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The "Preview" Thread

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This is my first true RCT2 park but I think it will turn out good...any advice will be helpful.


August 2012, Legoland California goes bankrupt a year after rival Legoland Florida opened. All the rides and scenery have been removed...there is nothing left but a plot of land...ready for a new park to rise from the ashes. It is called...Carlsbad Gardens. It will take true ingenuity to turn this park into a booming success...but the CG Team will do it!!!


Ok heres some screenshots...once again this my first RCT2 park so comments will be helpful!


The park's simple yet attractive entrance.


The park's launched B&M, TNT: A Blast From The Past.


Entrance Plaza


Park Entrance View 2


That's it for now!

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^ whoa, give us fullview ASAP. Love huge coasters.


A new diorama hybrid / twister coaster being build under the code-name Boomerang. Will have to think loads on how to build the supports where the huge "walk the coaster" path will be. Might scrap it alltogether. Launched lifthill that sets you off into "my" favourite start, an inline twist!



The whole shabang being built.



New Hypercoaster Hybrid (real fond of these creations )



Sizewize, its a tad bigger than Magpie's Escape, but less twisty.

On bottom right is a version of Magpie's Revenge. I did have a storyline too this alteration. Not sharing as it will be used elsewhere ^^

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I don't have any pictures or anything... but here's a list that I made for my park, Rissler Alpine Freizeitpark. Notice that I'm only using amusement parks companies in Bavaria, it's going to be a smaller park, but still has the thrills of a larger park. This is just what I've come up with so far. All of the roller coaster cars are going to be "wooden." I'm using custom CTR's for all of them. The Gerstlauer wooden coaster is in a partnership with another German company. This will be a replica of Mammut but sized down. I'm going to have every roller coaster below 30 m, below a length of 500 m, and below the speed of 75 km/h... I have O.C.D. Haha.

Flat Rides:

Huss Enterprise

Huss Suspended Top Spin

Zierer Wave Swinger (Whirlwind)

Roller Coasters:

Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter (Thunder Hawk)

Gerstlauer Launch Coaster (Lynx)

Gerstlauer Spinning Coaster (Avalanche)

Gerstlauer Wooden Coaster (Timber Wolf)

Zierer Force Coaster (Alpine Express)

Water Rides:

Schwarzkopf Log Flume (Buzzsaw Falls)

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