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The "Preview" Thread

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^^ the coaster looks fun, the only park I would change is at the end. I would use that long banked diagonal section to get up to station height and use the up area you have after the final turn to add in a longer brake run/transfer area.


^ good layout on that woodie, I like the angles of it.

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@dmaxsba2408 Will try that out for sure. I also realised I can remove a few of the brakes on the platform to finish the airtimehill as the speed was not as high I believed.


I just wish I had a park to place this ride in. An empty workbench aint.. good for me.

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Yeah, but to re-theme it from the work I've done in the empty workbench... We'll see.


I'm terrible at theming and for example I'd love a preview of good foliage and building methods. for NC scenery of course

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I agree, it does look very nice. I don't care for the block elevation on the second picture, but I think I see what your were trying to do. My suggestion would be to smooth some of the blocks out and keep others with edges showing. Mix it up a bit. From what I can tell the station looks great.


Block-ish buildings are not always a bad thing, some look very nice. It's all in how you mix up the blocks.


My only other suggestion is to not worry about your skills and go ahead and start your park. Your skills will get better during the building of the park, you can always go back and update previously done areas with the newer skills you learned working elsewhere in the park.

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Quick question, are those my seats? From the warehouse?


They are from the warehouse; from a user tickTACK (the title is B&M Rct3 seat).


Yea thats me. Well, WAS me. If you are going to go through with that project, I have way better seats...

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