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  1. Hi all, I just thought of a new strategy game. You are given a starting amount of about $50 million, how would you spend it or earn it back? You have to make other people bankrupt as quick as possible. For example: Player A now only has $15 million left. Player B just started. Player A would accept a small Zierer Tivoli coaster, setting them back 2 million. The dialogue would go like this: Player B: "I'd like to make my starter ride some Teacups. B&M make a memo for {Person here} about a B&M hyper that could potentially earn them $1 million per annum. It costs $
  2. I've been on one before, and I wouldn't say that they are too fun. I'd much rather go on a Zierer Tivoli, but if I wanted a ride like a Disk'o, I'd get on a Crazy Mouse and hope it valleys.
  3. I know that parks do need them, but do we really need rides that literally only spin, maybe rock a little? It seems... overdone.
  4. Me, cry? No. That, my friend, is you. I'm actually rather content at the moment, to be frank. ANYWAY... Who actually thinks Spinsanity is a good investment?
  5. Hey. Enough is enough. You can stop right there as YOU were the one who started it! And I don't know why you are making such snarky remarks to the person who can be bothered to put money and effort into the service you are backchatting him with! At least treat people with respect, you inconsiderate little attention w***e! I'm not respecting you at the moment because honestly, you don't deserve it.
  6. Bragging about being rich (It only shows bitchiness...) What's worse than Golden Horse?
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