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Best Ride and Coaster Names

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Well I know the forums of TPR don't have much top 10 games, so I decided to throw one at ya.

This is a top 10 ride to list your top 10 favorite ride names of all time.

Its a simple thing to do, no ones right or wrong


1.Predator @ DL

2.Prowler @ WoF

3.Diamondback @ KI

4.Storm Runner @ HP

5.Goliath@ various

6.Beast @KI

7.Loch Ness Monster@BGE




Those are at the top of my head.


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Top Ten

10. Silver Bullet - Knotts

9. Millenium Force - Cedar Point

8. Psyclone - Defunct SFMM

7. Dominator - ?

6. The Beast - KI

5 - Hulk - IOA

4. Rock'n'Rollercoaster - Disneys Hollywood Studios

3. Nemesis - Alton Towers

2. Stealth - Thorpe Park

1. Oblivion - Alton Towers


Bottom Three

3. Rollo Coaster - ?

2. Pepsi Max Big One - BPB

1. Rita - Alton Towers



Me - Lets go ride Rita!

Friend - Uh, What?!

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Busch parks deliver the best name for coasters.


Montu, Kraken, Kumba, Gwazi, Griffon, Alpengeist, Apollos Chariot, Manta are all great coaster name.


Six Flags can sometimes pick good names, Such as Nitro and Tatsu, Goliath, Medusa (despite its weird theme)


It is hard for me to Pick a top ten favorite


But I think Gwazi, Kraken and Montu are my favorite names, mainly because of the story behind them

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Superman: Ride of Steel (Darien Lake)

Superman: Ride of Steel (Six Flags New England)

Superman: Ride of Steel (Six Flags America)

Superman: Ultimate Flight (Six Flags over Georgia)

Superman: Ultimate Flight (Six Flags Great America)

Superman: Ultimate Flight (Six Flags Great Adventure)

Superman: The Escape (Six Flags Magic Mountain)

Superman: Escape (Warner Bros. Movie World)

Superman: el Ultimo Escape (Six Flags Mexico)

Superman: The Ride (Walibi World)

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1. Laser Snake Horse On Fire


--light years later--


2. Superspeed Cool Cool Bear

3. Renegade

4. Kumba

5. Cornball Express

6. Nemesis (give or take "Inferno")

7. Thor's Hammer

8. Falken

9. Mindbender

10. The entire lineup of Linnanmaki (which barely nudged out the entire Chimelong Paradise lineup)

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1. X. and all the taglines it had with it.

(X-No Limits. X-Xperience The Xtreme)

2. California Screamin' (Nice play on words)

3. Batwing (Always cool to break out of the Batman name)

4. Deja Vu (pimp)

5. Roadrunner Express. (who says Six Flags doesn't theme?)

6. Alpengheist (Themed and unique)

7. Xcelerator (it's not original, but it still sounds cool)

8. Nemesis Inferno. (Heat things up)

9. The Beast. (speaks for itself)

10. The Riddler's Revenge (He takes his revenge out on your family jewels)


Worst Names


1-5. Anything that ends with "DECK, or "HAWK"

6-10. Disneyland and their three "Mountains of coasters"

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My faves:

- Lethal Weapon (100% accurate description - I can't believe no one has died yet from head trauma)

- Expedition Everest (the ride delivers on the promise the name suggests - much more than a simple coaster)

- Rampage

- Rolling Thunder

- Banshee

- Phoenix

- Boulder Dash

- Shivering Timbers

- Mind Eraser




Names I dislike:

- Ant Farm Express

- Sky Princess

- Hurler

- Sooperdooperlooper

- Boomerang: Coast-to-Coaster

- Cornball Express

- Tig'rr (is the apostrophe really necessary?)

- Mantis

- Thundernation

- Jaguar! (and any other name with an ! at the end)

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1) Batwing hands down the best name for a Batman themed coaster (even if it has no actual themeing)

2) Two Face: the Flipside has to be one of the coolest names for an inverted boomerang.

3) Fahrenheit

4) Kingda Ka

5) The Renegade

6) Tatsu

7) Goliath

8) Afterburn

9) Jokers Jinx

10) De Ja Vu

I had more than 10 so.....

11) Hydra

12) Medusa

13) Kumba

14) Nitro

15) Max RPM

16) Nemesis


These aren't in any particular order, just in order from when I thought of it. (excluding Batwing and Two Face)

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