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  1. That layout looks like a great mid sized ride. Relatively simple enough to construct without too much twisty madness to navigate but plenty of fun packed into each leg. Are you having a firm do the actual design/signoff of the ride or is that being done in-house as well? Also I totally volunteer as tribute to drive from Duluth to come swing a hammer for a week.
  2. As much as I don't enjoy spinning rides and wish that would be a new RMC raptor station - the Endeavor would be a really great fit for that spot, that side of the park has long since been a dead spot. With the front of the park seeing new additions, I think the Endeavor with a fun lighting package is pretty reasonable as well. *sighs and looks at photos of B&M inverts*
  3. I think the Minnesota State Fair has one? Don't quote me on that though - the construction appears quite similar, but I can't seem to find any documentation on its origin.
  4. If ground work had started to take place I'd say the water park expansion would be a great 2020 expansion, but given the lack of ground-work needed to redo that entire area... I doubt they'd just do that during the winter? Maybe they announce + begin work next spring when the water level drops?
  5. So very true, but also keep in mind the weather up here is different than many of these parks, they have a different ethos as well (Thinking Knoebels and Kentucky Kingdom). They also have the freedom of being independently run as well, perhaps they gained an investor and such too? Valleyfair has both the privilege and burden of being a part of a larger chain: they have larger corporate backing... but they also have shareholders to appease as well. Not that smaller parks don't have shareholders, but larger parks have to keep things moving for all the parks, and lots of profit to make to keep p
  6. Noted, seems like an incredible park. It's either that or Holiday World.... so... I'm rather torn.
  7. Hey all, Visiting St Louis from the 3rd-8th for an industry conference and will no doubt visit the City Museum and perhaps the Arch. My question: is it worth the drive to Branson for a Monday at SDC? What are crowds like this time of year? It'd probably be a daylong/half day visit... Thanks
  8. Does anyone have the ad3 LED's used in MGL's water fountains? Or perhaps, anything else related to creating good choreographed fountains. Anything would be great. Thanks! mnreggie
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