painted.



I started on the second half of the pretzel today, so woohoo! I have not done as much in the past week as I would have liked, but work as slammed me. I have monday and tuesday off, so expect a lot of work to be done during those two days. Thanks for reading.

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Themeparkman25, I am well aware and guessed that was the media of choice by the title when I first saw it. I really have enjoyed the progress and look forward to future progress! And Evergreen is, in my honest opinion, the best producer of styrene out there! I use it for anything and everything!


P.S. Just an afterthought, I personally would start working from the back at this point to get the easy things done so you have absolutely all of the skills necessary to navigate the difficult things. As in, built the track and supports up to like the MCBR, an easy place to work from. Do you understand?

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Tiger-Thank you! SheiKra is my second favorite, beaten only by Manta.


Wannabe-Evergreen has been great to work with and I recommend them to anyone and everyone. I would start working backward, but either way I go (forwards or backwards) I would immediately run in to an inline twist or corkscrew. So going forwards or backwards is going to present similar, if not identical, challenges. I plan on just keeping on going forward.






In other news, the spine, ties and supports for the second half of the pretzel loop have been completed. The only thing remaining in the pretzel is the rails, which I will likely put on tomorrow afternoon. I may post a picture, but you have to let me know if you want to see it! Otherwise, I will probably put up another section of track heading in to the inline twist before I post pictures next. So, anyone want to see a pretzel?

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Update June 6th, 2010


As you will as soon see, the pretzel loop and the start of the inline twist have been started! Since the last update, I have completed the second half of the pretzel and the section turning into the twist. I think I can honestly say that this project is turning out 150% better than I could have imagined. The pieces look phenomenal in real life, the bankings are spot on and the rails couldn't be smoother. I wish you guys could actually see, but I literally cannot believe myself at how well this entire thing is turning out.


So, in the next week or so, expect an update of the inline twist followed by the big turn going back towards the pretzel. I would love to be able to work on the project today since I have the day off from work, but something unfortunate did come up...my heat gun blew up/decided to die. Towards the end of that last piece hung, the gun turned off and started smoking. Oops. So, I will have to go grab another gun tomorrow before any more progress can be made on the ride. No big!


I hope you guys enjoy this update and hope you can understand how well it is all turning out. No promises, but maybe when I complete the corkscrew through the pretzel I will make a video of the entire project to date. Might be more fun and just may allow that level of detail to be better captured. Without further adue, THE PRETZEL LOOP!


Overview of Manta to date


The pretzel loop! You will notice there are dimes at the top of the loop as well as the bottom.


These dimes are holding the rails in place to allow for them to dry.


This picture makes me happy!


Hopefully you can tell in this picture how well everything is turning out.


And of course, the obligatory Manta sign shot.

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This really is turning out to be the coolest coaster model I have ever seen, Jordan. Everything looks so smooth and realistic.


Keep up the awesome work!

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