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[RCT3] Custom Scenery Links and Requests

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Hi everyone!


I just got into RCT3 just a little while ago and even though the game is a bit older I just love building and experimenting with it. Unfortunately, I have come across some great sets that I'd love to have and find no source for anymore


So, I wanted to ask whether someone could privately share the UCEP Crazy fun and/or Marine Mania pack with me?


You would really make day

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Hi, I'm trying to open a older park file, after an extensive CS search and a full night on Google has left me without a download option for these following CSO. If anyone could provide a link I would be eternally grateful.


Old-Spice's test 2

Old-Spice's test 3

Old-Spice's test 4


Osudenny Fountain Pack

Osudenny Fountain Pack 2


Osudenny Stall 31 - 42

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Hello everyone,


I'm working on a park where a coaster dives under a lake, and I'd like to have a water fountain shoot up when the train enters the tunnel. Does anyone have a suggestion as to where i might be able to find something like that?



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Anyone have B&M friction wheels? Iv'e been looking all over for them, I cant find them. There was one thread from 2011 with them and they were super realistic, but the download link wasn't up anymore. I have Edwards, but there the kind that Intamin uses that are vertical.

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Anyone have any recommendations for custom queues, supports, and a Intamin Drop tower?


Thank you in advance


EDIT: I forgot to mention paths and a ride car that best fits a JLBFM ride from Six Flags


I'm not sure about custom queues. For supports, I generally use Steeworx, but it is fairly simple and maybe not as complex as you would like. If not, it's worth it to check out Moby's Steel Jungle. For Intamin drop towers, I found a website that has 4 of them (40m (tiny one like at Gardaland), 70m (standard height), 100m (Big Tower at Beto Carrero World), and 120m (Blue Fall)). In fact, that whole website has a ton of great stuff. Note: I have all 4 towers, and the 70m is most accurate with physics (the cars free falling). The 40m is okay, but the larger ones like 100m and 120m seem to fall too slowly, but still realistic and fun to use nonetheless.

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