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[RCT3] Custom Scenery Links and Requests

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This link is for a set of 40 CSO sets all in one download.




If you have additions to the list PM me, and I'll update this new list. I've un-stickied the last one, but it can still be found here:


Original CSO Sticky Thread


Matt's Edit: I'll update this thread in the near future. Most CS links seem to be broken.

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http://www.vodhin.org/e107/download.php?list.3 -- Great list of downloads that are very helpful. Probably including most of the LIM launch sections that you would need.


Went through the link at the beginning of this thread last night, as I was looking for a couple of sets that I managed to delete in a recent back up. Vodhin's site is gone, and with it, a lot of Custom Content.


Glad I have all his sets, but some of the others he hosted may be lost.

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Hey TPR,


I'm still new to RCT3. I just downloaded some different scenery sets, but how do get them to load into the game? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.



1) This is covered in the RCT3 Help Thread. Please search.


2) Don't post the same question in multiple threads.

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I decided to take a break from RCT2 and went back to RCT3 for the time being. While I'm not great at doing custom buildings I am inspired by some of the fantastic work I've seen in this forum. Great job everyone! So now I'm in search of custom content.


I noticed a lot of the links for custom scenery are linked to Vodhin's old site and I'm having trouble getting into his new Doughnutville site. I have an updated version of Flash in my 'puter but I think my slower connection is hanging me up. Is there any other way to access the new site or have a list of what is downloadable without having to go through all the trouble?

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TNS-Studios is no longer.... The site got deleted for sending out mass E-Mailings... I guess the free host mistook the sending out verification E-Mails as mass mailings.



Any ways, I am in the process of transferring all the files I had permission to host over to Vodhin.org. This may take some time as I need to get permission again or at least give an amount of time for a response to the request. Sometime in the near future look for revived links to old scenery on Vodhin.org.

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