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The "Preview" Thread

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The ride concept is awesome, but it's just too...cluttered. I'd hate for you to get rid of such an awesome idea, but it just looks like it doesn't fit and the cobra roll really shouldn't be there. I always thought the majority of the ride's layout should be on the opposite side of the tower than the turn, because it looks much less cluttered that way. Forgive me if I make no sense at all

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The cobra roll is being removed. This was sorta what I was afraid of when posting the screen. Everyone would see all the unfinished things then think, what the hell was that kid thinking when he did that. But I also felt like I needed to show the ride because I was considering taking it out if it did seem that out of place. The pacing on the ride works very well. I made the turns both wider and smaller when building. The ride runs, and looks the best this way. Besides the cobra roll. This was the best final outcome I could come up with after many different designs. The few things that need finished is the removal of the inversion, see if I can get the thing shoestringed together so I can run my block stations. If not, oh well. The original idea for the coaster was a twist. Which I feel with this type of coaster, and the OTSR's, would of been a cool idea. But somehow I threw in a random cobra roll, and it turned into a dumb idea fast.


While I could knock it down, and do something different. It's a design I put a lot of time into making, and planning. Not only that. I REALLY wanna get a park finished for once, and revising every small thing is what throws me back, and in the end never gets done. This park I started a year ago, and kept it pretty secret. While the secrecy is gone. I'm ready to end this one, and start a new, better thought out park. While I'm proud of this park. I'm defiantly getting tired of it. Good news is that I finished up about half the map entirely today. So only the other half is left, and a finishing the hotel.


Everyone just wait for some screenshots on just how much revisions, and time I put into this project. Your going to think I'm partially insane on how many structures, and the size of them, I've demolished for stupid little reasons. But I'm saving all that fun for the final release.


EDIT: Here's an updated photo of what I just did five mins ago to the layout. Where it dips down I was thinking about making it a twist. But I'm just going to stick with a no inversion giga.

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Way to make my I305 style coaster look like poop. Seriously though, that's an amazing coaster. I've seen some half decent interpretations of what I'm trying to do at NE. That's hand's down the best I've seen though. I'm still tweaking the layout on mine, but I highly doubt I'll ever pull something like that off. But thanks for sharing that. One of the most interesting screens I've seen in awhile.


EDIT: I added an updated image of the new layout. I think I understand a bit better now what you saying. This one seems less cluttered. I wouldn't say it's final yet. But it's better. Or at least I think it is.


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