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The "Preview" Thread

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themeparkman25 is correct. It is part of the cable guide assembly for an Intamin Mega Coaster. Given the size and other aspects of my design relative to existing Intamin coasters, I found recreating Millennium Force's cable guide assembly worked best on the section near the station. I instead used a design like that of Expedition GeForce for the cable drum and motor under the apex of the lift. I think it all works out pretty well. Thanks for the comments everyone.


Here's the cable drum. The picture doesn't include the motor because the textures for it didn't render correctly for some reason...no biggie, since they work fine in NL.


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I might be starting work on an intamin launcher named blue flash,which will be a sort of follow up to my last launcher,the green hornet but this time with a non inverted tophat & a much better designed overbanked curve.


I'll post progress screens,and a separate thread once I get started on the project.

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I've been working on this coaster for a while. Trackwork's done, I guess, so I'm working on supports. Not sure if I'll release it.


The finale has four ejector-airtime hills in a row. The second tunnel gives a great headchopper in the back seat.


Second drop. Supports are obviously not finished.


Custom supports on the lift hill. Not finished with those.

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This was a scenario I made a long time ago. I recently found my self really bored and I started working on it. I'm kind of proud of what I have done so far. I'm posting this here because I haven't decided if I should post the entire park on here yet or not. I'll let you guys decide.


Main entry midway. This park is a rather small one that's supposed to be located in the middle of a city.

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It has custom rides, but no custom scenery. I made this park a long time ago as just a park to test out several custom rides I had just picked up. I just thought it would be fun to go back and try to make a good park from the same workbench. Here's another picture from the same park.


This is an area that I am currently working on.

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Here is some greatly unfinished work on a new mini-project,

I'm building a mini park thats supposed to be the unltimate Gotham city theme section in a six flags park,


It will include a

B&M floorless: The Dark Knight

Schwarzkoph shuttle loop: Joker: Arkham Escape

Vekoma Boomerang: 2Face

S&S tower: Wayne Tower

Twist-ride: The Riddler


Robin, Poison Ivy and Mr.Freeze still need to get a ride themed to them that aren't coasters


The park entrance will be Wayne Manor and you'll walk your way up to the city part where The Dark Knight will be souring through, then further in the suburbs of the city you'll find Arkham Asyllum where the Joker will be blasting he's way out.


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I really need help coming up with a name for the park I'm working on. I'm planning on making a separate thread for it as soon as I have a good name. If you can think of a good name, pm it to me or tell me in here. If I use your name you will get an early release of the park before it's completed.


To spark your brains, here's another picture.


(EDIT for some reason it's not allowing me to upload a picture. I'll try again later.)


(EDIT 2 it works now, enjoy!)


New Intamin custom megalite.

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Heres something iv'e been doing, no idea what the response to this is going to be as it's my first rct2 park (with buildings and full theming).

Any advice criticism would be appreciated. Wanted to see what you guys thought before i decide wether to continue and make a thread. I also need a name. Here are a few screenies.


The Entrance and a glimpse of Beyond


Fountain Square entrance plaza , Guest Services, The Olde Souvenier Shoppe and the as of yet un-named Diner, With the parks formal Marrizzios Licensed restaraunt above


Marrizzios Licensed restaraunt entrance


xpressos coffee shop, guest services and the newly fronted fastrack office


The Monorail station


The midway side of the Monorail station


An overview of Fountain Square

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Sorry for the double post but I just realised I posted my pics in the wrong order!

*noob mistake alert*


as for the screenies I haven't finished the square yet as it definately needs some foliage in the grass areas above the steps and around the Monorail. and the fencing around The xpressso's seating areas need to be deleted but they will go once and if the park ever opens.

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Thanks DBru.

I'm working on a central plaza at the moment that will act as a crossroads on the Midway, hopefully containing a Sportsbar and more shops, restaraunts..etc Basically another refuelling stop for tired and hungry guests as the park will be quite large.


I'm hoping to build all the pathways, Archy and transport before moving onto rides and themed sections


Any ideas on a name guys? once i have a name i'll start a thread so you can follow the progress.

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^^ That is one nice roller coaster shot you have there. Look almost REAL!





nin, amazing work! How many different projects you working on anyway?





Any ideas on a name guys? once i have a name i'll start a thread...


The park does look great but yet so very square. Realizing that I also start most of my parks square-ish I will be very interested in how you branch it off as the park grow.


That is one of the most realistic monorail stations I have ever seen.


As for the name, don't get hung up on it. As the creator of the thread you can edit it at any time. Right now I haven't seen enough to even try to name the park.


Just an FYI, watch your capitalization, punctuation and spelling on this site. They take proper grammar very seriously around here.


Good luck with your park looking very forward to seeing it.

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Woah dchighheat, your coaster fully kicks the ass right off of the one i was about to post.... Oh well!


This is something I'm working on at the moment, tentatively entitled 'Revenge: I'll Show You!!'. Basically, I have got some really crappy ratings over on NL Coaster Exchange, and I'm trying to make my best ever ride to show that I can actually 'do' No Limits. Sad, eh?


Anyway, here is as far as i have got.


It comprises a steep drop, ejector + floater air, ejector air again, a big lateral push, and low and fast ejector hills.


Not sure if i will finish it though.


This section looks good from rather alot of angles!





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