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TPR TV - Soft Opening - Beta Testing - Technical Rehersal!

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The forum video played flawless, the TPRTV videos play with a VERY SMALL lag. It only "skipped" once for me, very briefly, so it was probably my connection.


One thing I have noticed lately, I use windows Vista and MSIE 7, and auto-update. Very recently, an update has caused a somewhat slight conflict with flash. (ie. flash doesn't act as it should, randomly crashing, or diconnecting connections, whether video or heavy animation.) I have absolutely no problems with FireFox.

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For some reason my POV of Troy was switched with the Kennywood video of the Midwest Trip.


I reuploaded and now it's fine!



BTW, I see some two of my old videos were also uploaded, where did you get those? I don't remember uploading them

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Hey everyone!


I've just gotten word from my programmer that he has made some changes that may have fixed the session timeout problem.


Those of you who have been helping to test could you please try to log into TPR TV now and upload and video and tell me if you're seeing the session time out problem still.



Thank you!


--Robb Alvey

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About freakin' time I took a look at this. I only watched the Kentucky Rumbler video and had no problems whatsover loading and watching it. Having Verizon FiOS helps, as it's pretty fast.


On a side note, I couldn't help but to wonder how much SFMM's Terminator Salavation: The Ride will be like the Rumbler. Not exactly the same layout, of course, but sustained speed, turns, and some airtime.


Now that I've seen one video, I'll stop back and watch others as time permits.



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Here is a new test -


This one is regarding streaming. I have uploaded two versions of the Kawasemi video. I'd like you to watch both and report on the following:


- Streaming - Did you have any problems streaming either version of video? Did it lag? Did it stall?


- Visual Quality - Did you notice a significant difference between the two versions?


Here are the links:


Kawasemi - Large Video File:



Kawasemi - Small File Test:



Please only respond if you have watched BOTH videos and can comment on your findings.


Thank you!




PS. if you can include your internet speed that would also be helpful. Here is a site you can check your speed: http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/

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The large video stalled on 9, 18, 26 and 30 seconds, and keeps stalling about every 8 seconds.

The small video kept stalling at roughly the same times.

The visual quality of both videos were pretty much equal.


Also, if it's helpful for you to know, according to http://www.broadbandspeedchecker.co.uk/, my download speed at the time of testing was about 3000Kbps, and my upload speed about 540Kbps.


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Well Robb, I watched both videos and here is what I came across...



- The video stalled, and lagged a lot.

- The picture was crystal clear! It was amazing!!



- The video loaded twice as fast, and did not lag much at all.

- The picture was not nearly as clear, but still good!


Personally I would rather have the large video. It took more time to load, but the picture was so much better! It was like watching it in HD! The smaller videos take less time to load, but also are not nearly as high quality... My internet connection is at 100.0 Mbps. Not sure what that means, but thought it might be able to help in some random way!!


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