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Six Flags Magic Mountain Terminator Salvation: The Ride


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Donkey Breath, your attitude can you use a 24hr "time out." Let me know when you've taken your chill pill, you calm down, and you can post like a normal human again.


It's fine to post an opinion here, but you need to cool down your attitude if you want to continue to post here.


We are here to have fun and your attitude is not welcome at the party.



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^ Are you kidding me? You were there ALL DAY and you only posted 23 photos of this "oversized kiddy coaster"????


C'mon. Aren't there more photos? Are you the ONLY one that took a camera?


There were 700 people at this event. I expect each person to have taken no less than 422 photos EACH of Terminator Salvation: The Kiddie Coaster so I will not stop until I see 295,400 photos of it posted from Sunday's event.


This is stupid. Totally rediculous. I could have taken better pictures and answered the questions better than any of those guys in the suits.


Jeeeeezus Criiiiiiist!!!!!
















/end saracsm

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Your right Robb, you should BAN "Top Thrill Dragster" for his LAME attempt to post an insignificant amount of pictures on a insignificant kiddie type woodie.... The nerve of this guy!!!



By the way those are AWESOME pictures of the coaster "TTD."

I know MANY will appreciate these pictures you kindly posted.



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I can't wait until I can get myself to SFMM (I keep missing it on my CA trips) to ride this thing when it opens. Just from the pictures I really don't think this is going to be the most intense coaster in the park by any means, however it looks like it is going to be a fun ride. Nothing wrong with that either, Ninja a decently tame and has always been one of my personal favorites.


Thanks to everybody who has posted reports!

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I got some shots as well, but can't post them yet because my computer is down for the count right now (I'm at the library ).


Sorry for the repeat, but I just can't get over how nice the structure looks on the "deadman curve." And, honestly, even if all of the promised theming doesn't come about, Terminator will still be a lot of fun. It won't have to be an XTREME!!1! ride as many of SFMM's have been, but if everyone in the family can ride (and that's the goal, I believe), then it will be a success.


I look forward to riding this in May, and thank Jay, Neal, and Tim for bringing it to us as well as the chance to see it during its construction. Sometimes we forget that they don't have to do this, y'know...




EDIT: "Donkey Breath, your attitude can you use a 24hr time out." (Robb)


Why only 24 hours?

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Thank you for the great pictures. That pop on the deadman turn looks like it's going to be a memorable moment on this ride. I've only ridden a handful of wooden coasters, and I'm not particularly a specification and element aficionado, so I must ask: Is that type of pop on a deadman turn an element that we'd find on any coasters I may have already heard of, or is it a unique element? I enjoy watching POVs of all kinds of coasters and I don't recall anything quite that pronounced sticking out in my memory.


I look forward to riding this coaster. I'm crossing my fingers that TPR may have an opening event in the works.

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Heres a few pics from SFMM yesterday



Terminators construction must be pretty fascinating because this chick was sitting on a bench looking at a construction wall.


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From today in the LA Times


Riders queuing up to board the new Terminator Salvation wooden roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain this summer will get survival instructions from two of the movie’s stars: rapper/actor Common and model/actress Moon Bloodgood.


Currently under construction, the $10-million coaster will feature an additional $1 million in theming to tie in with the ride’s “Terminator Salvation” movie storyline.


While waiting in the queue, riders will be encouraged via video clips featuring Common and Bloodgood to “join the resistance” and help fight the Terminator robots.


Common, who plays a soldier named Barnes in the movie, and Bloodgood, who portrays pilot Blair Williams, will explain the key points of the movie’s plot while laying out the ride’s back story.


During the “training session,” riders are warned that the “machines are coming” and to “go to the safe house” to await further instructions.


The “safe house” in this case will be the coaster loading station, which will be filled with movie props and memorabilia including Terminator robots. Once riders complete their training, they become “resistance fighters” and board the roller coaster.




Premiering in May, “Terminator Salvation” stars Christian Bale, Common and Bloodgood in the fourth installment of the science-fiction postapocalyptic film franchise, directed this time by McG.


A Grammy-winning hip-hop rapper, Common has starred in “Smokin’ Aces,” “American Gangster” and “Wanted.” A former Laker Girl and Maxim magazine Hot 100 model, Bloodgood appeared in the movie “Street Fighter” and on the TV shows “Day Break” and “Journeyman.”


Scheduled to open Memorial Day weekend, the Great Coasters International woodie will be built next to the Déjà Vu looping steel coaster and in the same location as Psyclone, a reviled wooden coaster mercifully removed from the Valencia amusement park in 2006.

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It will sure be interesting to see how all of this turns out in the end.

I'm sure it's going to be nothing short of great, even though Six Flags is no Disney at theming their parks.


I have high hopes for this coaster. It's definitely going to be a quality addition to the park.

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^^ Well when I read this...

Currently under construction, the $10-million coaster will feature an additional $1 million in theming to tie in with the ride’s “Terminator Salvation” movie storyline


I assumed the word vast could come into play when they will spend ONE MILLION dollars into theming... especially when Tim explained it to us on the backstage tour on how the the theming will really play a huge part before you even board the train. If I heard correctly it will blow away Batman's theming completely out of the water... BIG TIME!

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